Zero G Storage Gear Grabber Review and Giveaway

Zero G Storage Review and Giveaway | This Runner's Recipes

(Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

Apartment living offers a plethora of benefits: no need to do yard work, maintenance staff to help you when there are problems with the plumbing or electricity, and several amenities like on-site fitness centers and community events. However, one downside of apartment living is limited space. Apartments have less square footage and fewer rooms than a house, which makes organization and storage complicated. 

I have a confession to make: at our previous apartment in Valparaiso, Indiana, I let my fitness equipment become unorganized and cluttered. We had an unusual apartment, in that it was in an old house that was converted into four apartments. As a result, we had little storage space and lots of empty space in the rooms (our dining room was practically as big as my first apartment). My yoga mat, kettlebells, foam roller, and running gear often ended up haphazardly stacked in the corner of the living room, in plain sight.

The Zero G Storage Gear Grabber offers a simple solution to the problem of unorganized fitness equipment. The durable band extends between two brackets, which are fastened into the wall. You slip your gear into the band and secure it with adjustable fasteners to ensure it stays in place. The fasteners also make it easy to fit small and large items alike in the Gear Grabber. 

Zero G Storage Review and Giveaway | This Runner's Recipes

While I would have never purchased this product on my own, as I’m a minimalist when it comes to home decor, I was excited when Zero G Storage contacted me and offered to let me try the Gear Grabber. However, right when I received the product in the mail, Ryan accepted a job offer in Redmond, WA. I did not want to set up the Gear Grabber only to take it down within a few days, so I waited until we were settled in our Seattle apartment to set it up.

Any of you who have moved long distances know how it goes: our stuff was in boxes for a good portion of a month, between packing, shipping, and unpacking. We finally (finally!) unpacked our last box last weekend, which meant that I could finally set up my Gear Grabber. 

The Gear Grabber has a clean and minimalist design that prevents it from being obtrusive. Thanks to its simple design, you can literally install it anywhere where you have a wall or a cabinet: in the back of a closet, by your front door, in the mudroom, even in your living room. If you have kids or nosy pets, you can install it up high on a wall so that they can’t access the equipment. All you need to install it are some basic tools.

Zero G Storage Product Review | This Runner's Recipes

Since Ryan is a mechanical engineer and very proficient with tools, he installed the product while I took photos and notes for this review. Charlie also decided to help by keeping us company and supervising.

Zero G Storage Product Review | This Runner's Recipes

The instructions to install the Gear Grabber did not have the clearest photos, but fortunately we were able to figure out from the item and a larger photo of the assembled product how to set it up. The installation is straightforward and quite simple, as you can see in the graphic below. (N.B.: Installation instructions said not to use an electric drill, but we used a small hand drill after we had to replace the supplied hardware.)

Zero G Storage Installation | This Runner's Recipes

However, once we starting installing the Gear Grabber, we encountered some small problems. The instructions said to use a 3/32 or smaller drill bit to prepare the holes for the wall mounts, so Ryan used a 1/16. This was too small, and the first drywall anchor (the plastic screws included with the product) he tried to insert broke. Even after making the whole bigger, the next plastic screw sheared as well. We ended up running to the hardware store to pick up some extra drywall mounts and then were able to install the product with ease in about ten minutes. After this, I recommend using 3/32 and nothing smaller for this step. 

Zero G Storage Product Review | This Runner's Recipes

Since you are using drywall anchors, you may want to be careful you do not make your pilot hole into a wall stud; if you do make your hole into a wall stud, you do not need the plastic anchors. As the instructions wisely note, be careful about installing this into any wall of a lot of electrical wiring in it. You also want to make sure you do not put more than 24 inches between the brackets, as the instructions state, or you will hamper the structural integrity of the product.  

The only issue we encountered with this product were with the drywall anchors. Once we resolved that issue, the product assembly was easy and the Gear Grabber worked exactly as promised. It held up my foam roller and cushy yoga mat and kept them perfectly in place and out of the way. 

Zero G Storage Product Review | This Runner's Recipes

Overall, the Gear Grabber is a simple, affordable, and effective solution to storing your fitness equipment in small spaces. 


Gear Grabber is now Amazon Prime eligible, so if you are a Prime member, you can have this product shipped to you free of charge and receive additional Prime Discounts. Additionally, you can use my discount code (runeat15) to receive 15% off of your purchase of either the Zero G Gear Grabber 24″ or rel= “no follow” Zero G Bottle Belt on Amazon.

Additionally, Zero G Storage is giving away a Zero G Storage Product to one of This Runner’s Recipes’ readers! To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below. 

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Zero G Storage Gear Grabber
  • Zero G Storage Gear Grabber


The Zero G Storage Gear Grabber offers a practical, simple to assemble, customizable, and organized solution to storing your fitness gear.

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  1. I have the gear grabber in my garage, but I think it would be really useful in whatever area I decide to keep my workout stuff. However, that stuff is currently spread out in different areas of my house so I haven’t decided what room makes the most sense. I really hope that one day I can be super organized about my fitness gear but I’m sure it will take awhile.

    1. So far it works well in the closet. I’m still disorganized also from moving…like, disassembled treadmill sitting around disorganized – so I’m feeling the same way about wanting everything to be super organized!

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