You cannot argue the power that a community of like-minded people has in helping you achieve your goals. They keep you accountable to follow through on your plans. They inspire you to pursue greater things. They relate to your struggles and encourage you. Most of all, you form meaningful relationships and a network of support.

We runners know the value of a tight-knit running community. Running may be an individual sport, but very few runners achieve their goals without the support and encouragement of others.

We runners also know the value of an individualized plan, tailored to fit your goals, schedule, current fitness, and running background.

This Runner's Recipes Training Group

This Runner’s Recipes Training Group offers you the opportunity to be part of an encouraging community of runners while following your own personalized training plan. Unlike in-person training groups, you can be a part of this group no matter where you live and regardless of your work or training schedule.

Team Norris Training Group operates year-round – meaning that you can receive all of the benefits of a coach and a virtual training group no matter when you join. Beginner, intermediate, experienced, short distance, long distance, road, and trail runners are all welcome – yes, this training group is for everyone!

What the Group Will Include:

There is also the option of joining the group without purchasing a training plan. You still receive the benefits of the group – the forums, support, discounts, and strength training library. This option costs $10/month and you can always upgrade to the full option with the plan.

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    What to Expect with This Runner’s Recipes Coaching:

    Sign up today for This Runner's Recipes Year Round Training Group! Open to runners of all levels! Whether you are training for a race, maintaining your base during the off season, or running for fitness, this group will help you achieve your goals with individualized training plans from a certified coach, support and accountability from other runners, and access to resources including strength training workouts and discount codes for your favorite running brands.

    Want an individualized training plan without the group? I also offer one-on-one virtual coaching with more feedback, more frequently updated plans, phone check ins, and more individual attention to you. Learn more about the one-on-one coaching plans here!