Athlete Accomplishments: March 2019

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2019

If March had a theme in racing, it’s that you are stronger than you think. Several of the runners I coach raced in March after months of hard winter training. Others completed hard workouts and long runs with their sights set on spring and early summer races. 

The most exciting thing about racing is not just the finish times; it’s when an athlete has an “I can’t believe I just did that” moment. Several of these runners did more than run a distance faster than before: they crossed the finished line with a new sense of their physical strength, mental grit, and abilities as runners. Some runners found themselves stronger on hills than before; others realized just how deep they could dig at the end of the race. Others ran new distances or ventured into trail racing and found a huge sense of accomplishment there. 

Mark ran a big PR of 1:25 at the NYC Half!

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2019

Natalie raced a 1:56 at on the hilly course of the RNR DC Half!

Jennifer raced a strong 5K on a challenging course!

David ran his first 50K!

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2019

Emma ran an 8K at her goal pace!

Lindsey raced a trail 25K and placed 8th woman overall!

Aimee raced a trail 10 miler and placed 10th woman overall!

Alexa raced a road 15K!

Emma ran an 8K at her goal pace!

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2019

Karla ran a half marathon!

Carrie ran a strong race at the NYC Half!

Pete ran a strong half marathon on a hilly course during his marathon training!

Melissa ran a strong half as her first race back from injury!

Sophie ran a speedy 1:35 half marathon during marathon training!

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2019

Jessica raced an 8K as her first race back from injury!

Jamye raced a 47-min 10K!

Danielle, Laura E, Stephanie, and Kirstie built back up their mileage!

Faith, Eric, Laura A, Chelsey, Kelly, Katie, Rebecca, Ashley, Janelle, Karla, Grace, Jodi, Kellie, Marlene, Meghan, Jess, Tricia, and Mariah have put in hard work preparing for spring and early summer races!

Athlete Accomplishments: March 2019

There are many races in the calendar in April, so I want to wish best of luck and most of all enjoyable races to everyone!

If you are interested in coaching, I do have spots open. I would love to work with you! Please learn more about my coaching services and contact me here.

Did you race in March?
What did you accomplish in your running recently?

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