Friday Thrive

Happy Friday! Each week, Friday Thrive rounds up my favorite things from the week, from podcasts and reads to food. Here’s this week’s favorites! 


Lindsey Hein’s I’ll Have Another is one of my favorite podcasts. Lindsey is a personable, engaging interviewer and her guests are fascinating – especially her recent guest, Molly Huddle. Lindsey interviewed Molly right after Molly broke the American record in the half marathon. This episode is inspiring and provides an interesting peek into the life of one of America’s best long-distance runners. You can find the episode here or on iTunes. 

Friday Thrive


To achieve my goal of eating more protein, especially after workouts, I bought some of my favorite protein powder (Bob’s Red Mill chocolate pea protein). Milk does not always agree with my stomach and frankly, I don’t like the taste or texture. I don’t like the lackluster nutrition of almond milk or the environmental cost, and I avoid soy milk, so I decided to try Ripple plant protein milk. Ripple is made from peas and contains 8 grams of protein, 45% of daily calcium, and 15% of daily iron – and peas are a sustainable crop.  

Friday Thrive

This milk is really, really good! I tried the unsweetened original flavor and like it a lot – the texture is somewhere between almond milk and cow’s milk and the flavor is mild. It blends especially well with the protein powder. 


The Olympics, of course! (Part of me feels like I was just watching the 2016 Summer Olympics. Where did time go?) I am most excited to watch cross-country skiing and downhill skiing. When we went shopping for ski boots a few weeks ago, the shops had TVs playing winter sports and the speed of the cross-country skiers mesmerized me. 


“The Mental Tricks of Athletic Endurance” by Alex Hutchinson for Washington Post. 

Adapted from Hutchinson’s newly-released book, this essay explores how mental tricks can improve athletic performance, particularly in endurance sports. Hutchinson posits that “The mind can deliver incremental gains, not quantum leaps.” For many of us, a mindset will not transform us into Olympians; but the right frame of mind can make the difference between missing your goal and surpassing your expectations on race day. 

Friday Thrive


The February StrideBox contained several exciting samples, including a new flavor of Hammer gel and a bag of the new Picky Oats from Picky Bars. I’m super excited to try the Picky Oats – these look perfect for backpacking trips or travel. I tried the energy gummies, which were a tasty and easy-to-eat snack before a run. 

Friday Thrive

Which Olympic sports are you excited to watch?
Do you drink protein shakes? What products do you use?


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7 Responses

  1. Im excited to try the Picky Oats- Im thinking I’ll have them for breakfast this morning! I use Vega protein in smoothies but otherwise don’t really drink protein shakes. Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m excited for the Olympics too! I’ve been wanting to get into skate skiing for a few years but our snow has been so lackluster and I’d have to drive at least an hour to get to a groomed surface for it that I just haven’t been able to justify more sports gear. It’s SUCH a great workout! I tried it a few times when I was living in Minnesota. Have a great weekend!

  3. I can’t wait to read the Alex Hutchinson article and his book when it’s available! Wait until you try the oatmeal – it is delicious!! And I agree the StrideBox was a good one this month. Not sure about the milk but I may have to try it with my Osmo mix post-run which is usually the only time I have a protein mix.
    Happy weekend!

  4. I love protein shakes. I drink the Orgain organic one, which is on sale at Costco right now. I like to blend it up with ice, unsweetened almond milk, and sugar free/fat free torani syrup. It’s basically like a milkshake and so good after a hot run. Or a cold run, but then I have to bundle up in blankets when I drink it. I almost never drink animal milk at all.

    Those cake bites you got in the box look delicious. I would definitely try those. I like the picky bars so the oats should be neat to try as well.

  5. I have some of that Ripple milk in the back of my fridge and it’s probably been sitting there for months at this point. I still haven’t tried it….

    I put protein powder in smoothies, but I don’t do straight protein shakes. Something about them always just seems a little off.

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