Year in Running 2017

Year in Running 2017

According to my Strava profile, I ran 1679 miles and set three PRs in 2017. But numbers alone do not tell the story of a year of running. 

2017 had its lows in running – I dealt with plantar fasciitis for a few weeks and am taking time off of running right now to recover from a diagnostic laparoscopy – but overall, this was a really good year of running. I’m linking up Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run D.C. to share the highlights of my 2017 in running.  

Year in Running 2017

Best Race Experience

California International Marathon. I love the marathon and I love this marathon in particular. It’s not just the PR that makes this race an incredible experience: it’s the course, the spectators, the other runners, the volunteers and race organizers, and that beautiful thing they have in California called sunshine.

Year in Running 2017

Best Run

Running along the snowy Deschutes River Trail in Bend, Oregon with my husband Ryan.

Year in Running 2017

Best New Piece of Running Gear

Ruffwear Slackline dog leash. This leash is durable, easy to adjust on the run, and features a talon clip versus a standard leash clip for extra security. The leash can be adjusted for hand-held or waist wear. Ollie ran hundreds of miles with Ryan and me this year and this leash kept us both safe and comfortable during runs (even when he saw a squirrel). 

Year in Running 2017

Best Running Advice You Received This Year

Train to your strengths.

I am an endurance runner, not a speedster. Speed workouts are hard for me and honestly, I think I would end up injured more often if I did traditional track workouts like 12 x 400. Over the past year, I found that doing longer repeats (1K to 1 mile) at 10K pace rather than shorter repeats at 5K pace or faster worked really well for my body – and I saw improvements in all of my race times. There’s no exact formula for getting faster.

Year in Running 2017

Most Inspirational Runner

This question is tough because I could give so many answers. The elites, especially Shalane Flanagan and Sara Hall, inspire me, but personally, I find the most inspiration in other runners I know. Both Laura from Mommy Run Fast and Jesica from rUnladylike inspire me with their journeys. Both of them are strong, fast women who train smart and have not just really awesome PRs, but the sustainability and longevity that we all aspire for.

Favorite Picture from a Run or Race This Year

This photo from the Snohomish Women’s Run 10K. Achieving big running goals is not physically comfortable or always picture perfect. The last 1.2 miles of this 10K were painful and when I crossed the finish line, I just stood there, my heart pounding and my breathing still heavy, thinking “sh*t that hurt!” 

Year in Running 2017


Race Experience You Would Repeat in a Heartbeat

Placing second overall at the Snohomish Women’s Run. Being in the very front of the pack was an unusual experience – the lead woman was easily a minute ahead of me and the next was almost a minute behind me, so I had no one to pace off of. I relied on just whatever I had that day, both mentally and physically, to push me when I was really, really uncomfortable (10Ks hurt). But everything I gave on that course was so worth it to place in the top three overall! 

Year in Running 2017

If you could sum up the year in a couple words, what would they be?

I am stronger than I think.

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How was your year in running? 
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28 Responses

  1. Somehow I’m not surprised that CIM was your top race pick… you had a really great year and shattered some PRs and dominated CIM. No doubt 2018 will be an awesome one as well :).

  2. I love these recaps and yours is amazing because you had such a great year!! You know I agree 100% with working on your strengths and my dog running leash is definitely the best gear I bought this year too. I love how we find inspiration with women like us, not just the elites and what an incredible accomplishment in that 10K because they hurt SO much!!!
    Congratulations on a fantastic 2017 and I hope you recovery well and speedily so you can be back to doing all the things you love.

  3. What a great year, and so many miles! And I’m honored that I inspire you – YOU inspire me as well with your awesome, smart workouts and consistency! Wishing you speedy healing and lots of running surprises in 2018!

  4. Awesome year for you! Something I learned about myself? Running is my sport of choice, but is not my “one and only.” Three months sidelined after emergency surgery taught (and reaffirmed) a lot of truths.

  5. What an incredible year you had! I love that Snohomish finish photo. BOOM!

    I’ll have to get that leash… I don’t remember the one I have but the tension is SO tight that if Trixie at all veers to the side, it basically pulls me with her. It makes running a little un-fun.

    1. Thank you! I do use another waist leash for the Ruffwear one and hook it on with a (climbing strength) carabiner because anything too tight on my waist does not work well for me on a run.

  6. I like that “I am stronger than I think”. My cousin just did an endurance trail in Cape Town and those were almost her exact words coming out of it – I have always told her that, but this is the first time she realised that herself. Well done on a great year of running!

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