Back to School with Adidas

Back to School with Adidas

I recently went back to school (online) to earn my Master of Science in Applied Exercise Science. Technically, I am a year-round student. However, summer now has a back-to-school vibe to it for the first time in nearly a decade. Just like I did back during my undergraduate years, I’m logging daily onto Blackboard, reading through dense materials, and starting to speak the jargon of my field. Every eight weeks, I start another three-credit course with that fresh back-to-school feel: organized and excited – this year, with help from Adidas!

Back to School with Adidas

Adidas encompasses the back-to-school shopping needs of not just of traditional K-12 students. Their back-to-school line-up includes clothing and accessories for adult men and women. These lines offer fun options for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Back to School with Adidas

As a part-time graduate student and full-time running coach, I always carry books with me. As we venture out more, I need a sleek bag to carry my textbooks. This functional All Me Tote Bag can hold my textbooks, water bottles, and anything else I need for the day. It has numerous exterior and interior pockets so that you can stay organized, even when everything feels chaotic because it is finals week. I also use it as a daily bag. This tote large enough to fit my items plus diapers and toddler toys. The bag features both a handle and a cross-body strap for ultimate comfort when you are on the go. 

I even keep the bag in my office, for when I want to keep my current books safely stowed away from a certain toddler and her crayons. (My poor kinesiology book had an unfortunate encounter with crayons during the first couple weeks of Kinesiology II). 

If you prefer traditional backpacks over tote bags, Adidas also has you covered! You can shop their full line of backpacks on their website. They offer a variety of sizes and colors so that you can express your personality without sacrificing function. 

Plus, the unwritten rule of being an exercise science student is that you wear athleisure a majority of the time. (This is also the unwritten rule of being a runner who works from home.) Adidas offers a whole line of athleisure clothes that are perfect for your back-to-school needs, whether you are attending classes in-person or online. And don’t forget their classic and comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes are important, whether you are traveling by foot around campus or taking mid-day walk breaks for physical and mental health. 

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What was your favorite part of back to school?
Are or did you go back for graduate school?

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11 Responses

  1. I love adidas! And how fun you’re going back to school. I’m actually in the phase of finding which school to apply for the same thing. I hope you enjoy!

  2. I am all for great tote bags! After recently finishing my nutrition coach cert, I am thinking about adding something new to my schedule as well. Good luck with your classes!

  3. That is so cool that you are back to school.

    I actually love going to school.

    I got my first Masters and after many years went back to school and got another.

    I think I’m too old now but to do consider taking classes.

    Good luck.

  4. I have been really lucky able to wear athleisure all day since well before the Pandemic. I still own jeans . . . sometimes I do wonder if I should get rid of them!

    Your poor Kinesiology book! 🙂

  5. I’m actually in the market for a decent bag like that. I’m always toting various notebooks and planners (you know, #blogging) with me when we travel…and those cheap drawstring bags (from races) aren’t quite doing the job LOL

  6. I always loved school supply shopping. I’m a sucker for a Trapper Keeper.

    I would love to go to graduate school one day. I love (and miss) school so much. I would be a fabulous professional student!

    Good luck!

  7. I love Adidas and I always find Back to School time a great time to shop for some essentials even though I don’t have any children at home.

  8. Adidas is a great brand, Laura!
    Going to school is so nice. It’s funny how it was a bore as kids and now as adults we really like it!

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