Athlete Highlights – Q1 2021

Finally, after a year of very few time-trial style events, races are slowly resuming in the US. I currently have 48 athletes on my roster, yet very few races occurred in 2020. Now, races are starting to pick up, vaccines are being distributed, and the dumpster fire of 2020 seems less overwhelming. Athletes feel more comfortable setting their sights on both racing and non-racing goals.

I asked athletes to share what they feel they most accomplished in the first three months of 2021. Here’s what a few shared!

“I’m proud of my 5 mile run after my fall knee issues. It was my longest run in 3 months and it felt great!” – Caroline

First race in a year, 2nd overall 🙂” – Mark

Races are usually what keep me motivated to stay on track and get out the door. However, with races few and far between, I thought for sure my motivation would wane. In early December I created some goals for myself–some more attainable than others (half marathon ready) and some that will require putting in a lot of work (7:00 mile and 7:55 5K pace, which for me would be an accomplishment).

It wasn’t until after the first of the year, but eventually, I started clicking with my training plan. I have become pretty consistent with my workouts, I am enjoying the variety of the workouts, and even on days I struggle, the consistency makes hard days feel easier. For the first time, I recognize that running actually does get easier when you stay consistent and put in the work. I’m not quite at a 7:00 mile or 7:55 5K but I see myself chipping away at it and, without a doubt, I am half marathon ready. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment is how much I am enjoying running and the results as I work towards my goals.” – Kimberly

2021 Q1 Races:
  • Pete ran a 24:56 5K and earned third Grand Master’s male! He also raced a 2:03 half as an early-season race.
  • Grace raced a 2:14 half!
  • Mackenzie set a half marathon PR of 1:38:21!
  • Kimberly raced a 27:05 early season 5K!
  • Michelle ran a sub-45 min 5K in a virtual race!
  • Mark placed second overall in a 7K, with a time of 28:06!
  • Rachel ran a 1:44:53 in a half marathon time trial!
  • Olena ran a 6K time trial in 30 minutes!

That’s not to count the hard work everyone has put in:

  • Training for upcoming races
  • Staying fit and consistent through busy seasons of life and winter
  • Rebuilding after injury or time off

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