Athlete Accomplishments: October 2019

Athlete Accomplishments: October 2019

October is one of the biggest racing months of the year, from big races like the Chicago Marathon to small, local races. Dozens of Team Norris Running athletes raced this October. For many, these races yielded PRs, both overall PRs and course PRs. For others, while they didn’t have the race day they trained for, they demonstrated remarkable grit and strength on tough days – which is as remarkable as a PR. 

Sam ran a 3-minute course PR in a 5K race and a half marathon PR/course PR at the End of the Road Half Marathon! 

Athlete Accomplishments: October 2019

Mariah ran a 1-minute 15K PR at the Hot Chocolate Denver!

Aimee placed first in her age group at the Putney Woods trail 10K and ran a strong 10K at the Snohomish River Run!

Athlete Accomplishments: October 2019

Faith ran a 54 minute 10K as a tune-up for her fall half marathon!

Jennifer raced the Main Street Half Marathon with a 8+ minute course PR!

Athlete Accomplishments: October 2019

Jon raced two half marathons!

Liz ran a marathon PR of 3:37 at the Chicago Marathon!

Pete ran a strong tune-up half marathon with a fast negative split at the Newport Half!

Karla J raced a half marathon!

Grace ran her PR time on a harder course at the Haunted Half Marathon! 

Grace ran her PR time on a harder course at the Haunted Half Marathon! 

Nicole raced her first postpartum 10K!

Kate achieved her goal of running ten Army 10 Miler in ten years! 

Melissa ran her first post-injury 5K! 

Marcus raced a 1:38 half marathon at the Naperville Half Marathon! 

Athlete Accomplishments: October 2019

Clarke ran an 8-minute course PR at the Hershey Half!

Danielle ran negative splits in her 38-minute 5 mile race!

Morgan ran a 1:55 with negative splits in her tune-up half marathon!

Marlene ran the Ventura Half Marathon! 

Mark raced a 1:36 at the Runner’s World Half as part of a workout leading up to NYCM!

Caroline persevered through a tough race and finished her second marathon at the Boise Marathon!

Athlete Accomplishments: October 2019
Alexa ran the Treasure Run 8K!

Kim ran a gritty race at the Marine Corps Marathon and finished with a smile, despite the rain!

Athlete Accomplishments: October 2019

I’m really proud and grateful to coach these and my other amazing runners!

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