High Five Friday: Seattle Anniversary

Life Lately March 2016

Happy Friday, everyone! What are your plans this weekend? Today I’m linking up with Angela for High Five Friday to celebrate Ryan’s and my Seattle anniversary. Just a few days ago (May 15) marked one year since we arrived in Bothell, WA, tired and eager after our 2000+ mile drive from Indiana with a stop in St. Louis to see my family, then through Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and finally all of Washington. 

So to celebrate, I want to share photos from my top 5 moments in the Pacific Northwest this year. You’ve probably seen these photos a dozen or more time if you’ve been reading for a while, but I’m a sucker for reminiscing. 

Snow Lake is quite possibly Ryan’s and my favorite hike in the Seattle area – we hiked it three times last year – and we can’t wait for the snow to melt (ie no more avalanche danger) so we can camp at it. The hike is about 7 miles and offers a good climb without ever being too grueling – the perfect weekend hike. 

Hiking at Snow Lake in the Washington Cascades

The half marathon is my favorite race distance, and I love every moment of the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon back in March. The course was fast, beautiful, and well organized, the race had a small local feel but good competition, I ran a 4 minute and 32 second PR, and both Ryan and I had a fun time at this race! 

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Race Week

I could complain that the seasons pass in Seattle without much of a change other than how much rain we get, but I love it – it means I can run outside all year round! This photo is from February, when blue skies and mild temperatures made the usually miserable month beautiful for outdoor running. 

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 8

My two sweet boys on our camping trip at Lake Annette. Charlie has a daily ritual of standing on his hind legs and howling until Ryan picks him up and holds him like a toddler. It’s hilarious and adorable at the same time.

Camping at Annette Lake in the Cascades in Washington

Got to go, the mountains are calling. Even though Ryan and I both enjoyed hiking before we moved to Seattle, we fell in love with it over the past year. And even after a full year of hiking, we’ve only scratched the surface of all of the trails out here.

Life Lately March 2016

And over the course of the year, I’ve met several amazing people through the communities of running and blogging. So let’s share some link love as part of High Five Friday!

6 Reasons to Skip a Workout from Fine Fit Day: There’s a difference between being disciplined and pushing your body too hard. Some days, it’s just better to get the extra rest!

Girl Talk: Body Image Chat from The Cookie Chrunicles: Stop focusing just how your body looks, and instead focus on what it can do. A well fueling body that can run is better than a size 00 frame if you’re starving yourself to get there.

Running on the Downside from Runladylike: Amanda’s guest post resounds so much with the philosophy I’ve adapted in running. There’s something to be said about enjoying your running – whether for you that means training hard and running PRs, trying trail running or ultras, or simply enjoying your runner without or with a goal to chase. 

This is Where You Win Instagram from Outside Online: I need to visit Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite (which is 45 minutes away from Mammoth) right now. Not for the Instagram shots, but to see and experience these with my own two eyes. I love the Seattle area, but California tugs at my wanderlust and makes Ryan and I want to pack our bags and spent a couple weeks just exploring Yosemite and the area. 

A Running Coach Answers: How Do I Start Running? from Jill Conyers: Admittedly, this is a bit of self-promotion, since I wrote this guest post, but I was thrilled when Jill asked me to guest post for her wonderful blog. The more I become a coach, the more I work with beginner runners and realize how confusing it can be to start running – the more we share for new runners, the better!

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What was your favorite city that you’ve ever lived in?
What are your weekend plans?
What’s a quirky habit that your pet has?
Where are you dying to visit right now?

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23 Responses

    1. I know – this year has flown by so quickly! You should definitely visit and we can meet up! The mild temperatures are my favorite part – especially after living St. Louis and Dayton for so many years, which I think are fairly similar to Baltimore in terms of weather.

  1. Happy Seattle Anniversary! I think you made a good choice moving there. I’ve said this before but your mountain pics seriously want me to move across the country. So pretty! Thanks for linking up to High 5 Friday!

  2. I am so happy for you that you have found your soul-home in the PNW. I remember when you were going through the process of starting the move, then going through with it, and yes, that move was nervewracking and hasn’t been easy (what move is?), but you have hit your stride in so many ways over the past year.

    1. Thank you! Oh yes I remember that also, especially how I took forever to figure out about Ragnar as we waited to hear back on jobs. Moving is never easy – although I think we will both agree that hiring movers helps out a lot!

    1. Thank you! The scenery is gorgeous. And here’s a secret: we actually get less rainfall per year than Chicago area! Plus most of our rain is in winter instead of snow (except in the mountains, they get snow there!). It does rain frequently, but never in significant volume. And we get approximately one clap of thunder per year!

  3. We’re planning to visit Seattle in August and stay downtown and be tourists :). So I’m up for any recommendations on things to do. I think Clay wants to go to a Seahawks game although it’s probably way expensive. It does look like a beautiful place to run!

    1. Oh how fun! I’ve never been to a Seahawks game (which is practically anathema out here) but there are lots of fun things to do. I’ll shot you an email!

      1. I’d really love that! My husband doesn’t run, so I’m probably not going to do much running when I’m there (unless the hotel has a treadmill or I can find a nice easy route?). I bet he would like hiking although we don’t have any gear for something like that so it would have to be easy.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Our cat used to sit at the top of our kitchen chairs when she was a tiny little kitten and now she’s getting big and fat and still tries her very best to balance her girth up there. I’ve taken so many photos of how ridiculous she looks!

  5. Happy Seattle-versary!! 🙂 The hiking pictures you are share are the absolute greatest. It makes me think about what we (we = the boyfriend, child and I) could do. The child, of course, would be potentially our biggest obstacle. Being from the area I am biased to all the PNW has to offer (and I have lived other places). So happy you both enjoy life out here so much and so happy we have met. I look forward to getting to know you more through your blog and running together!

    Weekend plans for us include the typical….baseball, soccer, and running.

    Right now I would love to visit…..shoot, I do not know. Definitely someplace sunny. SoCal would be on my list. My 2 y.o niece is in San Diego…and my best friend lives in Simi Valley and is about to deliver baby #2 (girl). 🙂

    1. Thank you!! You should really try for more hikes if that’s what you want – there are just so many good ones! I’m so happy to have met you as well and look forward to getting to know you better! I hope you enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  6. I think I’m currently in my favorite place I’ve ever lived, but I also lived in Colorado Springs for a summer so that’s a close call…the Rocky Mountains are my favorite place!

    Quirky pet habit: our dog sometimes climbs into someone’s lap and tries to be held like a baby….she weighs 70 lbs.

    1. That is too funny and cute about your dog! I love how bigger dogs still try to be lap dogs. The Rocky Mountains are so beautiful! I’ve heard Colorado Springs is just gorgeous.

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