Best Face Mask for Running: Adidas Face Mask Review

As races resume, a comfortable face mask for running is a more important accessory than ever. Many races require masks to be worn in the start and finish areas, and for good reason! And it’s not just races that require a performance face mask. If you are heading to the gym, you’ll definitely need a comfortable face mask for running, cross-training, or lifting.

You don’t want to use a paper mask, which will quickly moisten with increased exhalation. (Nor are paper masks good for the environment!). You will encounter the same issue with cotton masks, which wick poorly. Enter a face mask designed with performance in mind: the Adidas face cover

The Best Face Mask for Running

Adidas Face Mask Review

Wearing a mask is the BEST thing you can do to stop the spread of Covid-19. It’s a simple act to look out for he good of others. Plus, the sooner we are out of this pandemic, the sooner races and group runs can return to normal!

The Adidas face mask is one of the best face masks for running. Breathable, soft fabric makes this far more comfortable when you are breathing heavily. It features a snug fit without being constrictive, making it comfortable whether you have to wear it for pre-race or the entire run.

The Adidas face mask is made of Primegreen, a recycled high-performance fabric. Primegreen is an eco-friendly fabric that both feels good and you can feel good about wearing!

The stretch bands make it easy to quickly remove or put on the mask. You can easily adjust the mask while moving; no need to stop your run. When you aren’t wearing it, you can simply loop it around your wrist for easy access. 

Ideally, face masks should be washed daily. The reusable Adidas face mask dries quickly so you do not have to wait long between wears (or skip washes). This mask comes in a set of three, so you can keep one in your cars, one for runs, and one as a back-up. 

The Adidas face mask comes in two sizes: XS/S and M/L. Its sizing ensures a snugger fit and limits the spread of droplets. The mask covers well under the chin to ensure you stay covered even when mouth breathing (such as you would on a run). You can also add an extra filter on the inside if desired with the convenient filter sleeve.

Best of all, this mask comes in multiple colors. I chose black since it will easily match my running wardrobe (I’m all about the darker colors!); you can also choose from white, blue, and other colors. The cut is flattering and fits well. 

Just how easily can you breathe in the Adidas face mask? I tested it! While yes, a mask does feel weird while running, this one felt more breathable than a cotton or paper mask. Its lux fabric did not dampen with my breath and my breathing did not feel constricted. The ear straps were comfortable; no tugging or itching. My sunglasses did not fog up either!

I highly recommend the Adidas face cover for any circumstance that requires a mask for exercising and running. This Adidas mask is one of the best face masks for running! Shop it in the widget below – along with some extras to complement the look! 

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own. I really do reach for this mask more often than my other ones due to its comfort and streamlined aesthetic!

Do you wear a face mask while running?

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9 Responses

  1. Thank you for this review, Laura!
    As it’s mandatory to wear a mask outdoors in South Africa, I always have a mask with me.
    I wear it if I’m running in an area with a lot of people.
    It’s great if a mask is breathable – good to know that the Adidas mask works well!

  2. It does take some getting used to run with a mask. I agree the reuseable ones are much better than the paper ones in terms of comfort. I have not yet tried the adidas one. Thanks for the great review!

  3. I don’t run with a mask. I usually wear a gaiter and pull it up when someone gets close.

    I am so glad that most of my friends are vaccinated…and can’t wait for this mask thing to end.

    That being said, thanks for the recommendations. I’m sure some runners do wear them.

  4. i’ve been wondering about the adidas face mask. I’m lucky I live where I can avoid people for the most part so I usually use a gaiter when I run, but I’m signed up for a real race (yay) in May so I’ll want something a little safer.

  5. I ran in a mask some when it was colder (Zensah) but I have to admit as it’s warmed up I’ve stopped. I’m also usually in an area where I don’t encouter many people, though.

    Do the earloops adjust? That’s the biggest thing for me, I have a smaller face, and masks that don’t have adjustable earloops don’t usually work on me. Although with the smaller size maybe it would!

    Thanks for the info — always good to know.

  6. My husband has been asking for a mask like this- he has to wear it at work (obviously) and sometimes he’s outside, and it’s HOT here! I’m going to pass this info along to him. Thank you!

  7. This sounds great! When I ran in the park a few weeks ago I wore my mask and pulled it up when I passed anyone, so I ran with it on for short periods of time. I think it would be good to have one that is meant for running.

  8. This is great! We are VERY lucky that we were never required to wear masks for outdoor activity. At races, we are asked to wear masks at the start line and in the finish area, but we can take them off while on the course if we choose. It helps, because i haven’t found one I love.

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