Friday Thrive

The events of Charlottesville cannot go unaddressed – ignoring such evils allows them to grow. I have never been able to comprehend how someone can degrade and hate another based on skin color or ethnicity. All people deserve to be treated with dignity. My heart breaks for the families and friends of the woman and two cops who senselessly died and for the victims of such hatred. And I pray for those supremacists, that they may banish the hate from their hearts and learn to love their neighbors.  

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite… Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.” – Nelson Mandela

On a lighter note, here are some of my favorite things from this week. Happy Friday! 


Did you see Emma Coburn’s historic win at the IAAF World Championship Steeplechase? The steeplechase is my favorite middle distance event. The race covers 3Km (~1.87 miles) with hurdles and water jumps and evolved from the 18th-century Irish sport in which equestrians would ride from steeple to steeple. The steeplechase never has a dull moment, especially this year’s championship race. Coburn’s performance is incredible, especially during the final lap of the race.  


“Woman Who Runs to ‘Escape the News’ Hasn’t Stopped Running Since Wednesday” from Mark Remy’s blog Dumb Runner. No matter what your political views are, I think satire offers value through humor – sometimes, you just really need a laugh – and an examination of our society. (Another hilarious piece I read this week was The Atlantic spoofing conspiracy theories in a piece about the eclipse). This article made me laugh while also relating to it a bit too much. 

Friday Thrive


Janelle (Run with No Regrets) ran a 5K PR this weekend!

Mariah set a half marathon PR while racing at high altitude! 



The eclipse is on Monday! We are in 91% totality here in the Seattle area (my parents and sister are in almost full totality and I’m a bit envious!). Ryan and I almost went down to Oregon for the weekend, except everyone is going to Oregon and traffic will be even worse than normal. That’s not to mention that when we looked at campsites, the cheapest ones that were not in someone’s backyard were $400. Still, the views of the eclipse from Seattle will be amazing – especially since we should have a clear day on Monday. 


Oktoberfest beers have arrived! We plan on brewing our own Oktoberfest this weekend after bottling our current brew, a dry-hopped pale ale. Some day, I want to go back to Oktoberfest  (I got to go in 2010 when I studied abroad), but for now, I indulge my love of one of my favorite traditions with Oktoberfest beers. Sierra Nevada collaborates each year with a German brewery to give an authentic yet unique Oktoberfest beer.  

Friday Thrive

Have wonderful weekend!

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Will you see the eclipse from where you live?
What’s made you laugh recently? 


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  1. I had to share the Dumb Runner piece too because as a runner, I just want to keep running to clear my head even more so this week. That was a good laugh! Is it really bad that I have paid zero attention to the eclipse stuff? I do know that I missed out on the eclipse glasses thing…Happy Friday!

    1. The eclipse glasses were a huge deal out here – so much drama around whether or not glasses were certified! Being so close to totality has put a huge focus on it. Happy Friday!

  2. they say we can see something like 70% of it? I don’t know for sure so I have to start paying more attention! it’s great that my son didn’t even start school yet so he can watch with me at home though! (although we aren’t supposed to watch directly unless we have the glasses or whatever so I have to figure that part out lol)

    1. I think some schools in Missouri (where my parents live and will experience totality) gave the day off for it! And I keep seeing all these DIY eclipse viewers but we just bought glasses because that’s easier.

      1. I’m in Columbia, MO, where we’ll have totality. The public schools will be open, but I’m sure classes will be allowed to go outside to observe. We’re keeping our son home from preschool, and I’m taking a vacation day from work, so we’ll all watch together. (Well, I’ll still be checking email, and I agreed to a brief videoconference—after totality passes!)

        Mizzou—where I work—starts classes on Monday, but administration is encouraging faculty to be lenient about attendance. We even got an email from the info tech department warning of slowdowns in cell and Internet service due to increased activity. Hotels are booked to 95% capacity this weekend.

        My inner astronomy nerd is really looking forward to it, but I must confess, I’m over the hoopla.

  3. Oh I’m envious of your totality 🙂 on the east coast it’s a bit less but we’re just as excited as everyone else! I heard flights out west, hotels and wow…even campsites are super pricey. Insanity.
    And I’m glad you addressed Charlottesville at the beginning. I know a lot of bloggers shy away from topics like that but really? How can we ignore an elephant that big? Good for you!
    Have a great weekend my friend!

    1. There’s apparently already traffic back-ups in Oregon! It’s crazy. And thank you. I know issues like that are sensitive subjects, but in my mind Charlottesville is not a political issue so much as a moral issue because it compromises the dignity of others. I can’t bury my head in the sand when conscience calls to otherwise.
      Have a great weekend my friend!

  4. Apparently Charleston is one of the best places to watch the eclipse, but we’re leaving Sunday! We didnt even realize the eclipse was this week when we booked the trip. The hotels are ridiculously expensive on Sunday night and we may not have been able to get a room anyway.

  5. Charleston will see a total eclipse and hotels, campsights, AIrBNB, etc here are out the roof. Honestly I almost wish I could sleep in my car for a few days and rent my home out. The going rate would pay our mortgage for the month…

    Thanks for sharing the funny article. With everything in the news and other tragedies, it’s good to be able to laugh!

    1. You’re in full totality, so I can imagine how many people are coming to Charleston! We saw some listings in Oregon of people renting out camping in the backyard for hundreds of dollars… And yeah, Remy’s blog is so funny! It’s good to laugh nowadays.

  6. I had never watched the steeplechase before I watched Emma win it. I had no idea what it even was! I love it! She was so strong, and I loved her interview at the end. I’m excited about the eclipse too! I hope we can see it from up here!

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