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Hi, everyone! Since this week is quite hectic for me with us packing up our apartment and leaving Valparaiso on Friday, I’ve decided to take the blog in a lighter, fun, more personal direction for a few days. Let’s be real, writing personal posts is much easier and less time-consuming that developing/testing/photographing recipes, coming up with workouts, or researching running science topics. Don’t worry, though, my normal posts will be back once life resumes normalcy. 

I found these questions for a Would You Rather Running Survey from older posts on two of my absolute favorite running blogs: rUnladylike and Hungry Runner Girl and then threw in some of my own questions. If you don’t already read these blogs, you definitely should—Jesica and Janae are two super speedy, kind, and smart ladies! 

Also, I want to use these posts to get to know you, my awesome readers, some more! So play along in the comments or post on your own blog and link back to this post!  

Also, I’m sorry for the recycled photos in this post. 

Would You Rather…

Go! St. Louis Half Marathon Recap

 Run a 5K or a marathon?
A marathon. Granted, I haven’t run a marathon yet, but I prefer long, steady efforts to short and fast efforts. I know I’ll always chose a half marathon over a 10K. Also, if I’m going to race, I want to be out there for a while, not just for 20 minutes or so. 

Run without music or run without your GPS?
Run without music, hands-down. I’ve started loving to run music-free recently, but I’m also a huge data geek and it makes the math-side of my brain (which was so poorly neglected during college/grad school) all happy. 

St. Louis Go! Half Marathon Training

Run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold?
A hilly race in the cold. Go! St. Louis was a hilly race on a cool day and I enjoyed it (and would have enjoyed it more if I was better trained for the hills). I melt in hot weather and lose too much water and electrolytes in sweating (TMI, I know, but we’re all runners here). 

Run alone or run with a group for every run of an entire training cycle?
Run alone. It’s my quiet/destress time. Running with a group would be fun from time to time, but I’m too much of an introvert to do it every day. 

Get a new pair of running shoes or a new running outfit for free?
Since I stocked up on my Pure Flow 3s when they went on sale, I’d chose the free running outfit: long sleeve shirt with thumbholes and a hood to protect against the Seattle drizzle, shorts, and a sports bra. Preferably from Brooks or Oiselle because I’m obsessed with their clothes. 

Train through winter for a spring race or through summer for a fall race?
If I was still going to be living in the Midwest, I would say through summer for a fall race. Running in heat and humidity is awful but it beats trying to do workouts on ice and through mountains of snow when it’s a -20 windchill outside. In Seattle, honestly, either, although I’m partial to fall because less allergies.

Least favorite running weather

Run with a blister the whole time or a side cramp the whole time?
Blister. Side cramps are the worst. 

Run on the treadmill for an hour or around the same city block for an hour?
This is a tricky one. Lately, I’ve been favoring outside over the treadmill, but the treadmill would be way less boring. Running in circles drives me crazy if it’s anything smaller than 1/2 mile, and that still gets me if I’m not doing speedwork.

Have a only post-race beer or post-race dessert?
Beer. Sweets do not sound good to me after a race, probably because I’ve had a couple gels by that time. Beer is also just so refreshing in a way that no sweet, even ice cream, is. 

If you could only run one race in a year, a big city race like Chicago or a small, local race?
Small and local. Crowds make me anxious as does flying in an airplane. Plus, I like the chance of placing in my age group at local races! 

Question of the Day:
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6 Responses

  1. I think I agree with all of your answers! I never crave something sweet after running, but usually a beer sounds good! I would rather train through the summer for a fall race- the cooler weather makes running feel so much easier after training in the heat!

  2. I love doing these! Let’s see:

    * Somewhere in between? ; )
    * Leave the music behind (always do)
    * Hilly cold
    * With friends
    * Outfit
    * Summer for fall
    * Blister
    * Around the block
    * Small local race

    Thanks for putting this out!

  3. hmmmm. As long as I have a watch so that I know how far I am gone for or if I know where I am, chuck the GPS to the wind! But music is a big part of it for me, at least at times.
    You know that I love me a marathon 😀
    I hate being cold. And I’ve run through both trainings, but Summer for me is easier (I acclimate easily).
    Depends on how old my shoes are.
    Side stitches are indeed the wooooorst.
    City block–different people and such even if it is the same path.
    Small, local race, but that doesn’t mean that it can be shoddy.

    1. I totally agree with you on local races – I love them unless they’re poorly organized. And I’m jealous at how easily you acclimate to summer weather!

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