Running Gear I’m Loving This Fall

Gear I'm Loving this Fall: Sabre Mace and Knuckle Lights

Fall’s colder temperatures and darker mornings require different running gear than the minimal gear of summer running. Today I want to share with you some of the fall running gear that I’m using lately!

Arm Warmers

Can we just talk about how awesome and versatile arm warmers are? I love them for when the weather is chilly but not cold enough for long sleeves – which is the weather most mornings in Seattle. They transition tank tops into fall and are perfect for hard workouts when you know you will warm up. During very cold runs, you can layer them with a tank under a jacket (which is what I do with my Patagonia Houdini on rainy winter runs).

My favorite arm warmers have built-in thumb holes to keep them in place and for added warmth on my hands. (Because if it’s cold enough to need long sleeves, chances are my hands will be cold also.)

I received a Lululemon giftcard for my birthday (thank you so much, Meredith!) and used it for these Swiftly arm warmers. I adore them. They’re warm yet breathable, soooo soft and comfortable, and passed the rainy run test! (Everything I wear to run is subjected to the rainy run test, because it won’t stop raining here in Seattle. Ever.)

Gear I'm Loving this Fall: Lululemon Arm Warmers

Sabre Mace

Yes, it sounds weird to say I’m loving mace, but after losing my mace a few weeks ago (I, um, sometimes use it to balance my phone for photos), I’m happy to have a new bottle for my runs. With the darker mornings, mace helps me feel more comfortable with running in the dark. I strap it in my hand for quick use and as a warning sign – mess with me and I won’t hesitate to mace you in the face.

(I’ve never had to use mace on a run, but I’m a firm believer in being prepared for the worst case scenario. It’s a sad reality that we live in where I need to carry mace on a run and my husband does not, but rather than complain about that, I equip myself. I’m not about to retreat indoors or stop running because there are a few a-holes in the world.)

I purchased Sabre runner’s mace and already love how ergonomic it is. The mace is light, fits, easily in my hand, and has a safety switch so I don’t accidentally mace myself in the face.

If you don’t already run with mace, please invest in some. The ability to defend yourself if need be on a run will provide you with protection and peace of mind. This Sabre mace cost under $15 on Amazon and will last up to 4 years. It’s worth the peace of mind to carry the few extra ounces on your runs.

Gear I'm Loving this Fall: Sabre Mace and Knuckle Lights

Knuckle Lights

I recently dug out my Knuckle Lights to light my morning run. Between these and my mace, there’s no reason to shy away from running outside during this time of year. I only carry one on my runs, but one is bright enough to light my path and make me visible to vehicles and cyclists. These lightweight handheld lights have 3 settings: high beam, low beam, and flashing. I usually only run with one, and we keep the other in our hiking backpacks for camping trips.

Moji Foot Pro

I received a Moji Foot Pro as part of the swag bag at the Rise.Run.Retreat and have used it almost daily since. I set it under my desk and massage my feet during the day. Ever since my sprain, my arch and heel get tight after longer runs or harder workouts. There’s a good amount of pain involved in using the foot massager (as there is with any sort of sports massage) but it’s so worth it to keep my feet healthy through marathon training.

Gear I'm Loving this Fall: Moji Foot Massager

Enduropacks Electrolyte Spray

I have finally found the sports nutrition products that work for me: Hammer gels and Enduropacks Electrolyte Spray. Since January, I have relied on these two products for long runs and races.

I’m a salty sweater and need electrolytes during long runs and races to prevent under-hydration and cramping. But my stomach is also sensitive when I run, so I avoid traditional sports drinks. But after the Portland Marathon, I knew I needed to take in more electrolytes than my gels offered. Enduropacks offered the perfect solution to my hydration conundrum.

I carried this spray in my pocket at Leaf Peeper and (as Tina once suggested on her blog) sprayed it into my mouth or water cup as I ran. If you look closely in the photo, you can see it in the side pocket of my shorts – but the spray is so light that you barely notice it when you do carry it.


On its own, this spray has a slight mineral taste, but it is completely flavorless when you add it to water. Since it contains no carbs, sugar, or calories, you can use it with any other type of fuel – gels, chews, dried fruit, etc.

Use the code THISRUNNERSRECIPES to receive 20% off the Enduropacks Electrolyte Spray (good for one use per customer).

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which cost you nothing extra but support the blog. Thank you! 

What gear are you loving this fall?

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25 Responses

  1. I use almost ALL the same stuff and love it! My sleeves are Oiselle but same comfort and cold run ready! I also don’t mind traveling with the Sabre mace since I barely notice I’m holding it and oh that Moji foot pod is the best!! Great review 🙂

  2. Great suggestions! I have just started using arm warmers on my runs too and I love them! They are great for this time of year when I don’t want to put my tanks away just yet! I also love that you suggested the foot pro too — I have noticed lately that I really need some sort of foot massager and this looks perfect. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

    1. You should definitely look into the foot pro! You can freeze it as well for cold therapy on feet and it’s small enough to pack in a suitcase for a destination race. I used to use lacrosse balls but this works so much better because of the smaller rollers on it.

  3. The gear I’m most in love with this fall:
    *All hoodies
    *Extra tall running socks (so I can still wear shorts)
    *My at home foot spa — I hate having cold feet and soaking in a warm-epsom salt-massaging bath helps them SO MUCH!

  4. I’ve been carrying Sabre Mace more frequently in my early morning runs. I know it works well! I inadvertently got some on my upper lip (long story!) and it burned like crazy. At least I know it’s effective! And the MOJI Foot Pro – best.thing.ever.

    1. Oh no! That sounds so painful! But at least you’re right – it works well which is good to know! I’ve wanted to test it but I’m afraid of getting mace all over myself.

    1. Thank you! I will be sharing a full review once it’s ready for shipment/sale so you will have to check back. One of the purposes of it is to fit a lot of gels! I use Hammer gels which have a larger volume than GU and I can fit just under 3 gels in one pouch.

    1. Thank you! The huge packages of gel work perfectly with something like this. And they are so much cheaper – I think they are well under $1/gel when in the large bottle. The pouch also works well for real food fuel like potato or applesauce.

  5. I’m just going to add all of these things to my wish list 🙂 I have mace but it’s a few years old..might be time to invest in a new bottle. I guess it’s a really good thing that I haven’t had to use it!

    1. Mace will probably have a best-by date on the bottom – mine expired in December which is why buying a new one wasn’t a big deal. But it’s a very good thing to never have to use it!

    1. I’m glad the recommendation helped! You should definitely look into them – they are worth the investment and since they use batteries, they last for years. They fit so snugly in the hand also (the straps are adjustable) that they’re easy to hold and carry a leash with.

  6. Armwarmers are my favorite. Thumbholes are…not. A feature that ensures my thumbs stay cold? I will stick with pulling my hands inside my sleeves/armwarmers. Though that may only work for me because the sleeves are always too long anyway.

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