Weekly Workouts: Gradually Feeling Normal

Weekly Workouts: Gradually Feeling Normal

One month has now passed since I recovered from COVID. My runs are gradually feeling more and more normal, although nowhere where they were before getting sick (roughly a minute per mile slower). My heart rate is coming back under control; when I first tried running after Covid, it would spike sky-high within minutes of running at a slow pace. 

The past two weeks were busy with family celebrations for birthdays and weddings, hence my lack of training updates. I ran three times the week of September 6-13 (8 miles total) and four times the week of September 14-20 (15 miles total).  This week, I ran 21.5 miles over five days and felt the best I have yet. 

Weekly Workouts: Gradually Feeling Normal

Monday: Rest day

After a long weekend away for a family wedding (complete with chasing a walking toddler during the entire ceremony!), I embraced a lazy rest day. 

Weekly Workouts: Gradually Feeling Normal

Tuesday: 4.3 mile easy run & strength training

The weather cooled down significantly, which I appreciated. It was 45 degrees when I ran at 6 AM – I even took a pair of gloves! Long sleeve and shorts weather is my favorite running weather. 

I joined the September group strength program with Lift Run Perform. Last week functioned as a week 0 (learning the movements); this week served as the first full week. The strength workouts are longer than I usually do, which is an appreciated challenge. 

Wednesday: 4.3 mile easy run

My legs were heavy from strength training, so I treated this run as a true shuffle. As with any good recovery shuffle, my legs felt much better by the end! 

Thursday: 4 miles walking & 20 min yoga

Thursday was an active rest day. I am trying to do yoga once per week to manage stress and anxiety. The weather was beautiful, so I took a 2-mile mid-day walk with Isla, and then Ryan and I walked a couple miles with the stroller to downtown for dinner for his birthday.

Friday: 4.2 mile stroller run

My pace is still much slower on stroller runs, but that is okay. I’m committed to keeping my easy runs truly easy, knowing that eventually, my running will return to its previous levels. 

Saturday: 10k long run

My longest run post-Covid! I felt confident in not monitoring my heart rate anymore and ran by feel. My average pace was 9:24/mile at an easy effort (heart rate 150 bpm in high humidity), which is progress. 

Weekly Workouts: Gradually Feeling Normal

Sunday: 2.5 mile easy run & strength training

Ryan and I ran together with the stroller. He’s using run-walk intervals after having Covid, so we used those throughout our run. Admittedly, neither of us were in a great mental space during this run. We discovered when we headed out for the run that someone vandalized the Biden signs in our yard and our neighbors’ yards, including spray painting obscenities and throwing the signs into the street. 

Each week in this strength workout includes two workouts per week. I really am enjoying this strength program. I am pushing myself in terms of how heavy of weights I am using, especially with upper body exercises. 

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How was your week in running?

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9 Responses

  1. I”m really happy to read that things are starting to feel a bit more normal. I hope you continue to recover strong and hopefully now you’ll have immunity to Covid!

  2. You know I love my strength training, especially as I age. I don’t think I’d be doing the things I’m doing without it. I monitor my heart rate on my runs-that’s how I gauge my pace. Again, an aging thing…apparently now a COVID thing too! Stay safe.

    So sorry about the vandals. We are living in really challenging times. I wish I could just say how I feel on FB or the blog but people are so unhinged right now that I fear retaliation.

  3. It’s great to hear your rally-back is progressing, Laura! At least you and the hubby are both working through the recovery together, so you have each others’ support. I’ve been doing an extra upper-body strength workout the past couple weeks, and it’s been going well. It’s fun to try new things and mix it up once in awhile 😉

  4. First, that picture of your little one and pup is precious.

    Second, I was actually just thinking of you and hoping you were feeling better. I’m so glad to hear you are.

    Third, it is horrible that anyone would vandalize your property. I just don’t know what is WRONG with people these days. I live in an area where I am in the political minority – I would never dare put out a sign or indicate who I am voting for, because it would lead me to fear for the safety of my family. Isn’t that just insane? Be well and stay safe.

  5. So glad to hear your runs are starting to feel more normal. I think your personal story of COVID-19 really emphasises just how long it takes to recover from this. I read a story of an ultra-marathoner who was infected in March/April and a couple of months later was still struggling. This side of recovery hasn’t been emphasised enough.

  6. Sounds like you’re bouncing back nicely. I can’t even imagine running with a stroller!

    I ran by HR for a long time. I threw that out the window while I was trying nasal running, and even though I’m no longer doing that, for now, I’m just running by feel. My HR seems to be fairly normal when I look at it afterwards, but most of the time I’m not pushing too hard!

  7. How cool that you are working with Mary for the strength program!

    You may be running slower than before but still you are doing great with your running. Before you know it you will be running again like you were before. Take care of yourself.

    That is horrible about the signs. People are just so cruel.

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