Hi! I'm Laura.



 What started as three miles on a university gym treadmill developed into a lifelong passion. And not just a passion for my own running; a passion for guiding others to their best running selves.


I have accomplished a few humble feats in my own running – twice qualified for Boston and won second in local 10K – but my great joy comes in helping other runners achieve their goals. Over the years, I have coached over two hundred runners to their first race, BQ, injury-free running, and more.


I started running in college as a means to exercise. I had been strength training and practicing Pilates for a couple years. I quickly took to running after that first run on the treadmill at the campus gym. Running became a fun escape and stress relief throughout college and graduate school. Once I completed my first master’s, I utilized my newly-found free time to train for races. I ran my first road race – a 10K – in spring 2014, followed by my first half marathon a few months later with a time of 1:46. I also started this website to share my training and connect with other runners.


For a brief time after graduate school, I was afloat. I had decided not to pursue a PhD in humanities, which was my field for my first master’s. In college, my favorite part-time job was teaching fitness classes at the university gym, so I decided to follow that passion and become a running coach. I earned my Road Runner’s Club of America Coaching Certification in 2015 and began working with runners in at the start of 2016.

From there, my coaching business took off and grew with each year. My philosophy emphasizes sustainability, enjoyment, and long-term growth. I utilize an evidence-based approach to coaching, balanced by a care for the athlete as a person first and a runner second. I encourage my runners to view themselves as athletes, placing a priority on strength training, nutrition, and rest as well as running. The website grew into a place to share evidence-based information for runners. I strive to make information clear and accessible, sifting through the noise so that you can focus on enjoying your training.


Meanwhile, I embraced my own training as it fit my season of life. During my time in the Seattle area, I ran two BQs (CIM in 2016 and 2017), raced a 1:34 half marathon, and placed second in a local 10K. In 2018, we returned to Indiana. I was pregnant in 2019 but kept racing, with a 48-minute 10K at 16 weeks and a 45-minute 5-mile race at 38 weeks. In 2021, we moved to Boulder, CO. I made my return to racing after Covid in 2022 with a 1:40 half marathon and 3:44 marathon.

Recently, I concluded my studies and earned my Masters of Science in Applied Exercise Science (Sport Nutrition concentration) from Concordia University-Chicago. I also became myaCertified Personal Trainer from the National Strength & Conditioning Association and Certified Sport Nutritionist from the International Society of Sport Nutrition.


Beyond running, I am a wife, toddler mom, and rescue dog owner. After a weekend long run, you can often find me out in the mountains of Boulder, cycling gravel trails, or watching movies with the family.

Please remember that I am not a registered dietician or medical professional; advice on this website does not serve as medical advice.