High Five Friday Hiking

High Five Friday: The Mountains Are Calling

Happy Friday, everyone! 

I’m linking up today with Angela’s High Five Friday! This week, I’m high-fiving mountains views and alpine lakes.

By the time Friday rolls around, my legs are practically itching with the desire to go hiking. Hiking feels so rejuvenating to the body after a strong week of running and so refreshing to the mind after a long week of work.

If I could use one work to describe hiking right now, it would be anticipating. I’m eagerly anticipating the snow melt; as much as Ryan and I adored snowy winter hikes, we want to start hiking hard again. Most of the long hard hikes are still covered in snow (read: avalanche dangers) or even closed off still for the season. Nonetheless, we were able to hike some beautiful trails over the past few weeks.

Last week we hiked to Heather Lake. Since we got an early start, Charlie was able to frolic leash-free in the snow (we only allow him off-leash if no other hikers are around and we’re away from the main trail). 

High Five Friday Hiking


Into the woods on our hike up to Lake Serene. The trail is flat here, but by the final 2 miles everything burns as you climb over boulders and unrelenting switchbacks. But at the top? The lake makes you forget about any tired muscles. 

High Five Friday Hiking

Mount Index looms over Lake Serene. We could hear and see small avalanches coming off the mountain into the other side of the lake! 

High Five Friday Hiking

Up at the top of Lake Twenty Two! The first time we did this hike, it was the Fourth of July and temperatures were in the high 80s. Just a bit of difference this time around! 

High Five Friday Hiking

When hiking to Lake Twenty-Two in Stevens Pass we were treated to a view of snowcaps and mountains as far as the eyes could see. 

High Five Friday Hiking

Please excuse my total snow-blindness in many of the photos. It’s bright up there in all of that sun-soaked snow!

This weekend we’re planning on hiking Mount Washington, which will be our first 8 mile hike since Mount Si in December! For hiking we do plan on alternating hard weeks and easy weeks during my marathon training (especially since my long runs alternate long slow distance with harder and shorter long runs). Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more mountain photos! 

What are you high-fiving this week?
What are your weekend plans?
Do you prefer woods, lakes, or mountain views?

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18 Responses

  1. Get those itchy legs to the mountains! I think we might actually get a hike in this weekend. The weather looks amazing. Now if I can get the daily life things in alignment, we’ll be good to go! Thanks for linking up to High 5 Friday!

  2. Look where we live! We are so fortunate! Beautiful. Okay so I don’t care about the woods (too many bugs, not enough sunlight) and I adore mountain views (we have a view of Baker from home) but water is my healing place. Not so much the pool (I can’t swim and I hate plantar warts and I have a long torso so I have to wear bikinis and I feel like a toolbox with a bikini on at the public pool with my kids) but the ocean and the lake, with the sun and a Canadian beer with a bag of cheddar Sun Chips and a bowl of macaroni salad? YES PLEASE.

    ps I loved our conversation yesterday! 🙂 I started the Pilates video (the first one) that you gave me and then I got interrupted so I’ll try it again this morning. THANK YOU!

    1. Totally understand the long torso thing! That’s me also! Swimsuits (and so many other things) fit super awkwardly, I feel your pain. Love love love lake views too. I stalk Zillow for condos near the lake all the time. Loved our conversation yesterday also! I hope you enjoy Pilates and it helps your knees! 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! This makes me want to get out hiking so badly!!!! As for views…how about mountains WITH the water? 😉

    My 5 high-fives: 1. meeting you for a run, 2. sunshine!!!, 3. reviewing pictures of our weekend on Orcas Island, 4. my boyfriend and son, 5. going to the gym for a couple hard strength workouts.

    Our weekend: baseball, soccer (kiddo and myself), long run, seeing my best friend.

    Enjoy the hike this weekend. Weather should be awesome!!

    1. Thank you! Ryan and I LOVE the hikes with water. Snow Lake is perhaps one of my favorite places ever! So happy we got to meet for a run yesterday! Enjoy your weekend!! 🙂

  4. Your pictures from your last hike are GORGEOUS!! I think Bart and I are planning to do Mt. Si on Sunday morning since it’s supposed to be so nice out. You’ve gotta love spring hiking around Seattle 🙂

    1. Thank you! Oh, Mount Si is so fun, you’ll love it! Crowded, but such a good hike – we did that one in December. Love the spring hiking but can’t wait for some of the really beautiful hikes like Snow Lake or Annette Lake to melt 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. I agree! It’s nice to balance out the go go go of running with just slowing down and enjoying the view 🙂 Hope you get some beautiful hiking in this weekend!

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