Friday Thrive

Friday Thrive

Happy Friday! Every week, Friday Thrive highlights my favorite things from the week, including worthwhile reads to my favorite photos of the week. 


Ryan gifted me with several books at Christmas, including Dr. Stacy T. Sim’s Roar. With the thesis that women are not small men and therefore should not train like them, Roar focuses on the unique aspects of training that female athletes deal with, including menstrual cycles, building strength, and fueling. This book is fascinating!  

Friday Thrive


“My Weight Has Nothing to Do With How Good a Runner I Am” by Allie Kieffer for Self. 

Allie Kieffer placed 5th at the New York City Marathon, the second American woman, with a 2:29:39, a time which most runners can only dream of. Yet she relates to almost every female runner out there in this article as she discusses the pressure on female runners to be as thin as possible. I love the running community, but such pressure does exist: you can stand at the start line of a race and feel “big” while wearing a size small short. Allie’s stance is a fantastic reminder: focus on what your body can do, not how you look compared to others. 


Stonyfield kindly sent me a KRUPS coffeemaker for the holidays. This coffeemaker not only makes a delicious cup of coffee, but it features a 1-4 cups function that allows you to make a couple cups of coffee rather than a full pot – perfect for working from home! 

Friday Thrive


I know a large part of the country is lamenting the heavy snowfall due to the bomb cyclone, but in Seattle we are praying for snow (to borrow from REI). Ski season has started and we need more snow! Plus, the light snowfall that we had on Christmas was so fun – enough to enjoy without having to stay indoors. 

Friday Thrive


Charlie turned 5 last week! He’s still as much of a puppy now as when we adopted him. For his birthday, we treated him to turkey stock and parmesan cheese (his favorite foods) and lots of snuggles. 

Friday Thrive

How much snow do you have?
What books have you recently read?

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12 Responses

  1. That books sounds interesting! We barely got any snow here (most was east of us) but its the cold and wind thats really a problem. I would much rather have a few inches of snow and temps that are a little higher!

  2. I wouldn’t mind a little bit of snow here… well, at least in the mountains (Lake Tahoe) because we barely have gotten any here in NorCal.

    Love that your coffeemaker can make a pot or a few cups, so convenient!

  3. We got snow here… way too much snow. I hate it, it’s like 6 inches but we never get snow here and the whole state only has one plow, lol. We’ve been snowed in since Wednesday.

    I love that coffee maker! Love the 1-4 cup option. I do the kcups but admit that if you have 3-4 a day, it is more waste and not as cost efficient.

    1. Snow is so much worse in places that aren’t equipped to handle it – one plow is not enough! The 1-4 cup option makes the coffee maker worth getting – and it tastes far better than K-Cups!

  4. We had a good 3 feet of snow here before we left for Christmas, but now it’s unseasonably warm and slowly melting every day (then refreezing every night).

    I have Roar on my book wish list – would love to see a full review once you finish it!

    1. I can definitely do a full review! I’m almost done so I am aiming to review it later this week. Refreezing snow is the worst! We are unseasonably warm also and I don’t like it.

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