California International Marathon Training Week 2

California International Marathon Training Week 2

 Hi there! How was your weekend?

One of my favorite things about transitioning from a base period to full training is the variety of training paces. I prefer non-linear periodization within a specific training cycle, so right from the start I have speed work, tempo and marathon pace running, and easy runs. My paces ranged this week from sub-7 min/miles in speed work to over 10:00/miles during a recovery run. This wide variety of paces not only keeps marathon training fun as the miles pile on, but it minimizes fatigue and builds fitness more quickly than training at just one pace. 

California International Marathon Training Week 2

Monday: 8 mile run with last 2 miles hard

Perfect running weather! After several humid mornings, a barely-there drizzle and cool temperatures made for an enjoyable progression run. I ran the last 2 miles at tempo pace, which felt hard with the fatigue of last week’s backpacking trip in my legs. 

California International Marathon Training Week 2

Tuesday: 25 minutes advanced Pilates + yoga stretches

Charlie and I took a long walk that morning and saw a disturbing amount of slugs on our walks. The slugs come out after rain – so, you know, they’re just a common sight here in the Seattle area – and I can’t sugarcoat how disgusting their appearance is. The worst is accidentally stepping on one during a run. The second worst is when we encounter a big one – ew, ew, ew. 

Charlie did the right thing and refused to look at it, which is an improvement from the time he tried to lick a sea anemone when we went to the Pacific coast. 

California International Marathon Training Week 2


Wednesday: AM: 8 mile fartlek run; PM: 30 minute strength training

My workout went like this: 20 minute easy run warm up + 5 minutes of (20 second accelerations, 40 seconds easy running)+ drills (high knees, butt kicks)+ 3 x (1 minute, 1 minute, 2 minutes at 3K-5K pace) with equal recovery intervals + 15 minute cool down. 

My hamstring and back of my calf cramped and felt tight during the last set, but some stretching and the cool down run alleviated that. Still, since this has happened two weeks in a row, I’m guessing there’s probably some scar tissue lingering from the mild strain I had back a few months ago. My game plan is more frequent foam rolling, re-incorporating yoga stretches, and wearing compression sleeves, and maybe changing which shoes I wear for speed work (every time my hamstring has cramped, it’s been in my Pure Connects).

Thursday: AM: 6 mile easy run + strides; PM: 30 minutes assisted pull-ups + core work

I am determined to do an unassisted pull-up by the end of the year. I don’t have excellent shoulder mobility and my upper body strength is lacking – both of which affect my running.  That’s not to mention how backpacking requires a significant amount of back strength. 

Pull-ups are incredibly difficult for me – right now I have to do partner assisted pull-ups, although I take mild consolation in the fact that research finds that even very physically fit women struggle with pull-ups

Friday: 13 mile long run with last 20 minutes moderately hard

I was so excited about the women’s 10K Olympic race (did you see Molly Huddle’s American record performance?) that I forgot my Garmin when I left the house for my run. I drove about 15-20 minute to run on a flatter route and I wasn’t about to turn around to go back home. Thank goodness for my Runkeeper App! Even though I ran by effort for this entire run, I appreciate having the data feedback afterwards.

I kept around an 8:50-9:00/mile pace until mile 10.5, when I picked up the pace a bit. My goal was to run moderately at marathon pace, but I ended up running slightly faster at about 7:35-7:40/mile for the last 2.5 miles. 

California International Marathon Training Week 2

As I discussed in last Wednesday’s post, I ran without any mid-run fuel and felt energized throughout the run. I did eat before my run – a slice of homemade whole wheat bread with honey and a banana about two hours earlier. My muscles felt a bit fatigued at the end of the run, but that’s to be expected on low carb runs and part of the reason to do them. 

Saturday: 3 mile recovery run

Like most of the country, we had a heat wave this weekend! Our temperatures may have reached as high as they did in the East Coast and Midwest, but 70 degree with direct sun on a run sure feels sweltering when you’re used to 50-60 degrees and cloudy.

Ryan and I kept our run short since we were running with Charlie. Even just a short 30 minute run helped shake out my legs after the previous day’s run. I also warmed up with a MYRTL sequence for hip mobility and glute strength. 

Sunday: Unintentional rest day

Ryan and I had full plans to do an 11 mile hike in the Cascades, but we became engrossed in the Olympic Women’s Marathon instead. I was so excited to see Shalane, Desi, and Amy all place in the top ten! 

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Can you do an unassisted pull-up?
How was your week of training? 


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26 Responses

  1. I’m with you on the unassisted pull up. I’ve always wanted to do ONE just one. But nope. They are so freakin hard. I’m so into the Olympics this year. Molly’s race was unbelievable. And the marathon was amazing.

    1. The Olympics this year have been amazing, especially in running and swimming. I’m so excited for Molly’s marathon debut this fall – she’s a force to be reckoned with in running!

  2. I can’t do any pull ups. I just have a weak upper body. I don’t really focus on it because I’m not sure it will help me much with running. I do bodypump each week so I get an upper body workout in there and that’s it. I feel like training it once a week is enough and would rather focus more time and energy on running or even lower body strength.

    You had a really great week! That looks like a strong long run and some good workouts in there as well. Love how you included some 3K-5K paces and you’re still doing some speedy stuff during marathon training. Also I love that it’s 70 degrees there… I just can’t wait to leave this sauna, even if we have had a cold front lately.

    1. Bodypump does work the upper body really well. I try to train my at least once a week (ideally 2-3 x) since it helps with arm swing and power – and general athleticism. And thank you! I hope you enjoy your trip to Seattle!

  3. Hahaha I can not do a pull up. Like Amy, I just don’t have a lot of upper body strength. Maybe one day!

    It was awesome to see all 3 American women in the top 10, and Molly Huddle with the AR! Although I’m really sad that for all of those accomplishments none of them medaled, they all really deserved it! The track races have been FAST this Olympics!

    Great training week! I feel like I need to be better at varying my paces. It’s weird – with more practice my easy recovery pace is getting much better but my moderate pace won’t budge, so all my paces are getting closer together, lol.

    1. I was so excited to see Coburn’s AR also get medaled! The steeplechase is such a fascinating race. Thank you! And we will work on polarizing your paces more – especially as we get more into training 🙂

  4. This year was the first time I’ve ever been able to do an un-assisted pull up. I can do one, rest for 30 seconds and do another and then I’m done. Hey great week last week especially that 13 miler with the fast finish. Those types of workouts are TOUGH AF. You nailed it!

    1. That’s so awesome that you can do a pull up – you’re so strong! Thank you! Fast finish longs run as as tough AF, but man they are good for making the end of a marathon or half marathon hurt a little less.

  5. I took an unintentional rest day this weekend too- it was SO hot and with so much going on, my body appreciated the break. I love the pull up goal! I’ve been wanting to work on mine too. I can do 1-2 depending on the day, but I’d love to do 3 or 5 in a row!

  6. Great job on your wk of workouts. Especially the 13 miler long run. I’m jealous that you have been having some perfect running weather. It is so dang hot here in Va beach. I need to grt dome long runs in but the humidity is brutal.

    1. Thank you, Lacey! I can’t imagine how hot VA Beach is. It’s humid here but 90% humidity on a run is far more manageable when it’s 55 degrees versus 75 or higher.

  7. Yuck! Icky slugs. Charlie, do not give them the time of day! I can’t imagine stepping on one. I have to admit I’m jealous of your weather. I can’t run very fast in this muck. I hope I’ll get at least a few weeks to work on speed before my marathon. But, it could possible stay too warm. And no, I can’t do a pull up! I’m too old. Ha Ha! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks for linking, Laura!

    1. It’s a stomach-turning sensation to step on one. I’ve heard humidity is similar to altitude for making you faster, so maybe that will work in your favor for marathon training! Thank you for hosting!

  8. It is a goal of mine to be able to do a pull up but while I’ve made progress, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able too unassisted! Great week for you, keep it up lady!

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