Friday Thrive

Hi there – happy Friday! This week has felt long, although I think for me that’s been because I’ve spent the first half of the week in race recovery mode. I recovered quickly, so by the fourth day of not running I was simultaneously unfocused and wired. But I’m back to (easy) running now and it’s Friday! 


I slipped into a bit of a post-race funk mid-week. Not post-race blues per se- I didn’t feel depressed or sad – but a funk, a lack of inertia and a bit of an antsy feeling. I haven’t ever really had a post-race funk before. I initially planned to take a long base-building season, but as I mentioned in my race recap, part of me wants to race again soon. So maybe not having another goal race in mind yet is the cause of my post-race funk?

The question is choosing another race. I would want to have time to get in a few good training weeks. The fall will be busy with travel and weddings, the peak of summer is too hot for me, and I want to stay local. I’m really enjoying smaller to medium sized races right now. The largest race I want to run again soon is CIM, and even with 6K runners, that race felt small because it was so well-organized yet relaxed (no corrals!). One of my athletes runs the Snohomish Running Company, so I am considering one of their 10Ks or half marathons…especially since, based on studying previous years’ results, I could possibly snag an age group award. 

Friday Thrive



I not-secretly-at-all enjoy superhero movies (or at least the Marvel ones…the recent DC movies after the Dark Knight trilogy have been disappointing).  I like movies for a light-hearted, escapist entertainment and because they’re great movies to see together as a couple. 

Then we saw Logan this weekend. It was a wonderfully done movie with a fantastic storyline, but then the last ten minutes were heart-wrenchingly depressing – and then ended with very little actual resolution. So much for escapism. So then Ryan and I went home and thought a nice sci-fi movie would lift our spirits, so we watched Arrival.  As it turns out, the movie is about more than Amy Adams communicating with aliens. Like Logan, this movie was beautifully done and captivating, but the end left me sobbing uncontrollably. 

So we’ve spent the past few nights binge-watching The Great British Baking Show in order to cope and not accidentally watch something sad again so soon. This has been effective in lifting up my spirits after the weekend’s tearful movies, but now I need to bake scones or something. 


Sleeping Alone in the Woods While Female” from Outside (which is one of my favorite publications, if you can’t tell yet from previous Friday Thrives). Going along with me becoming too imaginative at times, I can be a total headcase when we camp. (Ryan repeatedly had to assure me once that bears were not going to eat us while camping at a very crowded alpine lake.) I could never camp by myself, and this article from Outside fully captures why. 

“Growing up female means endless warnings about going out alone, and many women experience more sexual harassment as they begin to explore their outdoor interests, catching catcalls as they run, walk, or bike by themselves. The combination of those warnings and guys’ creepy behavior sends a clear message: our society views solo women as sexually vulnerable and that going it alone is tempting fate.”


I eat Stonyfield yogurt every day for calcium and probiotics. My go-to is their Smooth & Creamy Whole Milk, but their whole milk Greek yogurts are quickly rivaling that for my favorite. I talked about the Stonyfield Grassfed Greek Yogurts in my post on Monday, but I must reiterate how delicious they are. You really can taste the difference with grassfed yogurt: it’s richer, creamier, and more flavorful. I normally don’t like fruit mix-ins, but these contained chunks of organic strawberries and blueberries. I ate all the ones that Stonyfield sent me and now I need to find where they sell these ones in Seattle. 

Friday Thrive


The weather was perfect both on race day and on Wednesday of this week. Wednesday was sunny and 40 degrees – utterly blissful. The dogs and I soaked it up by going on a long walk and adventuring on some nearby walking trails. Ollie nearly took a dip in the bog again, but thankfully everyone stayed dry – a rare occurrence for a walk, considering the fact that rainy season still seems to be in full swing. 

Friday Thrive

And for one more picture, here’s photographic evidence that Charlie acts like a little person. I caught him sitting at the kitchen table, which is fairly remarkable because our table and chair are bar-height. He wasn’t trying to get into anything or climb on the table – he simply sat there with a look on his face that assumed this was perfectly acceptable. 

Friday Thrive

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What movie or TV show made you cry recently?
What’s your definition of perfect weather?

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20 Responses

  1. Glad that your weather is improving! We are still having the ups and downs that I mentioned on Monday. Perfect race weather for me is in the 40s but for being outside I like it right around 70.

  2. I watched The Arrival and had the same feelings. And I don’t even like Sci-Fi stuff! Have you seen Passengers? It’s the same thing. I’m in love with the new Stonyfield Greek Grassfed yogurt too. Making it Greek upped the yum factor. It’s really hard to find in stores right now. Your best bet is Whole Foods. I need to make a trip just to get some! Have a great weekend!

    1. I saw Passengers in theaters and it is a tearjerker also! I expected it to be less emotional but it was still so good. I will have to check Whole Foods, thank you!

  3. Charlie and Ridley need a playdate, I am convinced. I feel like he is the only one who could put her in her place! You are allowed a bit of post race let down–it is like the time after the wedding or honeymoon. Like the “what do I do now?” We didn’t get that until about a month after because we immediately had the honeymoon, moved, had to get all of our stuff, and then Alex started orientation–and I was like “what do I do with my hands???”
    Have a great weekend, Laura!

  4. I just wanted to send you a belated congratulations on your PR. I stumbled upon your website a few months ago and just wanted to let you know that I think your content is excellent. I love that you are so relatable and honest while also giving specific and scientific advice. I am intrigued by your training because I have PR’s that are slightly behind yours 1:42/3:40. I look to this blog for insight into my own training and how to get faster. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  5. I love so much about this and found myself nodding my head in agreement. Although I have yet to see Logan (I wanted to but now…?) I have been watching the most depressing TV (This Is Us) and movies (Manchester By The Sea) and have been sobbing on the couch too thinking “why???” I need a comedy in the worst way!

    And I cannot wait to read that Outside Mag piece. The truth of it from just that small excerpt is stunningly accurate and relatable.

    PS – I will have some BIG news to share with you this weekend 🙂 and I’m going to need all your fur-baby advice!!!

  6. I totally understand that funk… hope it passes quickly! We had a gorgeous day yesterday and woke up to snow this morning and a week of bitter cold in the forecast. I’m crossing my fingers it’s at least in the 30s by race day!

  7. Oh I would NOT cope well with all of those sad movies. I know he’s a cat, but you NEED to follow George Two Legs on instagram. Charlie’s pic reminds me of George.

  8. I think the Snohomish Women’s Run is calling your name. 🙂

    My mind would be very similar to your’s about the bears!! I am intrigued to read that piece you referenced.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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