High Five Friday: Opt Outside

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 11

Grab your morning cup of coffee or tea and let’s catch up. It’s High Five Friday, after all! 

Seattle is a surreal city to live in. While our former city of residence was in a state of emergency because of a blizzard this week, we’ve been spending as much time as possible this week enjoying the fresh air, that strange yellow orb the floats in the sky (sunshine? is that you?), and 50 degree temperatures.

Five Snapshots

1. Charlie loves being chased. We took him to Marymoor Dog Park last weekend, which is 50+ acres of off-leash dog lover heaven. My mom snapped this photo of Charlie, who likes to think he’s a big dog like a German shepherd and then realizes he emphatically is not. 

High Five Friday: Opt Ouside

2. I love the little forests and parks that make you feel miles away from the city, even when you’re only a couple miles away from Seattle’s tech area. We explored some of the trails I’ve been wanting to try for trail running, which only made me more eager to try it once I’m done with my race in just over a week.

High Five Friday: Opt Ouside

3. Even on a gray day, the cherry blossoms give sign to spring’s arrival. I ran along this trail Tuesday morning and didn’t see any blossoms; by Ryan’s and my run on Wednesday even, this tree was in full bloom. 

High Five Friday: Opt Ouside

4. Sunset run with my sweetheart. 50 degree temperatures and 4 easy miles together made Monday less of, well, Monday and more fun like the weekend was.

High Five Friday: Opt Ouside

5. That little puggle butt. He’s just too cute for words, isn’t he? Until he tries to run through a pile of horse poo on the trail.

High Five Friday: Opt Ouside

Five Reads

An Athlete’s Guide: 4 Ways to Avoid GI Issues: Because no one wants to spend their training run or race urgently searching for the next bathroom.

How Much Running is Too Much Running?: More isn’t always better. Even though high mileage offers benefits to athletes, there’s a fine line for each runner between dedicated training and obsessive exercising.

Food Ethics: Part 1: Why eating local, organic meats will improve your health and save the world. 

Confessions: Healthy Living Tips I Love but Don’t Follow: Confession: once I made kale chips during a summer home from college and my mom thought something had died in the garage based on the smell. Worst thing I ever cooked and I can never even attempt to eat kale chips now.

3 Moves to Help Runners Strengthen Their Upper Back : Your posture can make or break your running form, which is why upper back, along with glutes and core, is one of the most important muscle groups for runners to strength. 

What are you high-fiving today?
What’s the worst thing you ever cooked?
Do you run alone or with a training partner? 






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14 Responses

    1. Me too! This trail was great because it was three loops that connect and are marked, so you can wander but not get lost. Hopefully you can get some great trail running in soon! Have a great weekend!

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m laughing so hard at the kale chips! Something I will always remember was about okay like, at LEAST 10 years ago when Jason and I were married and our oldest two were really little, I decided to make refried beans in the crockpot…overnight. We woke up and our whole house smelled like garlic and onions which would have been delicious at 5pm, but not 6am. Jason went to work and he said his clothes and hair and skin reeked. I always get the giggles over this story.

    I love that picture of you two! And Charlie is SO CUTE.

    1. Ha ha ha that is too funny! And probably something I would do if you hadn’t shared this story, so thank you 🙂 Garlic and onions are just not a kind smell that early in the morning. Sometimes the best foods make the house stink – like fish and curry! And thank you! I’ll tell Charlie that 🙂

    1. Thank you! I hope so! I’m not starting out on super technical trails (lots of trail runners in Seattle do the smaller mountains) but I’m excited to start with baby steps!

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