6 Equipment Based Workouts For Runners

Equipment Based Workouts for Runners {Run It}

This month’s theme for the Run It Series is equipment based workouts for runners. I’ve already shared kettlebell and resistance band workouts here, so I want to give some attention to my other favorite piece of workout equipment: the stability ball. 

Run It - 6 Equipment Based Workouts For Runners


The stability ball is a versatile and invaluable tool for any runner. Core strength, hip stability, and glute strength are essential for preventing injury and running faster, and the stability ball will train those specific areas. Best of all, a stability ball is an affordable and convenient piece of equipment for strength training at home. 

Just don’t let your dog near your stability ball. Trust me – especially if your dog is a hyper Labraheeler with a penchant for balls. 

This workout is short but effective: youwork your entire core, glutes, back, shoulders, and hamstrings in this routine. I usually add it on to the end of a total body strength training workout or include it as a quick core routine after a run. 

6 Equipment Based Workouts For Runners

Stability Ball Pike:

Come into a straight-arm plank position (push-up position) with your shins resting on the stability ball. Engage your abs and keep your legs straight as you raise your hips toward the ceiling, hinging to draw the ball closer to your arms (you should resemble an upside-down V.). Hold for one second then reverse to complete one rep.  

If this is too difficult, pull your knees into your chest instead of performing the full pike. 

Hamstring Ball Curl:

Lie on your back with your arms by your sides, your legs straight, and your feet and calves resting on the stability ball. Raise your hips and use your feet to draw the ball closer to your butt while bending your knees, so that your body forms a straight line from your knees through your hips to your shoulders. Reverse to complete one rep. 

To make this exercise more difficult, place your arms out in a T-position from your body or raise your arms straight in the air. 

Stability Ball Deadbug

Lie on your back with your legs raised. Use your arms and legs (which can be straight or bent at the knee) to hold the ball above your torso. Slowly lower your left leg and right arm toward the ground while holding the ball with your other arm and leg; return to start and repeat with your right leg and left arm for one rep. Be sure to keep your lower back flat on the ground – imagine pulling your navel in toward the ground. 

(Please excuse any errors in my form in the video – like many runners, I have some mobility issues with shoulders and hips. Please remember that I am not a strength training coach.)

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6 Equipment Based Workouts for Runners {Run It}

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6 Equipment Based Workouts for Runners

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6 Equipment Based Workouts for Runners

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What is your favorite piece of workout equipment for strength training?


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  1. Cooper is deathly afraid of our stability ball. He won’t even go in the room that it’s in! I love the stability ball because it’s so versatile. It can double as a bench while working stabilizing muscles. Something we all need!

  2. I love your disclaimer on the video!! Yes, we all have those pesky imbalances which is why we strength train, right? And I would NEVER let Star near my ball!! omg I can only imagine how it would burst! Great workout here and one I will absolutely do…

    1. Granted, we were bouncing the stability ball at Ollie when it broke… but now he comes up to my new one and tries to play with it when I’m working out (and shortly ends up crated for the remainder of the workout). And thank you!

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