Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

One of the best pieces of advice I received in graduate school was to think of five things each day for which I am grateful. Thanksgiving is the perfect day to practice gratitude, so here are five things for which I’m thankful!

1. My husband and two months of wonderful marriage. He’s beyond amazing and super supportive of my writing, running, job searching, and schooling. Plus he’s the best puggle-daddy ever!

Photo Courtesy of Abbey Grim Photography (www.abbeygrim.com)

2. My family. My family is so awesome and supportive. They helped us pay for the wedding and we could not have done it without them. They are always so welcoming when we visit St. Louis!

3. Charlie. This little puggle and his snuggles bring Ryan and I so much joy. He’s so sweet and stupid cute, like how he’s cuddling his favorite toy in this photo.



4. Running. Running is my sanity during stressful times, my passion, and a way to continually challenge myself to grow and do more. I’m so grateful that I have legs to run, live in a safe place where I can run outside at any time, and am injury-free! 

Valpo 2014 Half Marathon

5. You! I’m so grateful for my readers who visit my blog and read what I have to say about running and cooking. 


Question of the Day:
What are five things for which you are thankful?

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