Summer Running Clothes and Gear | This Runner's Recipes

Summer Running Clothes and Gear

Although it has been hot and humid throughout a lot of the country for several weeks now, summer officially starts at the end of this week. I can definitely feel the change in the seasons here in the Seattle area—the sun shines bright, the temperatures peak into the 80s, and the daylight spans 16 hours. 

Especially if you spent the past several months running in heavy layers, summer is a great time to change up your running wardrobe and shop for some new running gear! 

There’s a few things I love about summer running gear. The colors are so vibrant, which adds a brilliant pop of color to my running wardrobe. I especially love the bright color shoes that hit the shelves in summer and fall. Summer running clothes are also very practical and can be worn for more than simply running in June through September. Light summer tanks serve as great layers under jackets for fall running, the shorts are perfect for working out at the gym or lounging, and hydration devices are ideal for long hikes or bikes rides as well as running. 

So what’s on my must-have list for summer running clothes and gear? Check it out below!

Summer Running Clothes and Gear | This Runner's Recipes

Clothing and Shoes

These Oiselle Women’s Distance Shorts have enough pockets to stash your keys, Gus, and any other items for runs both long and short. They’re my absolute favorite running short!

Summer Running Clothes and Gear | This Runner's Recipes

Not a fan of shorts? Try a cute pair of printed capris! These Saucony Women’s Bullet Capri offer a comfortable and flattering fit with two large pockets for holding your phone and water bottle. 

I spent years lamenting the lack of cute athletic swimsuits that actually fit an athletic woman’s body. The search is over now with Oiselle’s swim line! Their swimsuits are cute, comfortable, covering, and actually look like you can enjoy swimming and beach activities in them! My favorites are the Marty Bikini top and bottom—so pretty in the blue chevron print! 

Spend some of the extra daylight hours exploring the trails. Whether you are hiking or trail running, the Brooks Running Pure Grit 4 (women) shoes will provide the traction you need to keep you moving forward rather than falling down. These are also available in colors and sizes for men!

Summer Running Clothes and Gear | This Runner's Recipes

Keep cool on your summer runs with a light and breezy tank top, such as this Breathe Tank from GapFit. Choose white or light colors to prevent overheating! 

Summer Running Clothes and Gear | This Runner's Recipes

If you’re easing into running in just a sports bra and shorts, try a more covering sports bra such as the Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Compression Sport Bra. The higher neckline, thicker band, and almost crop-top like length will keep you supported and cool without leaving you feeling overexposed. 


Whether you’re logging training runs for your upcoming marathon on hot days, headed out to the trails, or going on a long bike ride, this Salomon Park Hydro Handset Pack will keep you hydrated for miles without being cumbersome. Along with a strap to keep it on your hand, it features a pouch for keys and other small personal items and is designed to help you drink with ease. 

Protect your eyes and maintain a smooth upright running form when you block the sun with sunglasses such as these Oakley Women’s Forehand Square Eyeglasses. Similar styles are also available for men.

Summer Running Clothes and Gear | This Runner's Recipes

Keep your face cool, the sun out of your eyes and prevent sun damage with a running cap. Try this HVAC Run Happy Hat II from Brooks Running to remember to run happy, even during the hot summer months. 

SmartWool socks will keep your feet cool and dry with wicking fabric and strategic ventilation areas around the foot. Try the Smartwool Womens PhD Run Light Elite Micro Running Socks for women and the SmartWool Mens PhD Light Elite Micro Socks for men.

Protect your skin from sunburns, wrinkles, and cancer with The Honest Company – Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30. This sunscreen is non-toxic, which means there are no harsh chemicals to irritate sensitive skin. 

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This Runner’s Recipes appreciates your support of the blog!)

Question of the Day: 
What summer running gear are you loving?
Do you run with hydration packs in summer?





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12 Responses

  1. Our favorites are really similar! I really like the Saucony bullet shorts as well. I’m not a big fan of actual running shorts (I like my spandex) but the Oiselle ones are pretty nice.

    1. I love the Oiselle ones because they don’t feel so baggy or awkward like some running shorts due – they’re like the perfect compromise between shorts and spandex 🙂

  2. I LOVE my smartwool socks. They are expensive, but definitely worth the investment. I have a hydration pack, but the inside got moldy and at this point, I’d rather just order a replacement liner than try and clean it all out. The leader of the group I’ve been running with carries our waters for us in his backpack, so that’s a plus 🙂

    1. Smartwool are so worth the cost – no blisters ever! The mold thing creeps me out a bit about hydration packs – but that’s so awesome that your running group leader carries water for you!

  3. I live in Lulu Lemon run swiftly tanks and their speed racer shorts. Both are super light weight and great at wicking away sweat. I really need to invest in a pair of sunglasses though because I hate running in hates! No hydration packs, sometimes I will carry a water bottle. I used to run with a fuel belt but it used to bother my stomach and just never seemed to fit right on my hips.

    1. I got a super cheap pair of running polarized sunglasses at Target from their C9 Champion line, and they work well! They’re not as cute as the Oakley ones, but for $20 but do the trick – I don’t like running in hats either, unless it’s raining.

  4. It’s so unbelievably hot here in NC (high of 97 today) that I really wish I could just run naked some days. But since that’s not socially acceptable I’ve been sticking to really short shorts and sports bras. For some reason I’ve never been able to run with sunglasses… but on super sunny days I’ll wear a visor or breathable hat because I’m a major head sweater.

  5. I love everything Oiselle! I basically live in their tanks and shorts all summer. And I would love to get some Oakley sunglasses but the price tag is a bit too high…I got some cheaper ones at an expo that work well enough.

    1. I’m obessing over Oiselle’s tanks – I love the cute back details! And the Oakley ones are $$$ – I run with cheap Target ones but just adore the design of the Oakley.

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