Currently {Spring 2018}

Currently Spring 2018

It’s been a long time since I have shared a life-lately style post, but the start of spring seems like the perfect time! Currently, I am…


Old-fashioneds. I am usually not a cocktail drinker (I prefer beer or wine), but Ryan has been ordering them recently and I’ve been stealing sips… and then started ordering my own on occasion. When we went out for St. Patrick’s Day, our restaurant of choice had Irish Old-Fashioneds as a drink special – Irish whiskey, burnt sugar, and orange bitters. They were so delicious! 

Currently Spring 2018


The final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was released last week and I can’t handle the excitement for it. Ryan and I counting down the days until this movie finally comes out in theaters – we even already purchased our tickets for Thursday night. Don’t ask how many times I’ve watched this trailer already. 

Bucky’s hair also inspired my new haircut. Just kidding… although Black Widow’s perfect bob probably did.


Spring has arrived in Seattle. The past few weeks have been filled with plenty of sunny days and warmer temperatures. Ryan and I have been enjoying long walks in the evenings, especially since sunset isn’t until 7 PM now. 

Currently Spring 2018


Sunscreen! I will admit that I skip sunscreen on winter runs, when it’s cloudy and rainy most of the time. But now that the sun is peeking out, I am taking the extra step to protect my skin, especially since I always freckle or burn but never tan. 

Currently Spring 2018

I don’t use Neutrogena for any of my skincare, but this is one SPF that I’ve found that doesn’t feel tacky on my face during a workout and doesn’t clog my pores. I also use Aloe Up Pro Ultra Sport if I’m running straight from home (I keep the Neutrogena one in my car). 


The start of spring racing season. Several of my athletes have been earning a PRs and running strong races. It has been so inspiring to watch and such an honor to coach these runners. A huge shout-out to Mariah, Madison, Aimee, Melissa, Natalie, Pete, Jenn, Jayme, Danielle, Melanie, Erica, and Chaitali on their recent races! 


We recently rearranged some of our furniture, including Charlie’s crate. We literally only moved his crate a few feet across the room, but he has been upset about it ever since. At first, Charlie kept trying to go to where his crate used to be, which is now where a dresser is. Then, Charlie decided that Ollie’s crate was now his crate… and refused to budge, even when Ollie went into his crate. Puggles are stubborn dogs. (Don’t worry, I moved Charlie to his own crate, but I couldn’t resist snapping this picture first.) 

Currently Spring 2018


Blueberries! Every time I go to the grocery store recently, I see fresh blueberries on sale and purchase some. Ryan and I both love fresh berries and will eat pints of them per week if they are in our fridge. I made my teff blueberry pancakes this weekend – they are so delicious, especially with fresh berries! 

Currently Spring 2018


My new live e-course, Fuel Your Fastest Running! I have learned a lot about sports nutrition in the past few years and used myself as an experiment of one. I went from having awful stomach issues and slowing down significantly in my first marathon to running two Boston Qualifiers without any serious issues (even when chronic pelvic pain reared its ugly head during my most recent marathon). This is a four-week e-course starting on April 15, covering everything from how to enhance your race performance with licit supplements to gut-training. You can sign up and learn more here

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8 Responses

  1. I wish that spring would make its way over here! We got about 8 inches of snow yesterday and its cold and windy (and icy) today. Hopefully it will start to warm up now! Ive been eating lots of blueberries lately too.

  2. I keep watching the Avengers trailer and the one for the Crimes of Grindlewald!

    Currently I have to remember that even with sunscreen there’s a limit to how many hours we can spend in the sunshine without getting burned. Doh.

    1. Ha, we got it at Williams Sonoma years ago! And it’s still one of the best we own, which makes it even better. The fruit is one of the best parts of an Old Fashioned.

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