Life Lately and Weekly Workouts (February 2)

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Who watched the Commercial Bowl Super Bowl? The Budweiser puppy commercial gave me all the feels. I love puppies! 

Especially our little pupper nutter, who transformed himself into the tiniest little ball of fluff to snuggle up with us once this blizzard hit. After his morning walk, he would not leave Ryan’s lap: 

Life Lately Feb 2


We had made it through winter so far with relatively mild weather for our part of the country (which means we’ve still had plenty of snow, ice, wind, and freezing temperatures, but no snow up to our waists yet). However, there is no such thing in Val-pour-rain-snow as a mild winter, and a huge snow storm hit us on Sunday! Thankfully Ryan and I had gone to Saturday night church, and we made an errand early on to stock up on milk, eggs, vegetables, and meats for the week. 

By 3 pm, it was practically a white-out outside, and the snow is not supposed to cease until early Monday morning (today). 

Life Lately Feb 2

Since we were stuck inside for most of the weekend, we watched several movies: X-Men Days of Future Past (I <3 Marvel movies), Maze Runner, and Fury. I’m pretty sure we keep Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant video in business! 

Speaking of movies, who else is super excited about the upcoming Born to Run movie? I listened to the book on Audible a year ago and loved it. 

We also made homemade whole wheat pita bread this weekend! I’m obsessed with making all kinds of bread, as you’ve probably seen from the recipes section of the blog. It’s been a few years since I made pita bread, and that was in my first apartment which had a sad microwave oven. The bread was simple a turned out delicious—I’ll have to share the recipe with you soon!

Life Lately Feb 2

This week I was able to only get one longer run outside because of ice and snow, but it was definitely a gorgeous run. I honestly love getting bundled up in cute running clothes and running in temperatures in the 20s; it’s just the ice and snow that keeps me inside. I’m getting really excited for spring running at this point, even if it means allergies. Also, I’m really going to miss my route when we move, but I know wherever we end up (please please please Seattle) will have gorgeous running paths as well.

Life Lately Feb 2

Speaking of Seattle, we booked plane tickets for a visit! I’m so excited to finally get out and visit! The last time I was there I was two and ate dirt from Lake Sammamish. Thankfully I know this time to stick to breweries, coffee, and seafood. Anyone have any recommendations for food and drink in Seattle. I’m also totally packing only running clothes, especially anything and everything Brooks. Seattle will be a nice breath of fresh air from these Midwest winters.

Life Lately Feb 2

Most of this week will probably be treadmill running, since we already have like 10 inches of snow outside. I really hope it clears some by my 12 mile run on Friday, but I’m not getting my hopes up. 

Here’s my weekly workouts for the last week of January:
Monday: 7 miles easy on the treadmill, 59:54 (8:33/mile pace) + squats and planks
Tuesday: 8 miles on the treadmill with 4 miles at tempo (7:38/mile pace), average overall pace 8:00/mile
Wednesday: 7 miles easy outside, 1hour even (8:34/mile pace)—pretty good pace considering I had to slow down over lots of icy patches! I finished off with 4 strides and later did 20 minutes of yoga.
Thursday: 3 miles easy on the treadmill in about 27 minutes
Friday: 10 miles on the treadmill with 6 x 5 minutes at goal marathon pace thrown in, overall pace of 8:18/mile
Saturday: 2 miles recovery run outside with Ryan and Charlie + 15 minutes strength training

Weekly miles: 37
Monthly total for January: 133 miles 

Life Lately Feb 2


How was your weekend? How much snow do you have? 

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4 Responses

  1. I’m seeing all this snow everywhere else but we don’t really have any here! It rained last night, and honestly I am so confused and trying to figure out why the school system where I work has a 2 hour delay this morning…I’m looking out the window and there is like barely a trace of snow and the forecast says 37 with light rain. Oh well, I’ not complaining!
    Sorry that you will be stuck on the treadmill….spring will be here soon, right?!

    1. That’s awesome you got a late start on your work day! I keep reminding myself that spring will be here soon, which is hard to believe now that there’s over a foot of snow outside!

  2. Great job getting in some very solid workouts this week! We thankfully did not get much snow (Columbus does NOT know how to deal with it), though we did get a couple of inches on Sunday morning before my recovery run. I had a fun time tromping through the snow though 🙂

    I actually visited Seattle for a week this past June for work, and I had a lot of time to wander around the city! I don’t know how much of a drinker you are, but I have some great cocktail bar recommendations. Where are you planning to stay? I stayed in the downtown/waterfront area.

    1. Thank you, Jess! I used to live in Ohio (I did my master’s degree at the University of Dayton) and I agree that they don’t know how to handle snow! I would definitely appreciate suggestions for bars and restaurants in Seattle. We’re staying at the downtown (right near First Hill/Belltown areas) by the waterfront.

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