Mile Markers: 35 Weeks and Running

Mile Markers: 35 Weeks and Running

At eight months pregnant, I have started getting a lot of weird looks on my runs. Some people gawk, others divert their eyes, but most people are their normal friendly Midwestern selves. One older man stopped to ask me if I needed a ride to help me get somewhere.

Meanwhile, I’m amazed at how I can still run without walk breaks or bathroom breaks. The BaoBei support band was definitely one of the best purchases this entire pregnancy! I will admit that I wonder how third-trimester running would feel if it wasn’t summer. This was another week of high humidity, although the humidity feels much more tolerable than a month ago. 

Mile Markers: 35 Weeks and Running

Monday: 5 mile run

Earlier in the summer, 73 degrees and 87% humidity meant slogging through three slow miles. Amazingly, despite getting progressively more and more pregnant, my body is somehow adapting to summer weather. I planned on three to five miles and felt good enough to run a full five.  

Tuesday: 3.3 mile run

The dew point was 70 and the humidity was well into the 90% range. I could practically see the moisture condensing in the air! The run did not feel too bad but in that humidity, it didn’t feel awesome either. I was so drenched in sweat by the end of such a short run that I briefly questioned how exactly I would be able to train for a marathon next summer. I have to remind myself that pregnancy really does add an extra challenge! 

Wednesday: 25 min strength training & 30 min walk

Strength training becomes progressively harder each week. Just a short session leaves my muscles tired! I’m incorporating more functional movements specific to the demands of labor/delivery and early motherhood: squats, upper back exercises, and pelvic floor exercises. 

Mile Markers: 35 Weeks and Running

2 sets:
10 kettlebell goblet squats (26 lbs)
10 TRX chest presses
8 KB deadlifts (35 lbs)
10 TRX low rows
5 Kb goblet lateral lunges (per leg)
10 TRX chest flyes
30 sec modified side plank (bottom knee down)
10 bird dogs
15 pelvic tilts

I’ve been intensively nesting, and that includes setting up the workout room. We were fortunate to get two changing tables, so one is located in the basement gym. With the treadmill, kettlebells, and TRX, plus a Pack and Play and bouncer, I feel ready to tackle the logistics of postpartum training, especially before she can sit in the jogging stroller. I still have not used the treadmill yet, since I’m trying to savor every outdoor run before Isla arrives and then winter follows. 

Thursday: 4 mile run

If I had not needed to be somewhere early, I would have extended this run. I felt really good! The high humidity from earlier in the week persisted, but the temperatures were cooler. While I miss the early light, I also enjoy getting to see a bit of the sunrise at the 6 AM hour. 

Mile Markers: 35 Weeks and Running

Friday: 40 minute run

I wanted to run longer, but it simply didn’t work out and that was okay. First, Ollie shredded his bed into pieces, which meant delaying my run to clean up the mess. I also made the mistake of forgetting that school was back in session, and I ended up stopped by the high school for several minutes in order just to cross a couple intersections. I am still hopeful to fit in a few more 6-7 mile runs before my due date! 

Saturday: 4 mile hike

Some college friends were camping up by the Dunes, so we joined them for a hike in the National Park. We hiked Cowles Bog trail, which was relatively easy except one steep sand dune by the lake with a 20-25% gradient. We all waded in Lake Michigan and Ollie had the opportunity to swim. It’s an understatement to say that Ollie loves swimming. 

Mile Markers: 35 Weeks and Running

Sunday: Rest day

I needed this rest day! The closer my due date comes, the more recovery I need from even a light training load. 

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How was your week in running?


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18 Responses

  1. Great job again! This humidity is tough for everyone I think, but being pregnant adds an additional challenge! Yes, enjoy those outdoor runs while you can! Also the freedom of running at (more or less) whatever time you want:)

  2. Lol to people averting their eyes when you’re running! Seriously? Of course, back in the day (22 years ago!) when I was pregnant, women were told not to run and not to get their HR above 140. You’re so lucky that things have evolved since then! Keep up the good work!

  3. So funny the reactions you get running while pregnant! At least the nice old man was sympathetic and not judgey!
    You continue to look adorable and I love that you’re setting up changing tables and a pack n play in your gym. You are ready!!
    Good luck with the last few weeks and I hope the humidity ends for you – we’re in the middle of yet another heat wave and I’m thoroughly annoyed!

  4. It’s great that your running is still going strong! We had weird humidity and fog here on Tuesday morning, too…I could almost feel droplets felting against my face when I was on my bike ride..

    1. Thank you! One of the big selling points on this house was the workout room! I think originally it was a home theater, but it’s perfect for a gym since the basement is cold!

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