REVO2LUTION Running Certification

REVO2LUTION Running Certification

If you have read my blog before, you will know that I am a grade-A run nerd. Given my background in academia, it makes sense: I love reading in-depth on topics of interest and don’t shy away from complex research or scientific jargon.

As I put together all of the information for the Fall 2016 Marathon Training Group and grow my coaching business, I read everything I can about running. Books by Brad Hudson, Matt Fitzgerald, Jack Daniels, and Pete Pfitzinger litter the coffee tables and nightstands in our apartment because I am always reading and re-reading information to become a better coach (and, honestly, because I enjoy it – I’m a non-fiction lover!).

When Dr. Jason Karp emailed me about the REVO2LUTION Running Certification through his company Run Fit and promised a comprehensive and scientific course, I could not turn down the opportunity to learn even more about running and to further advance my knowledge as a running coach.

REVO2LUTION Running Certification

One significant advantage of the REVO2LUTION Running Certification is that you can complete this course completely online. You receive a series of PDFs instead of a textbook (which is also more environmentally friendly!), study at your own pace over the course of one month, and then take the 100 question exam online. The exam was more difficult than the RRCA exam because the REVO2LUTION Running Certification required more detailed knowledge of the physiology of running.

The certification materials included 7 comprehensive manuals and 4 sample training plans, which are received immediately for download after purchase. Additionally, you also receive a technical short sleeve t-shirt in the mail.

The manuals discussed almost every possible topic that a running coach needs to know. The 7 modules, which ranged from 15-45 pages each, included:

  • Running Physiology
  • Running Technique
  • Running Training
  • Running Injuries
  • Running for Weight Loss
  • Running Nutrition
  • Running Workouts

For my personal coaching business, the most valuable aspect of REVO2LUTION Running Certification was the in-depth discussion of specifically how to train female runners. The manuals included sections on how menstrual cycles affect running, how estrogen level relate to injury prevention, and how to train female athletes who are affected by PMS symptoms and their periods.

The benefits of the REVO2LUTION Running Certification include:

  • Virtual option is ideal for those who do not live in big cities and cannot easily attend a RRCA or USATF seminar.
  • Fitness professionals such as personal trainers and group fitness instructors will benefit from the REVO2LUTION Running Certification as well. The course includes CECs for many nationally recognized fitness certifications, including 2.0 ACE, 1.9 NASM, 15 AFAA, and 8 PTA Global.
  • The program is handcrafted by Dr. Jason Karp, who was 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year.
  • As the market becomes saturated with more and more running coaches each year, REVO2LUTION Running Certification offers the chance to become part of an exclusive brand.
  • If teaching is your niche, you have the opportunity to become a Master Trainer and make money teaching workshops.
  • The workout recommendations offer pace, perceived effort, or heart rate as metrics, which means you can easily adapt these workouts for your own preferred style of training. 
  • Want to keep learning (like I do)? REVO2LUTION Running Certification program includes continuing education courses for coaches who want to further advance their knowledge and help their athletes.

Downsides of the program include:

  • When you complete a program virtually, you lose the benefit of easily asking the instructor questions and readily receiving answers as the occur. As a second certification, this was not a big deal for me. But if you are receiving your first running coach certification, you will benefit from the dialogue with the instructor and peers. 
  • The course provided a significant amount of scientific knowledge but lacked other aspects of coaching such as business, ethics, and coach-athlete relations.

You can learn more about REVO2LUTION Running Certification on Dr. Jason Karp’s Run-Fit website. The program costs $249.00 for the manuals, exam, and t-shirt. 

Disclaimer: I received the REVO2LUTION Running Certification materials in exchange for a fair review on the blog and social media. All opinions expressed are my own.

Want to hire an knowledgeable running coach who will work with your individual needs and help you achieve your goals? Learn more about my running coach services here!

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Are you interested in a coaching certification such as REVO2LUTION Running Certification?
Do you prefer reading fiction or nonfiction?
If you are a running coach, what was the most interesting thing you learned in your certification?

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36 Responses

  1. I would love to get another certification! I even think it would be helpful to take another cause just because its been so long since I took the RRCA course. This sounds really great and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it so much! Do you know how long your discount code will be good for? I’m not sure if I could do this right now but maybe in a few months.

    1. I think you would really enjoy this one! They talked a lot of about technique and injury prevention which after reading your post today I think you would find interesting. I’m not sure how long the discount code is good for (I think indefinitely?), but I can email Dr. Karp and ask for you. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen that certification floating around but I haven’t heard any feedback from it yet. Good to know! I do love reading and learning more about our sport. There’s so much info! I may look into it. Thanks for the discount!

    1. You would definitely like this course then – it is very dense on the information, I had to read some of the manuals twice! I love learning more about running also, all that knowledge lets us each shape our approach and coaching philosophy!

  3. I got this certification a few months ago and I really like the focus on women–there aren’t many certifications or courses out there like that and that also require everyone to know a bit about it!

    1. I remember being a bit irked how RRCA (as fantastic, informative, and valuable as it is) didn’t discuss in-depth issues of training women other than a brief discussion of female athlete triad. I thought it was great that even this exam asked those questions so you had to know about it!

  4. we need to discuss this further as I am interested in this merely to learn more about the female runner stuff for my own knowledge! and I love how you call yourself a run nerd – you are the best “nerd” I have ever encountered and truly value everything you have learned that you use to coach your runners! I love how much you love the science behind running and how it excites you. Seriously! I think that this excitement you have is what makes you an excellent and caring coach.

    1. Awwww thank you! Yes it was so interesting! I can shoot you an email (it would be the world’s longest text otherwise lol) about training around periods and stuff – so interesting! For example, if your period is regular/predictable, certain weeks are better for hard workouts and other weeks are best for cutting back mileage based on how the hormones affect body temperature, recovery rates, glycogen storage, etc.

  5. I actually met Dr. Karp at Idea World in July and was really interested in his cert and was considering getting it. He seems very knowledgable but my only concern is that he doesn’t support strength training for runners (from what I understand) which is pretty much my platform. Did you find that to be true? I know you focus on strength training as well so I am just curious what your thoughts are on that.

    1. I found that i’s not that he doesn’t support strength training for runners, but he just does not believe in will make you a faster runner per se. He does talk about strength training as an excellent form of injury prevention, but in order to run better (vs. running injury free, if that makes sense), he recommends running more and training at appropriate paces. It’s an approach similar to what I’ve read in other coaches such as Daniels and Hudson – strength training will decrease your risk of injury, but not necessarily replace running when it comes to running faster or building endurance. Hope that helps! 🙂

  6. If I was still a Personal Trainer as my career, this is probably something that would interest me, but for now…I will leave this to you. 😉 I do want/need to talk to you about some coaching, though…..

    This sounds like it would be a fantastic course!

      1. Why would the cert only be valid in the States? IF you look up instructors, there are many in Canada.

        1. Double checking it, it looks like it’s globally accepted for running coaches. I think part of the issue in question was for personal trainers in Canada, since the cert is good as a CEC for them. Usually PTs have more regulation than running coaches.

  7. I’m glad there are other nerds out there! I’m a mathematical biology major so anything to do with numbers, science, or a mix of the two is my favorite. Running fits in quite well with that because running involves lots of numbers (ounces of hydration, mile splits, etc) and science (physiology, endorphins, etc). And I will read anything I can get my hands on, but lately I’ve been leaning more towards non-fiction, just because there have been so many interesting topics to learn about!

    1. Running sounds like the perfect match for your interests! I agree, there are so many good topics in non-fiction – history, running, memoirs, etc – so much variety that you can never get bored! 🙂

  8. Great feedback! I’ve often wondered about this course. The modules seem more in-depth in some areas than RRCA. Did you find that to be true? As much as I enjoyed RRCA I think a slower paced course (like at-home study) would be really beneficial for me.

    1. Some of the modules were more in-depth – like the physiology section, working specifically with women’s hormones and such in training plans, and the module on metabolism/weight loss. It didn’t go into depth on psychology or business as RRCA, so it’s a great complement to RRCA I feel. The slower pace of it was really beneficial – especially if you are motivated to self-study, it’s a much better option than those rough 8 hour days of RRCA (and, you can do it in PJs! which is nice).

  9. I haven’t heard about this certification but I loved reading your review. I would love our industry to create a true standard that is rigorous and is more than memorizing facts. Intrigued to check into this as continuing education. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Jesica! I completely agree with you. I recall you mentioning the need for a standard in the interview you did with DizRuns and I really wish we did have something more rigorous and more practical application over just facts. Honestly, some of the facts we learned in RRCA seemed challenged by recent research (such as hydration) and I wish there was more expectation on keeping up with recent scientific studies as well. I do recommend Run Fit for continuing education, I really appreciated his depth of study on masters and female runners, which I feel like many other programs overlook. But even as a younger coach I have 3 masters runners right now!

  10. I came across this blog while researching how to get certified and have a question. This seems like a great fit for me and being that there are no available RRCA programs in my area in the near future this could be a good start for me and I can get right into it. But is getting this certification first the best way to go about starting a coaching business and becoming qualified to start coaching other runners?

  11. Hi Laura,

    This does seem like a great course I’d like to take, really in depth! Would you recommend this for first time coaching? Does your coupon code still work?

    1. Hi Gill,

      I do recommend this course for first time coaching; however, it does not cover business or marketing, so if you are setting up your own coaching business, it may help to get an RRCA or USATF certification as well or take special business courses for coaches. Unfortunately, the discount code is no longer valid.

  12. Dear Coach Laura,

    Loved reading your insights on Revo2lution Fitness certification. I have been running since 2013 and thought I should do a couple of certifications to further add to my practical knowledge. Can you please share more details on how to prepare? Also, the discount code does not seem to be valid any more. Can you please advise?


  13. Hi good morning
    I am naresh Sharma from india
    Can you will let me know the following things on my mail id
    Duration of course
    Validity of certificate
    Renewal of certificate available
    How to enrol myself

  14. Thank you for you’re feedback. I wanted to ask (sorry if you’ve been asked this before) would this be a good certification for first time? I know they offer a year to complete, but can it be completed much sooner? Is this certification nationally recognized? Thank you so much

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