Team Norris Athlete Racing Winter/Spring 2023!

From January to May 2023, dozens of Team Norris athletes raced! Each of these athletes trained hard and took a chance on themselves on race day. No matter the outcome, that is always an accomplishment!

This article should be prefaced with a shout-out to all other Team Norris athletes, who did not race due to injury rehab, illness, season of life, or personal preference. Each and every athlete I coach is amazing and I am so proud of everyone.

Winter and Spring 2023 Races!

Katie A. ran a 50:54 10K and a 1:52 half marathon (both on hilly courses)! 

Allegra ran a marathon PR of 4:33!

Amber M. raced her first marathon! 

Allie ran a PR of 3:36:21 at the Carmel Marathon! 

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Mark G. raced a strong seasons of shorter races with multiple age group awards, including a 41:56 10K race (in a downpour) and a 19:43 5K! He also placed 17th overall and third in his age group at the Long Beach 10 mile race!

Ivan ran a half marathon PR of 1:28:28!

Jaime ran a PR of 2:05:48 at the Odgen Half Marathon! 

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Steven had a breakthrough season: 95-second PR in the 5K (21:16 and first AG) and a 15-minute marathon PR at Asheville Marathon (3:49:05)!

Frannie ran a PR of 57:34 at the Tenacious 10 10K!

Marcia raced a strong race of 1:23:08 at the Rotterdam quarter-marathon! She also persevered through a tough Berlin Half Marathon!

Amber P ran a 5K PR of 21:33 and a half marathon PR of 1:40:29!

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Richard had a breakthrough season of PRs (1:29:25 half marathon and a 3:16:08 at the Boston Marathon) and completed his first 100-mile race!  

Jennifer S ran a 27:03 5K (and placed in top 10% female masters) and a 2:10 half marathon on a very windy day!

Allison ran a 2:31 on a hot, humid day at the Savannah RNR Half! She also raced a 51:39 8K and a 30:36 5K!

Drew raced a trail 14K!

Betsy won third in her age group in a trail 15K! She also raced the Chicagoland Half Marathon!

Kaitlyn raced a 1:51 half marathon – just days after turning in the dissertation for her PhD! 

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Pete raced a 2:04 at the Publix Half Marathon (with a negative split!)

Lonni raced a 59:02 10K – in the middle of training for her first marathon! 

Chelsey ran a 3:21:10 at Boston – after completing her PhD and navigating a move during marathon training! 

Anna B ran a 2:04 at the Colfax half marathon!

Ryan ran a 23:58 at a 3.5 mile race!

Melissa pivoted into trail races and thrived, including a 1:47 trail 10K!

Kartik raced a 51:09 10K, 31:40 4-mile race, and 2:00 Brooklyn Half!

Beth C ran a 54:57 10K – a 2-minute PR! 

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Stefanie raced in the full spectrum of weather, from a 49:45 10K in a polar vortex to a 1:56 half marathon in 70-degree heat! 

Jen C won first in her age group in a 10K, raced a 1.5 minute course PR at another 10K (44:48), and ran a 1:41 half marathon on a tough day at Houston! 

Samantha raced a 1:59 half marathon (a post-kids PR)!

Francesca ran a 4:12 marathon at the Avenue of the Giants!

Mark R. completed multiple post-injury half marathons!

David placed 4th in his age group in a 5K and raced a 47:55 10K (with negative splits!)

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Eliane raced a 28:30 5K and a 2:18 at the Boston Half Marathon!

Therese made a comeback from injury to race a 26:30 5K!

Jennifer S raced a 1:25:10 at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

Margaret raced a 27:25 5K!

Anna S ran a season of races from the 5K to half marathon, including a 57:36 8K race with a strong finishing kick! 

Ellen ran a 2:20 at the RNR DC half marathon and a 1:44 at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler! 

Patricia won first place in her age group in a 5K! She also race a 1:51 half marathon on a tough day!

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Katie F ran her first marathon in 4:37! She also placed third in her age group at a trail half marathon! 

Ganesan race a tune-up 10K in 52:43!

Rachel G ran a 1:44:28 at the Yosemite Half Marathon – a hilly course with muddy trails! 

Terri ventured into serving as a pacer at multiple half marathons!

Holly improved both her 5K and 10K time over the course of spring races! 

Kathleen raced a post-baby PR of 2:07 at the Chevron Houston Half! She also raced a 56:51 10K on a hilly course!

Aimee raced the Mt. Galbraith trail race! She also brought her 10K time down from 1:02:48 to 1:01:39 over the course of the spring season. 

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Glenda ran a 35:45 5K!

Erin came close to her half marathon PR with a 2:15:18!

Amanda ran her first marathon at the OKC Marathon in 4:11:58!

Andrea K raced a PR of 3:26:04 at the Boston Marathon!

Elisabeth raced a 3:59:04 at her first Boston Marathon!

Sarah raced a 2:04 half marathon at the Louisiana Half Marathon!

Courtnie raced a 2:12 half marathon – a 5 minute improvement from her fall half marathon! 

Justin ran a 2:00:01 at the Go! St Louis Half Marathon – a 9:54 PR!

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Marlene ran a spring season best 5K of 36:50!

Brady ran a 5K PR of 23:58 and a 7-minute course PR at the Colchester Half Marathon (1:59:09)!

Dana raced 20 minutes faster than last year at the Fort Ebey Half Marathon! 

Pam ran a 2:46:05 at the challenging Oak Barrel Half Marathon!

Miriam raced a 1:37 at Monona 20K!

Guinevere ran her first half marathon in 2:49! She also raced a 1:23 trail 10K and a 35:48 5K!

Team Norris Running - Winter and Spring 2023 Races

Josie ran the Cherry Blossom 10-miler for fun in 1:48! 

Sam M. raced a 50:30 10K as a tune-up race in marathon training! 

Rachel M improved her 30-min time trial time throughout the spring! 

Eileen raced a 2:29 half marathon! 

Yesel raced a 1:49 half marathon for her first live race!

August placed in her age group for her first half marathon!

Zoe raced a 27:02 for her first trail 5K!

Congrats to all Team Norris Running athletes! Each and everyone of you is amazing and I appreciate you!

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