Mile Markers: 33 Weeks

Mile Markers: 33 Weeks

Pregnancy is weird and the human body is amazing. I will have a few weeks where running feels progressively harder (especially in the third trimester). Then, my body adapts to its new “normal” and I find myself able to handle a slightly larger training load. I’m still running much less than I did prior to pregnancy, but I am happy with the mileage I am maintaining. The pleasant weather helped as well. Even with humidity, temperatures in the low 60s feel amazing after July’s heat.

Mile Markers: 33 Weeks

Monday: 5.25 mile run

I felt surprisingly good on this run, considering the high humidity from an impending thunderstorm. I went out planning on running 3-4 miles, but I extended it to just over five based on how I felt. At this stage in pregnancy, I take advantage of any day that I feel good!

Mile Markers: 33 Weeks

Tuesday: 35 minute run & 25 min prenatal Pilates

The humidity was very high on this run! I’m pretty certain I was a comical sight to other walkers and runners, as I slowly trudged up the slightest of inclines, my huge bump leading the way. Even a short 3-5% incline feels challenging since it feels like I’m wearing a 25-lb weighted vest strapped to my torso. I was drenched in sweat by the end, but overall happy with this run.

My appetite is raging at this point in pregnancy, so I separated my run and Pilates in order to eat in between. 

Wednesday: 5 mile run

Lately, I’ve been trying to run new routes on my runs. We live in a city with over 22 miles of pathways, which means lots of options. I know that I’ll be more limited in my outdoor running once Isla arrives, so I’m exploring more now. I took a new route, which had a few more street crossings than normal, but the change of scenery was enjoyable!

Mile Markers: 33 Weeks

Thursday: 20 min strength training

After a few weeks of backing off of weights, I felt comfortable using heavier kettlebells again. I did only two sets instead of three to avoid overdoing it, since my current recovery rate is so slow.  

10 lateral band walks
10 monster band walks
10 KB goblet squats (26 lbs)
10 TRX inverted rows
10 KB deadlifts (35 lbs)
10 single am KB push presses (15 lbs)
10 banded clamshells
10 banded glute bridges
10 bird dogs
30 sec side plank (per side)

Friday: 7.2 mile run

While 7 miles feels as tiring as a double-digit run, I enjoy getting in a bit more distance. It feels like such an accomplishment to run for over an hour right now! I used the longer run as another opportunity to explore a new-to-me route. 

Mile Markers: 33 Weeks

Saturday & Sunday: Rest Day

With family in town, I opted for extra rest and time with everyone. We celebrated Isla with another baby shower and are so grateful for everyone’s love and generosity for our little girl! 

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14 Responses

  1. Nice work! I know the decreased temps and humidity while we were in Michigan were a nice change. I felt human again. Lol! I love exploring new areas of town. It’s how I know what’s going on around town.

  2. I’m so jealous of all the trail options you have! Although I have numerous routes of varying lengths, I try to do random loops around some city blocks to break up the monotony. My town is “big” by Iowa standards, but definitely not a “city” with sub-divisions. Great job on all those miles!

  3. I’m so impressed with your ability to pace yourself through all your workouts! All this fitness is certain to pay off in the delivery room and after.

    When you said a 7 mile run feels like double digits, I said a silent amen! Ok, I’m not pregnant, so what is my excuse? LOL

    1. The humidity must be a factor in making runs feel longer! Even if it’s not as hot or humid as July…the humidity coming off the lake is still significant. And thank you! I’m admittedly really hoping that I’m fit enough for (unmedicated) labor and recovering postpartum. That seems more daunting than any race!

  4. I was so unfit during both my pregnancies! If I could do it all over again, I would definitely run. Well done – you’re doing so well. I tend to stick to similar routes but more recently I’ve enjoyed exploring other areas as well and it makes such a difference (at least mentally) to try something new!

  5. you look amazing and strong Laura! it’s so nice to see you progressing in your pregnancy and being active! Love it!

    At this stage I think I’ve run the same or a combination of paths all around my city. I try to change it up because frankly the long runs get boring on the same boring path (and some paths are more boring than others – some are really nice though). On Monday I actually biked a semi-different route to see if I could get 13 miles out of it for the upcoming long run. I’m seriously running out of routes!!

    1. Thank you! Long runs can get so boring on the same routes – I definitely encountered that when training for my last marathon in a different city. I hope you can find some fun new routes soon!

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