30 Minute Workouts for Runners

4 Effective 30 Minute Workouts for Runners {Run It}

The holiday season can be an obstacle for many runners. Not only are you busy with holiday events and preparation, but the outdoor conditions are often cold, windy, snowy, and/or icy. All things considered, you want to be able to run, but you are short on time and may not even want to spend an hour or so outdoors. This month’s Run It round-up brings you the simple solution: fun and effective 30 minute workouts for runners. 

A 30 minute run still provides all the physiological and psychological benefits of a run, without wearing down your body during a stressful time of year or keeping you outside so long that your extremities go numb from the cold. If you are base building, a 30 minute run maintains your fitness while providing a mental and physical from the wear and tear of training. 

Embrace the 30-minute run. Distance runners can possess a mentality that longer is better. However, a short run is always better than no run at all – and with the right mindset and a plan, you can turn 30 minutes into an effective running workout. 

30 Minute Workouts for Runners

My 30-minute workout is a fartlek, meaning the intervals are based on time and effort versus distance and pace. Especially if you are battling winter conditions (or, alternatively, running in the heat and humidity of summer), the focus is on running faster for the hard intervals, rather than hitting an exact pace or even race effort. Maybe it’s half marathon pace or 5K pace – focus on your effort and how you feel for that day. 

In total, you have 10 minutes of hard running. Even in a 30 minute run, you need to include a proper warm up and cool down before running hard.  

 Carly’s 30 minute kettlebell workout

30 Minute Workouts for Runners - Kettebell Workout for Runners

Nellie’s 30 Minute Workout for Runners:

4 Awesome And Effective 30 Minute Workouts For Runners

Angela’s 30 minute speed run: 

30 Minute Workout for Runners

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When you are short on time, what type of workout do you do?

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  1. This is such a great list of ideas!! I’m going to save them for sure! One of my 2018 goals is to step up my strength training and speed game so these will be great for both!

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