Intermediate Marathon Plan



This intermediate marathon plan is designed for those who wish to race the marathon distance, whether you are aiming for a PR or a BQ. With evidence-based training principles, this plan will prepare you for the specific demands of the marathon and help you feel strong and confident at your goal marathon pace.

The intermediate marathon plan is ideal for:

  • Runners who have completed the marathon distance and want to improve their finish time
  • Marathoners who thrive on moderate mileage (40-60 mpw)

Training plan features:

  • Five to six days of running (if running five days, the sixth day is cross-training)
  • Easy runs, long runs, and various marathon-specific workouts
  • Explanations of workouts and pacing

What You Get:

  • A downloadable 18-week training plan, with Excel and PDF formats, plus space for a training log
  • A race day strategy
  • Workout and pace guides
  • Pacing calculator to determine your training paces
  • Customizing notes

To start this plan, you should be able to:

  • Complete a long run of 12-13 miles
  • Run five to six days per week
  • Run 35+ miles per week

Sample Week


75-80 minute easy run, with 6 x 30 sec fast/1:30 min easy in the second half


60-65 minute easy run


Cruise Intervals: 20 minute easy wu + 8 x 3 minutes at CV (1.5 min recovery jog between each) + 15 minute cd (70 min total)


45-50 minute recovery run (or equal time cross-training)


55-60 minute easy run, plus 4-5 strides


4 miles easy + 8 miles at MP + 4 miles easy (16 miles total)





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