Friday Thrive

Friday Thrive

Happy Friday! From celebrating fall races to enjoying fall foods, here are some of my favorite things from this week. 


10Ks are a popular distance in the fall, whether you are running a fun holiday 10K or racing to beat your PR. My latest article for Runkeeper’s blog gives you tips on how to train for and race your best 10K – at any level of running. If you are a new runner, the 10K may seem intimidating, but you can prepare yourself well and enjoy the race. Even if you are a seasoned marathoner, a 10K can still provide a fun challenge! 

Friday Thrive


I have yet to convert to the club of whole foods on runs. I’ll blame my stomach, which can’t seem to digest anything other than fluids and gels. I know some people are very anti-gel (and there are some brands I refuse to use), but it’s what works for me. I am more than willing to gulp down a syrup gel in order to avoid hitting the wall, especially in the marathon.


Gels certainly do not taste good, but we can all agree that some gels taste better than others. Staffers from Outside tried dozens of gels and compiled this short list of recommendation in their article “An Honest Guide to Sports Gels.” What I find interesting isn’t just their flavor choices – their brand selections are notable. Not a single GU graces the list, but rather choices from Hammer, Huma, Honey Stinger, and CLIF. 


Our homebrewed Oktoberfest Ale (or Ale-toberfest, as some call it) is finally ready to drink! This was our first homebrew where we followed a recipe (versus using a kit) and did a sparge and partial mash with our grains. We let this one condition for a long time (5 weeks in the fermenter, 2 weeks in the bottle) and our waiting paid off. Ryan and I are really pleased with how this beer turned out. 


I finally made the Fartlek Chili from Run Fast. Eat Slow – and I am wondering why I waited so long! The cinnamon balanced the spices and I enjoyed how many vegetables were in it (I added parsnips and, when I reheated it for lunch, spinach). It was so satisfying, especially since I’ve been craving red meat more and more as my mileage increases.


Friday Thrive

I didn’t snap a photo of any, but I also baked a half batch of these salted chocolate chip cookies from How Sweet Eats. Life is too short and marathon training is too hard not to enjoy a treat now and then! These are probably the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever baked. Go, bake them now.


There were a lot of races this past weekend, including several big marathons: 

Rechell ran an 8K PR!

Chelsea and Mariah both ran their first marathons at Portland and St. George, respectively!

Annmarie, Melissa, and Laura (who also PR’ed) ran the Chicago Marathon! 

Erica ran a strong 5K in high humidity! 

Jamala ran a half marathon PR! 

Jessica ran a negative split 10K as a comeback from injury!

Good luck to Aimee, Kirstie, Jill, Chaitali, and Janelle who are all racing this weekend! 

(P.S. Are you looking for a running coach? I am currently taking new athletes! Learn more here.)

Have you raced recently? How did you do?
Do you eat gels or something else on long runs?

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18 Responses

  1. I’m always interested in those that can eat real food for fuel. I’ve never been able to master chewing and running so gels work better for me. And if you want another THE BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe, try Pinch of Yum. 5 stars from the whole family!

  2. I take gels on long runs and luckily my stomach handles them pretty well. One year I used Powerbar Performance Energy Gels which were more natural and pretty good, but I don’t think they make them anymore. I used Gu last weekend and it was fine but definitely not my favorite.

  3. I love the Huma gels! I’ve tried Gatorade, beans, blocks and other gels, and none of them work, except Huma. I use the Huma+ with electrolytes since I’m in Miami and it’s pretty much always 80 degrees with 90% humidity. No tummy issues at all.

  4. I really liked the hammer gel in raspberry so much that I never tried another one lol. I stick with what works although I haven’t brought one on a run in a long time. You reminded me that I should make chili again, it’s so easy and good that there’s never a reason not to make it. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I participated in a race last week. I hesitate to say I “raced” it. It was a 10K too. I got dehydrated, finished about 3 minutes slower than I wanted (everyone’s times were a good 3 minutes off), and had crazy positive splits in the heat, humidity, hills, and surface.

    BUT… I did not finish with any injuries I didn’t start with, and I won my age group (glad everyone else decided to race elsewhere, right?).

    I love chocolate chip cookies, don’t eat chili, and usually don’t eat gels or anything on long runs. My long runs top out at 12-13 miles though, so it’s not like I’m training for a marathon or doing this seriously, just running for fun and socialization. I do occasionally eat a gel during a half, but I don’t experiment. I just pick up a salted caramel gu the day before. I guess if I were running a marathon, I’d put more effort into figuring things like that out, but until then, nah.

  6. I use Honey Stinger chews on long runs – they’re the only ones I’ve found to be soft enough to chew easily. But I also have a stash of Hammer gels that I acquired from a race raffle and have yet to try. I should probably check the expiration dates…

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