Friday Thrive

Friday Thrive

Happy Friday! How has your week been? 


I barely go swimming anymore, despite the fact that we spent a majority of our summer weekends at alpine lakes. Part of it is because I have the hardest time finding a swimsuit that fits an athletic figure, stays put when anything more than sunbathing (especially on said athletic figure), and is actually cute. I always feel as if swim bottoms barely cover my muscular lower half, or if they do, they are too loose around my hips and slip. The downsides of being a runner! I honestly gave up on searching for functional swimwear that didn’t look boyish or wasn’t a one-piece. 

But Patagonia’s new NanoGrip swimwear has piqued my interest. The NanoGrip fabric supposedly becomes grippier with water, meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing a top or bottom while swimming or surfing. The cut and colors are cute without being overly frilly.  

Although that this moment, swimming in an alpine lake feels like a dream… considering our mountain passes just got more snow this week – yes, snow in Mid-May. It’s not like we’re in Colorado or Utah – even our mountains don’t get terribly cold most winters. At this point last year we had already been hiking for weeks (including time off due to a foot sprain). But still…doesn’t this just make you want to jump in for a swim?

Friday Thrive


The kettlebell remains a perennial favorite of mine for strength training since I first discovered it six years ago. I think what appeals to me most about it is the simplicity of kettlebell training. None of the exercises are overly complicated but instead focus on simple functional movements: squats, hip hinges, presses, and pulls. 

Friday Thrive

Research indicates that kettlebell workouts can actually improve VO2max and running economy – not to mention that it simply increase your strength and power. This kettlebell workout from Outside is simple yet effective – and most of all, fun. I tried it this week (although I subbed single leg deadlifts for the regular deadlifts to work on unilateral strength and single leg stability) and really enjoyed it – kettlebell workouts provide that satisfying feeling of working out hard. 


Are You Training and Fueling Like a Small Man Versus a Woman? by Allie Burdick for Women’s Running

How your cycle affects running goes far beyond menstrual cramps; the changes in hormones affect core temperature, glycogen storage, iron levels, and more. This article on Women’s Running is well worth your read, especially if you experience noticeable changes in your athletic performance with your cycle. 

Friday Thrive

One of the issues I take with some of the standardized plans is that they do treat women like small men. Even not accounting for cyclical changes in hormones, the lower testosterone levels affect recovery and how much high-intensity running can be safely handled. The difference isn’t a negative one – maybe we can’t handle as much high-intensity running, but women do excel at longer and longer distances (as discussed here).


Redhook Big Ballard IPA is by far my current favorite beer. It’s a bit higher in alcohol at 8.6% ABV, so not the type of beer to drink the night before a long run or hard workout. The Big Ballard IPA is citrusy, hoppy, crisp, and bitter. West Coast style IPAs, especially those using Pacific Northwest hops, are significantly different than East Coast style (or Midwest). I can’t really stand East Coast or Midwest IPAs, which are just too bitter  – Midwest IPAs taste like drinking a bit glass of hops – but West Coast IPAs are complex and balanced. 

Friday Thrive


This photo of Ollie summarizes this week. After a 7 mile morning run, I found that he had dragged his bed (which he has ripped to shreds because everything that contains fluff must be destroyed) onto our bed and used it as a pillow for his nap. 

Friday Thrive

Do you like to swim?
What’s your favorite drink lately?
Who else wants to take a nap like Ollie?


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12 Responses

  1. I also really struggle with finding bathing suits. I don’t spent much time in the water but its still nice to have one that will stay in place. I really like that kettlebell workout you shared! I’ve never tried Turkish get-ups but hear they are great (and really hard!)

  2. I have found that prAna suits work wonders! There’s no wardrobe malfunctions at all. It passes chases kids on the beach, SUP, swimming in the ocean and everything in between. The Patagonia sounds awesome too. I have no clue about beer. If it tastes good, then I’m on it. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Girl, naps on naps on naps have been needed. I’m exhausted, and I’m not even running that much, if at all! I am getting steps in, though. Best think I’ve had to drink was a homemade protein frapp that just hit the spot!

  4. I definitely notice my hormones at various points in my cycle and most months, I do feel those affects during my runs. I don’t really swim anymore but I am on the hunt this season for a new black two piece bathing suit. for some reason, I just can’t seem to find one I like this year!

  5. I don’t swim much so my swimsuits are all Old Navy and probably just good for sunbathing, haha. I get in the pool and float and wander around but that’s about it. I haven’t been to the pool yet but may jump in there (literally) after a run soon.

    My favorite drink lately… smoothies. It’s too hot to eat after my runs so I go with smoothies most days lately.

  6. I never know how my cycle is going to affect running. I’ve had runs during my period that felt like utter garbarge, and I’ve also had mid-period runs where I felt like I was flying and could keep running for days on end. *shrug*

    Aaaand on that note, happy weekend! Lol.

  7. Ahhhh yes, bathing suits. I have a suuuuper long torso so I’ve had to wear bikinis or two pieces my whole life although I also had zero boobs so I’d opt for the bikini with padding and underwire over the sporty two pieces that made me look super flat. However, when I get pregnant, my boobs morph from 32As to 32DDs. NOT EVEN KIDDING. Some women have very minimal changes in their breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and I am not one of those women. SIGH. Oh, funny story. So I went on a field trip with Jake’s class (he’s almost 17 but he was in about grade 3 at the time) to an outdoor pool at the end of the school year. All the fancy rich moms (private school) were perched in their lounge chairs wearing sunhats and big expensive sunglasses and I was in the pool, wearing my Old Navy or WalMart bikini (the perks of having zero boobs). They had a rope swing, and I took a turn flying through the air on it… and then left my bikini top stuck to it while I fell into the water. None of the kids saw anything, miraculously, but the moms knew what had happened and found it scandalous, I’m sure. I’ve got a lot of good stories. I’ve also jumped into a pool fully clothed and pulled out someone else’s struggling child while she stood pathetically at the edge of the pool all made up and dressed to the nines. Private school is NOT FOR OUR FAMILY. Ha ha ha! Whoa. Long comment. Sorry.

  8. I have the patagonia suit, and sadly had to return the bottoms because they were very very small on me. I do have a larger bottom though. The top is the best I’ve ever found (I live across the street from the beach in Miami and wear a LOT of suits). It does not move at all. The way that the straps are constructed, you get great support without the strain on your neck, and it’s very adjustable both at the top and around the torso. I literally cannot say enough good things about the top.

    I bought the “Shirred Band Bottom” from Athleta and the black matches great and am really liking it. Stays in place, flattering and full-bottomed. I took my normal Athleta running shorts size. I find their stuff to run a bit large.

  9. Yes to the cycle issues! I definitely notice I feel better in the first half and not as strong in the luteal phase. I loved “Roar” because she went into more details about this too. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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