Mile Markers: 34 Weeks

Mile Markers: 34 Weeks

Overall, though, this is still an easy pregnancy and running still feels sustainable and comfortable. I don’t want to seem like I’m sugar-coating things, but this is my authentic experience, just as much as any other woman’s experience, whether that’s full of complications or easy. I can handle fewer miles, but the miles I can do are still enjoyable and relatively comfortable (and that’s factoring in the humidity!).

This week I did start experiencing puffy and achy feet, probably due to relaxin. I can still get through an hour-long run without stopping for the bathroom or needing to walk. I do notice on some runs that my lungs are getting cramped! Even though I’m measuring on the smaller end, Isla feels like she’s a big, long baby. Most of my runs fall between a 9:20-9:40/mile pace.

This was a humid weather week! I think the humidity was 85-95% on every single run. But the humidity is well worth it for all the sunshine we have. After four summers of Seattle drizzle, fog, and wildfire, I’m soaking up every run with blue skies.

Mile Markers: 34 Weeks

Monday: 3.3 mile run

I opted for a short run. The weekend was full of indulging and I did not want to gamble with my stomach – and thankfully, I had no issues on a short run. I was covered in sweat after only 30 minutes, so I checked my weather app as soon as I finished – and it was 91% humidity! 


We ordered a NordicTrack C1750 and spent Monday evening assembling it. The assembly is pretty straight-forward (granted, I’m married to a mechanical engineer!). However, I was sore the next day from all the squatting and lifting. 

Mile Markers: 34 Weeks

Tuesday: 4 mile run

The dew point was practically the same as actual temperature on this run.  A storm was moving in, with dark gray skies and high humidity. I kept this run short and easy, especially since I felt as if I was breathing through a tiny straw the whole time. 

Wednesday: 40 min walk & 25 min strength training

I took the dogs for an early walk while the weather was still mild. I just absolutely love walking the dogs through a hilly nearby park and the early morning sun made it even more relaxing. 

Mile Markers: 34 Weeks

Mid-morning, I did two sets of a short strength training circuit: lateral band walks, monster band walks, kettlebell goblet squats, TRX inverted rows, kettlebell deadlifts, TRX chest presses, modified side planks, and bird dogs. 

Thursday: 4.5 mile run

I loosened my running shoes, which reduced the achiness in my feet. I also started treating my feet as if I had plantar fasciitis again, doing towel scrunches and manual release. Running during the third trimester is a lot like marathon training: you’re slightly fatigued and hungry, random things ache, and a little bit of preventative care makes a huge difference. 

Friday: 7 mile run

I woke up Friday morning looking significantly smaller and my breathing felt easier. We confirmed with our OB at our appointment that afternoon that, as typical in first pregnancies at this point, Isla is slowly beginning to drop. After a few runs of labored breathing, it felt amazing to run the sensation of my lungs being cramped. 

Mile Markers: 34 Weeks

I run my longer runs along looped routes so I can easily shorten the run if needed. I planned on six miles for this run but felt surprisingly good (no achy feet and more lung capacity!), so I lengthened it to seven miles. It surprises me still how the longer I go, the better I feel.

Saturday: “Rest” day

Saturday was a rest day in the sense of not completing a formal workout, but I was tired by the end of the day. We helped my brother-in-law and his fiancee move into their house in Michigan. I’m still unable to just sit still, so I volunteered to move some (light) boxes and assist with packing the trailer. I love living so close to both Ryan’s and my families again – just one year ago even, we lived all the way across the country!

Sunday: 30 minutes prenatal Pilates

Ryan and I initially planned to run together, but as soon as I awoke I knew I needed a gentler workout. I did a 30 minute prenatal Pilates video while he ran on the new treadmill. 

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15 Responses

  1. Things are moving right along! She’ll be here before you know it. A friend of mine had her baby this week. The funny thing is that she went SUP the day off. Later that night her water broke. Keep that in mind if your girl decides to Ben late. Lol!

  2. It’s so great that you are still able to run and are feeling good overall! I totally agree that parts of running while pregnant are similar to marathon training. Eating more, needing more recovery, tapering as it gets closer…She will be here before you know it!!

    1. Thank you! It is so much like marathon training…and then I have moments where I wonder how I’ll ever train for a marathon again, forgetting that how I feel now isn’t normal!

  3. I’m glad you’re still feeling good! I had both boys in the summer and the humidity really made my hands and feet swell.

    Call me surprised that you didn’t own a treadmill! I bought mine right after my oldest was born. It was a lifesaver!

    1. Thank you! The swelling from the humidity is no joke with summer babies. I’m amazed my rings still fit. We had a treadmill back the last time we lived in the Midwest, but then our Seattle apartment was too small! I’m excited to have a fancier, newer one.

  4. It’s great that you still feel so good and can keep running. All that fitness will pay off when she’s ready to be born. 🙂 I have lost the ability to get out of bed early. I need to find it again!

  5. Our first daughter was high on me…I don’t think she ever dropped LOL. Our son (and also the other daughter) carried low, pretty much from the start, and it was MUCH easier getting around with them. I had swollen hands and feet(again, with the first one) in the final months. The first time I saw my puffy ankles, I almost cried LOL

  6. So nice to see you running strong. The dew points here are out of control so I sympathize with the breathing difficult (and I’m not pregnant!) Bravo, Laura. Very inspirational

  7. a good week for you and seems like the weather was pretty good too despite humidity. I always loved northwest summers, even when we had rain. when it wasn’t raining, it was lovely 🙂

    you are getting close now – like at mile 20 of the marathon!!

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