Athlete Accomplishments: January 2020

Athlete Accomplishments: January 2020

For most runners, January is focused on base building or maintenance during winter. However, there are still plenty of races in January, especially for some Team Norris Running athletes! The new year started off strong with some overall and course PRs, strong early season races, and fun races. 

Athlete Accomplishments: January 2020

Mariah ran a 5K PR of 33:32!

Jennifer placed third in her age group in a 5K!

Kimberly raced a 56 minute 10K in 20-30 mph winds and a 4-minute course PR at the Key West Half Marathon! 

Danielle raced a 23 minute 5K at the San Francisco Hot Chocolate race! 

Karla raced a 5K + 10K at the New Year’s Race! 

Mark raced a 1:32 at the Fred Lebow Half as an early-season tune-up race!

Pete raced a half marathon PR of 2:02 at the Chilly Willie Half – a 9-minute course PR from last year!

Aimee raced a trail 5-miler! 

Ana ran a 30-minute marathon PR of 4:56 at the Houston Marathon! 

Alexa ran the Rain Run Half Marathon!

Tom raced a 21-minute 5K!

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