California International Marathon Training Week 10

California International Marathon Training Week 10

When the training weeks enter the double digits, you know it’s time to narrow your focus and work hard. Week 10 of training for the California International Marathon was an exception, however.

After running a hilly half marathon (and while I didn’t race it, running a fast finish over the last 4.1 miles) and flying back from Vermont immediately afterward, my mind and body craved an easy week. This week was not the week to bump up mileage and crank up the intensity. Recovery is just as important as running; and even more so, one week of hard training is never worth overtraining or injury later on. 

California International Marathon Training Week 10

And I am certainly not implying that this week was a phone-it-in, lazy week. Not in the least. I still ran 45 miles and got one workout in there. What I am saying is that I cut back from my original plan of 50 miles and a harder workout – and that I am glad I made that decision. 

Ultimately, I don’t just want to run CIM – I want to run marathons, half marathons, and any distance of race, hike mountains, and live a generally active life with family and friends for years and years to come. The amazing women of the Rise.Run.Retreat reminded me of this. I admire how many of those women are in their 40s and running/triathlon-ing impressive times – that’s the type of athlete I want to be. What’s the point of pushing myself too hard for any ONE race in my late 20s? I want to be out there training, competing, and adventuring through my 40s, 50s, and beyond. 

So here’s week 10 of CIM training, by the numbers:

Monday: Complete rest

No Pilates, no hiking – just rest. The most I did was take Ollie and Charlie on a long walk. Instead of training, I slept in (which I needed – I didn’t get home from the airport until almost 11 PM), had breakfast with Ryan, and caught up on work and blogging. 

Tuesday: AM: 8 miles easy run; PM: 25 minutes Pilates

I split my run into 7 miles on my own and 1 mile with Ollie. Ollie is doing very well in running with Ryan, but I am still working on training him to run with me (not drag me with him). 

California International Marathon Training Week 10

I know this sounds like a running blogger cliche, but I adore fall weather. The darker mornings don’t bother me too much and I love running through the leaves, with the colorful trees lining my path. I do wish it was a little bit colder – I’m ready for temperatures in the low to mid 40s! 

Wednesday: AM: 9 miles with 6 miles at goal marathon pace; PM: 20 minute resistance band workout

I decided 6 miles at marathon pace was a good workout for this week: not too hard to dampen recovery but hard enough to prepare my body for longer, harder runs over the next few weeks. 

California International Marathon Training Week 10

At the Rise.Run.Retreat, our guest speak Crystal Seaver demonstrated several resistance band exercises and emphasized training across all planes. I slighly modified a sample workout she gave us and enjoyed it. The workout included lateral band walks, squats with the band, push up/mountain climber combos, core work, and several other exercises. 

Thursday: 7 mile easy run

I sort of just zone out on these easy runs. I don’t run with any audio or headphones, and my thoughts just wander freely until I reach the turn around point, and then again until I’m back at where I started. I’m aware of everything around me – that’s a key point of running safety – but I love the time to decompress, foster creativity, and just let my brain be since I can have the tendency to overthink. 

California International Marathon Training Week 10

Friday: 16 mile long run

A nice person would call me stubborn; an honest person would call be a stubborn, single-minded marathoner. The forecast predicted 25-35 mph winds and the “whooshing” sound of the gusts through the trees indicated the forecast was likely accurate.

Nonetheless, I bundled up in a long sleeve shirt instead of a tank top (which I later regretted – too warm!) and braved the elements for 16 miles. The first 8 were into a headwind and made me feel like I was back in Valparaiso with its lake effect winds. But since this is Seattle and people out here train hard, I wasn’t alone on the trail and definitely felt an extra boost of motivation whenever I saw another runner. 

California International Marathon Training Week 10

I know I could have run on Saturday, but I just wanted to get this run done so I could enjoy Friday night with Ryan. Yes, training is important, but so is time with family – and I enjoy our Saturday morning runs together. Besides – a little wind is only good for mental toughness, right?

Saturday: 5 mile recovery run

Ryan, Ollie, Charlie and I all ran along rolling hills in a light drizzling rain for our morning family run. This was Ollie’s personal distance record and Charlie’s farthest run in over a year! 

Ryan and I both crave a balance of time at home with time outdoors, so we spent the remainder of the day binge-watching new seasons of some of our favorite shows on Netflix and relaxing. 

Sunday: 4.5 mile hike

We tried to hike Source Lake, which is an off-shoot trail from the popular Snow Lake. The trail was narrower, rockier, and less clearly marked than we anticipated and Ollie was not having an easy hike. The poor guy is on medication for giardia. He also was nervous about water crossings and frequently was distracted by any noises. It took Charlie a while to adapt to hiking, so we know that Ollie will eventually adapt as well. 

California International Marathon Training Week 10

The fall foliage was stunning on this hike! Even though we didn’t make it to either lake with the dogs, this hike was well worth the views and the relaxation of being back in the mountains. 


Remember how I mentioned turmeric in Friday’s post on nutrition takeaway from the Rise.Run.Retreat? I made a chicken tikka curry in the crockpot on Saturday night and it was delicious – especially with the addition of turmeric. I served it along with butternut squash, broccoli, and quinoa (brown rice for Ryan). 

California International Marathon Training Week 10

I forget how much I enjoy crockpot meals until fall arrives again and I’m making curries, soups, chilis, roasted meats, everything I can in the crockpot. 

You can catch up on the past weeks of my marathon training here

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Do you run with music, podcast, or nothing?
What’s your favorite meal to make in the crockpot?
How was your week in running? Did anyone race? 
Congrats to everyone who ran the Portland, Chicago, Steamtown, and other marathons!

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24 Responses

  1. Looks like a great week and good job being smart about your recovery after the race! I don’t usually listen to anything when I run. When i was doing longer runs I would sometimes bring a podcast along.
    This cooler weather has gotten me in the mood for crockpot meals but I haven’t made any yet this season!

  2. i think this morning is our coolest so far so I cannot wait to get outside! I do like to run with music for almost all of my runs. I go through phases of listening to nothing but overall I enjoy my songs. I also listen to a podcast or two during easy runs and/or during my cooldown for the change of pace.

  3. You are one smart runner! I do believe that you have years and years of running in your future. We went for an easy hike with the kids and the colors were amazing. They really popped out this week! And I think you just inspired me to break out the Crockpot for a similar meal. YUM!

    1. Thank you – I certainly have many smart and talented running role models to look up to, like you and all the women on the retreat! I can imagine the colors were amazing on your hike! Mid-October is the best time for fall leaves.

  4. Right now I am firmly on the podcast train, as you know. I think that is a safer option for me than music because I can still very much hear what is going on around me.
    I took a total rest day the day that I flew out for the wedding. I knew it was going to be a long weekend a9and it was, though lovely), and it is going to be a long week of trying to not set myself on fire.

    1. You never hear anyone blasting a podcast like you do music! I binge on them when driving to and from my running routes. And good for you for thinking proactively and giving your body extra rest!

  5. Congrats on your recent race finish! What a great place to hike – beautiful! I turn 51 this month and ran 65 miles last week – I’m training for a November 50K. Arizona here I come!

  6. You are so smart to back it off and take it easy after a race! I’ve definitely made that mistake in the past and it backfired. This training cycle, I was really conservative after tough workouts/races and it paid off. Your training is looking so strong!!

    1. Thank you! My type-A part wants to push and push, but I’ve learned both from the wisdom of others and my own experiences that conservative can be better – and just how well your training and race went is such an inspiration to continue to be smart about training! Congrats again on the amazing PR!

  7. Great job this week, especially with your long run! All of your pictures are so gorgeous too..hard not to get inspired running there I’m sure! I usually run with podcasts for easy and long runs, and music for speed work and the end of a long run!

  8. I run with music unless I am running with a friend, and sometimes in a short race like a 5K I leave it behind. I don’t like do to ipods on group runs although I know some who do (the exception is my sunday group run because I’m slow and everyone drops me).

    I think you made the right decision by resting and recovering. You still had a solid week and will be ready for your marathon. Sometimes unplanned days off happen. I only did one workout last week too due to the hurricane and power outage (we are okay, just debris in the yard, but no power for an entire day meant no run). That is life but in the end missing 1-2 workouts is okay!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad to hear that you were safe with the hurricane! Missing 1-2 workouts is okay – in fact I think it’s always to be expected in the course of any given training cycle!

  9. I think Friday was the day that we had crazy wind here too! Yes, that’s right. And then it cleared up and then on Saturday we had torrential rain. Weird weather up here right now! Nice job on your “recovery” week. You’re getting stronger and stronger!

    1. Oh my gosh yes, so you had the crazy weather too! That wind was insane. I am surprised that it didn’t just blow me right up all the way to Canada. Such weird weather, it makes me feel like I am back in the Midwest!

  10. Your very smart to realize when you need to have an easier week and yes I’d agree after last week’s race and all easy runs are so needed!
    I on the other hand, am not liking the dark mornings. I really can’t wait until the time changes. It makes it hard for me to get to work on time and get my morning run in. I do know I’ll miss the extra hour in the afternoon though. Thanks for linking up Laura!

  11. I like my dark early morning runs. They seem so peaceful. As someone running in their 50s, completing 4 sprint triathlons just this year (new sport for me) and still slalom water skiing after 42 years — you have the right idea. Listen to your body. Recover. It will pay off later in life. I’m glad to know Ollie is learning how to run. Thanks for linking, Laura!

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