Winter 2017 Goals

Winter 2017 Running Goals

Last week I took snowboarding lessons and fell down over and over again. I fell on my butt, I fell face forward into the snow, and each and every time I hoisted myself up with the determination to do better.

That’s the mentality with which I want to approach my goals in 2017: being okay with falling short and missing some goals.

Winter 2017 Running Goals

There were no missed goals in 2016 to spur on my 2017 goals with a desire of redemption. 2016 was a strong year of running for me, for which I am so grateful. Achieving my major goals set me up to push my limits in 2017, both physically and mentally.

I read in my go-to training book, Run Faster from the 5K to Marathon, how the best goals are those you only meet 50% of the time. If you meet each and every goals, maybe you aren’t setting high enough goals and pushing yourself enough. You want to meet goals to build confidence and move to the next level, but you also want to push your limits.

Throughout all of 2017, I want to push my limits in running. Each quarter of the year will look different in terms of the goals themselves, but I am setting goals big enough that I may not achieve them – and to put in the hard work, believe in my ability, and take what the year brings. Some of my bigger running goals will come later in the year (I have my eye on CIM again), but each quarter I want to aim to push myself just a bit harder than I did last year. 

Of course, I have goals beyond running. 2017 will be a big year for Ryan and I: we have business goals, outdoor adventure goals, personal goals, and travel goals. But this is a running blog, and I could turn my whole list of 2017 goals into a novel if I were to share them here.

Last year I scratched a majority of my goals partway through the year and set new ones. This year I am setting quarterly goals, which let me adjust my goals as the year progresses and assess my priorities more often. So here’s my goals for the first quarter (January, February, and March) of 2017!

Winter 2017 Running Goals

PR in the half marathon (1:35-1:37).

I decided to run the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon again in early March. I’ll be spending about 9 weeks specifically training for this race, so I’m hoping to PR but not by a significant margin (my current time is 1:38). 7:20-7:25/mile was where many of my tempo/half marathon pace runs were landing near the end of marathon training, so I am hoping I can pick up on that fitness and develop it more for the specific demands of the race.

Strength train 2-3x per week.

Consistent strength training through the entire year. Instead, it ebbs and flows: I think I did as many strength training sessions in the month of December as I did in a week during off-season training last summer.  

I’d much rather do Pilates than lift weights, even though I firmly believe in the benefits of strength training. While I usually get in at least one session of weight lifting, it’s also the first to go when mileage picks up, life is busy, or I’m doing other activities such as snowboarding or hiking. I know the best benefits come from consistency. 

Winter 2017 Running Goals

I am counting both lifting weight and Pilates as strength training – but with goal numbers for both. Ideally, I want to lift weights once or twice per week for 20-30 minutes and do a 30-60 minute Pilates workout once per week.

Do hill sprints once per week.

I did hill sprints a few times last winter during training for the 2016 Lake Sammamish Half, but I fell out of the habit and never resumed it. I had no excuse for neglecting these – there’s a couple hills just outside my apartment complex! I want to develop more power in my glutes and better extension of my hips, which hill sprints will do. 

Run with my husband twice per week.

Ryan and I started running together in 2016 and we both love running together. Having a built-in running partner makes those cold, dark, early miles so much more enjoyable. I think this goal will be the hardest in the first quarter of the year since right now it is ridiculously dark and cold out until the time Ryan starts work and for now we live in an area with limited routes for running (our complex is right off a busy road with no sidewalks in areas). 

Keep a better personal training log.

I’m the child of two engineers, so despite my humanities education, I revel in data analysis. I obviously keep a training log here on the blog, but I want to be more consistent in keeping my own so I can analyze training cycles and individual workouts.

I tinkered around with a few different styles of training logs. I used to keep my long in handwritten journals, but now that I’m training for long distance races and setting bigger goals, I prefer to have all the charts and graphs that virtual logs deliver. I’ve decided to use Strava to track, since it automatically syncs with my Garmin and delivers all my data in charts that make my brain happy. 

My ultimate goal with keeping a training log is to learn more about myself as a runner. 

Winter 2017 Running Goals

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And that’s it – for now!

What are your running goals for 2017?
How do you track your training? Do you keep a log?


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27 Responses

  1. You had some great goals for the next few months! Hopefully the half-marathon training will seem less demanding than the full allowing you more time to strength train. I think its all about getting in the habit of doing that stuff! I should get back to doing hill sprints at some point too- I think the last time i did them was last spring!

    1. Thank you! I plan on scaling back my half training a bit compared to last year’s half, since I’m not trying to achieve such a large PR this time – so hopefully that does allow for more strength training! Many of these goals are goals to form the habits – otherwise, it’s hard to create those habits!

  2. I’m going to PR in number of miles walked 😀 I think my goal right now is to reach 10k a day and then some. Yesterday i did really well because I walked back from the hospital, but with the temps plummeting, I’m not sure how well that will go, and I don’t want to be all on the treadmill.
    I also really want to get back to strength training, and stop being a cardio bunny. It is sickening.

    1. It’s funny because I do everything else by hand – I live and breathe by a paper planner and will plan my runs on paper – but for some reasons paper logs don’t work for me!

    1. My log is private on Strava and I’m not following anyone, so it’s hard to say how much I’ve actually joined it! I’m interested to learn what your big running goal is – although I completely understand waiting to set it and share it.

  3. I’m excited about your goals and can’t wait to see you bust that half goal. I love your snowboarding metaphor and setting your goals by quarter based on what happens. Looking forward to seeing all your success in 2017! xo

  4. I’ve been mixing up my strength training which normally comes from pure barre with some weights and lower body strength stuff in gym instead. it’s been a fun change of pace! I don’t have any goals for this year and I track my workouts in my workout recap post or when I use runkeeper while running outside. my workout recap posts can be so helpful for me when I need to look back to see what I did when!

    1. I’m hoping getting back into strength training will be fun – I’m trying to change up how I do it by focusing on mobility as well. I do think blog posts are so helpful as well – especially because I add more detail than I would for my own log!

  5. These are great goals: both realistic and exciting. I have always used Daily Mile. I’ve heard Strava is better but I’m not much of a Garmin wearer so I am a little more easy going about my mileage. It’s cool to be able to look back and see what I was doing so many years ago.

  6. I use Strava as my training log now. I love all the data and I just log my cross training like yoga classes or strength training in there. I also manually log my treadmill runs. I like how I can track my shoes with Strava as well.

    Best wishes in your goals! I think you can blow your half PR out of the water based on your current full time, too. And even if you met your 2016 goals, you had your share of setbacks too so it’s not like you set your goals too low. So glad the year finished on a happy note for you and that you’re having a strong beginning to 2017!

  7. My big goal….not dying while I train for 26.2. 😉

    In 2016, I began planning out my workouts 1 month at a time using a monthly/weekly planner. I think it definitely helped to keep me on track during months when motivation dropped a bit. I also have my Garmin….and a Strava account so I have multiple places where I can find my runs. I will be using the same idea for a planner this year….in addition to printing off each month that you give me. Sometimes it helps (me) to see the information in various ways.

    1. I think having the information – both the workouts to do and what you actually did – in multiple places is a great idea! It keeps one focused 🙂 and I know you will crush your marathon goal!

  8. Great goal! I absolutely love setting myself goals for the coming year. There is something about the process that excites me, and I truly believe that if you spend the right amount of time setting goals you will see the benefits.

  9. I’ve been using Garmin Connect to track training, but while it logs a lot of data for individual runs I think the cumulative data is lacking a bit – might need to try out Strava.

    1. That’s what I found about Garmin Connect as well and why I started using Strava. The weekly logs have such a clean aesthetic with a good amount of information – including data like how many feet of climbing you did over a week!

  10. I think quarterly goals are great, because a lot of goals have to be reassessed and tweaked on the go. I am planning to incorporate more strength training/cross training myself this year.

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