Mile Markers: Back to Normal

Mile Markers

I am certain that most runners would agree that there’s a certain mileage or pace that just feels natural. It varies with each individual and, for that individual, from season to season, but we know it when we run it. This week was one of those weeks in training that felt refreshing and natural. Finally, after the marathon and surgery and all the recovery that followed, my mileage feels back to the range that feels most natural. 

However, the weather certainly was not normal this week. If I based my conclusion off of the weather, I would have thought it was spring this past week. Mild temperatures, high humidity, and breezy winds from the Sound caused me to reach for short sleeves and capris, rather than the full-length leggings and long-sleeve layers that Januarys past warranted.

Mile Markers

 Monday: 5 mile run 

After a long weekend in the bone-dry cold of Midwest winter and cross-country flights, the warm humidity of Seattle was a literal shock to the system. I completely overdressed in a long sleeve and capris. The 96% humidity created a sensation as if I was breathing with my Buff wrapped tightly around my mouth. I ran five miles at a comfortable clip, shaking off with each mile the tightness from a long flight the night before. 

Tuesday: 7 mile run & strength training

The weather was beautiful on Tuesday morning – blue skies and mild temperatures. I ran Ollie for five miles and then immediately took Charlie out to run two miles. 

Mile Markers

Later in the evening, I joined Ryan at the gym for a strength training workout. 

3 sets of:
10 cross-body lunges (per leg)
8 kettlebell single leg deadlifts (per leg)
10 med ball slams
10 kettlebell sumo squat to high pull
10 med ball Russian twists
10 kettlebell swings
10 planks with knee dips
10 jump squats

Wednesday: 4 mile progression run 

Equipped with our new Ruffwear leash, Ollie and I ran four quick miles: two miles easy (8:55, 8:45) and two miles moderate (7:48, 7:42). It feels so good to be picking up the pace again, even if just a bit. Honestly, I don’t feel like I had surgery a month ago, except for the fact that I haven’t had a single episode of pelvic pain since the surgery. 

Mile Markers

Thursday: Strength training

Today was a rest day from running, which worked out well since rain poured down all morning long through early afternoon. I did a short strength training workout at home:

2 sets of:
10 cross-body lunges (per leg)
8 side plank twists (per side)
10 lateral band walks
10 bridges with leg lifts (per leg)
10 med ball thrusters
8 kettlebell single leg deadlifts (per leg)
10 kettlebell sumo squat to high pull
60 seconds pushups to plank jumps

I also took the dogs for a long walk, during which Ollie found a stick approximately the length of his body. He carried the stick the final 1/3 of a mile home; the stick now resides on our porch. 

Mile Markers

Friday: 4 mile run

This was another split run with the dogs: three miles with Ollie and one mile with Charlie. I wanted to run more but I kept my mileage low since this week would be my highest mileage in several weeks.  

Saturday: 10 mile long run

Ryan is training for a PR at the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon in March, and I am running the race with him. This week we started our long runs back up (after skipping our scheduled long run due to cold last week). We took the run at a relaxed, comfortable effort, especially since it was humid (I know! What a surprise). Returning to long distance felt so good! 

Sunday: 3.5 hours skiing

Ryan and I took our second day of ski lessons. Our instructor decided to have the group hike up the slope (with our skis on our shoulders) rather than wait in lines at the magic carpet or attempt to teach some people in the group lesson how to use the lift. After our lesson, we took the lifts and skied down green and blue slopes. Our afternoon of skiing was very enjoyable, even though conditions were less than ideal – 40 degrees and slushy snow. 

Mile Markers

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How is your week of running?
Does a certain mileage each week feel most natural to you?
What is your weather like? This winter’s weather has been so odd!

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15 Responses

  1. The weather here has been weird too! Of course its mostly been colder than usual but we had a few days of really warm temps thrown in there too. I think right now my normal mileage is around 20 miles per week. Although if I run 4 or 5 days instead of 3, then it easily goes up a bit!

  2. I can’t wait to get back to a “normal” week but with today off (and being in VT skiing!) and more snow expected for us mid-week, I’m thinking this will once again not be normal.
    So glad to hear you had a successful surgery!! I also love that you went skiing again and how great to just hike up the slope. I did that same thing while the boys rode the magic carpet 🙂

  3. With my injuries lately, no mileage really feels natural, but back when I was running consistently, I always liked hitting around 40mpw. Or at least having a 10 mile long run, that felt good. It looks like you had a good week and I’m glad you have recovered from the surgery and marathon. I’ve never been skiiing but it looks like it was a lot of fun even with the temperatures not being as cold and fluffy snow like you might’ve wanted.

  4. Our weather has been equally odd (and slushy). I wore long sleeves to run yesterday and was sweating! We’re supposed to get back to more normal winter weather later this week.

  5. So glad you are feeling back to normal! We had some crazy highs and lows in weather last week… this week is back to typical winter, so I’m hitting up the treadmill more than I’d like!

  6. As we start to thaw, my paces are returning to normal. I was really struggling in the cold. All those layers and feeling really cold made me stiff. Glad your runs were good too.

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