Mile Markers: Halfway There

Mile Markers: Halfway There

The halfway mark was one of the most mentally difficult weeks of this injury. Three weeks in the boot already has felt so long. A few inches of snow fell, which made navigating outdoors in the boot a bit more difficult. Nothing quite made me long to go run like a few inches of fresh snow and some gloriously cold temperatures. It’s been four years since I’ve ran in cold weather (without rain) and I sure do miss it. By the end of the week, however, I felt more optimistic about my remaining tenure in the boot. 


Monday: 25 minutes Pilates

Pilates is a blissful break from the boot. I completed a 25 magic circle workout with modifications to avoid bearing any weight on my foot. 

Mile Markers: Halfway There

Tuesday: Upper body strength

The dogs and I did take a walk! It totaled 1/2 mile, with a 10 minute stop at the dog park in the middle. I needed fresh air and sunshine and could not pass up being outdoors for the first real accumulation of the season. 

I couldn’t find an arm bike at our gym, but I did locate a recumbent elliptical that allowed me to use only my arms and rest my feet up. I sat with my feet on the ground and only used the arm pedals for 10 minutes to warm up for strength training. I fatigued muscularly before my cardio did, but at least it was some form of light cardio. 

Wednesday: 30 minutes Pilates

I am so grateful I can still do Pilates. A fast-paced Pilates workout is enough to provide that feeling of having moved and exercised, even more so than lifting upper body weights at the gym. I did a magic circle workout with enough non-weight bearing exercises like side leg lifts and teasers to give the sensation of a thorough total body workout.

Thursday: Upper body strength training

Let me just say, the snowy days are the hardest with this injury. If I could run, I would simply bundle up in layers of puffy vests, Buffs, and mittens, lace up my new Saucony Peregrine Ices, and enhance my visibility with reflective gear. I don’t mind the cold and I enjoy a fresh snow. 

But alas, I can’t run. This snow better still be here when I can run outdoors again. (Someone please remind me I said this in March when we still have snow.) The dogs and I instead settled for watching the snow fall (a benefit of working from home!). We ended up with a total of about 3 or 4 inches of fresh snow! 

Mile Markers: Halfway There

Ryan and I went to the gym in the evening. I completed 15 minutes on the recumbent elliptical (legs resting up, only working arms) and about 20 minutes of upper body and core strength training. I did med ball pullovers on the stability ball, Russian twists (feet elevated), chest presses, shoulder rotations, and lateral raises.  

I also learned that whoever designed the walking boot did not live in a snowy or cold climate. The toe is open, which effectively lets snow fall into the boot and soaks the liner, thus leading to numb toes. A numb broken toe elicits a strange awareness of the injury – not pain, but a nauseating sensation that a bone injury does exist. Thankfully, duct tape makes a waterproof seal. Duct tape is magic and should be worshipped ( to paraphrase The Martian). 

Mile Markers: Halfway There

Friday: 20 minutes Pilates

I tried a new Pilates video with a focus on posture and upper body. In addition to the upper body focus, the abs series was at a rapid enough pace to leave my heart pumping and my muscles fatigued by the end. While not as satisfying as running, I am always so happy when I can enjoy a good workout with this injury. 

Saturday: Rest day

I noticed a significant improvement in the state of my foot by the end of this week. The dull ache subsided and my range of motion began to return. I’m hopeful that a couple more weeks in the boot (I’m scheduled to see an ortho the first week of December) will lead to a complete healing and quick return to running. 

Sunday: Rest day

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  1. You did a great job staying active this week even though your were limited with what you could do! We did get some snow this week but it was mixed with sleet and freezing rain. I am just feeling like its too early in the seasons for such cold temps and winter weather!

  2. I love how much you’re able to do while in the boot. I know it’s hard (been there, done that), but just do what you can. Love the innovation with the duct tape. I used really thick socks with mine!

  3. My heart goes out to you my friend but hang in there and fear not – there is plenty of winter left and snow to come!! Loved the line from The Martian about duct tape – truer words!! And seriously, how can they make that thing with an open toe? Anyway, sounds like you are keeping your upper body and core very busy which will only help once you can return to running!

  4. Ugh. I know that bone sensation you described as I’ve been in your shoes….ummmm boot. You’ve passed the all-important halfway mark so just hang in there. You’ve done a great job on staying active and doing what you can. You’ll soon be back outside running with the dogs. Thanks for linking.

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