At Laura Norris Running, I am committed to providing you with up-to-date, researched information. My running advice isn’t based on an experiment of one; it is based on my master’s level education in exercise physiology sport nutrition, the most recent research, and experience gathered from working with over 400 recreational runners since 2016.

Evidence-based content is a Priority

Accurate information is a top priority on this website. When researching an article, I use Pubmed as a resource for the most up-to-date science on running. Additionally, I rely on numerous textbooks (often cited in the articles) from my master’s degree program. These textbooks often come from Human Kinetics Press, which ensures that they provide accurate information.

Prioritizing Practical Application

All that science is only as good as you can apply it to your running. After all, your training doesn’t take place in a laboratory! After conducting research, I also consider my observations and the training data from the over 400 runners I have worked with in the past eight years. My goal is to create content that you can directly apply to your training.

To ensure clarity in my writing, I proofread using Grammarly (a grammar plug-in).

No AI Generation

All articles are written completely by me (Laura). I do not use artificial intelligence (AI) to write any parts of my content or to do any research. All research and writing are done by me. All content on this website is original.

Content is Regularly Updated

Yes, sport physiology is an evolving field, and information may change. I regularly audit the information on this website to ensure it is up to date with the most recent science. If an article is out of date, it is either updated or redirected.