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Currently October 2016

Happy Thursday! How are you? October is disappearing quickly, like a plate of food left out in front of a hungry runner. Actually, that’s how all of 2016 has felt. But before the month concludes, let’s catch up together on what’s going on currently!

Charlie and Ollie are bonding and becoming friends. They play together, cuddle together, and get into mischief together. And yes, Charlie often stands on his hind legs. 

Currently October 2016

This is simultaneously exciting and exhausting: exciting because Ryan and I want nothing more than for them to be best buds and exhausting because they play quite noisily together. Typically, their playtime involves jumping on furniture, tug-of-war, and the oddest combination of monkey (Charlie) and dingo (Ollie) noises. Also, they are 100% more likely to play if I am on the phone with one of my athletes. 

They even snuggled together earlier this week and it was the cutest thing ever. 

Currently October 2016

I am beyond proud of each of the runners whom I coach. They are putting in hard work to prepare for their races, running their marathons and half marathons so well, and – most importantly to me – learning to enjoy the runs and listen to their bodies. 

I don’t bake often anymore (not counting the bread I bake weekly) – until fall arrives. Then, I can’t resist purchasing those pie pumpkins at the store each week and turning them into something delicious. Last week I made these whole grain pumpkin muffins (so good!). As I write this, I’m baking a surprise pumpkin pie for Ryan. Pumpkin pies are Ryan’s favorite – he had one instead of a groom’s cake at our wedding – and I enjoy the simple yet precise process of pie baking. 

I’m feeling the marathon grind. 50 mile weeks, hard workouts at tempo and goal race pace, and the cumulative fatigue of weeks of training are adding up. CIM is just over 6 weeks away, although it feels much further away (because how can December already be so soon?). But as tiring as marathon training can be, there’s a deep sense of contentment and joy in the journey. 

Currently October 2016

While we’re on the subject of running, let me share for a moment about my love/hate affection towards rainy season running. Rainy season arrived a few weeks early this year. I don’t mind running in the rain – and I actually enjoy it, even if it’s a cold rain. What annoys me is how it seems that almost every long run happens in either wind or rain. 18 miles in the rain is a long time and, even though I get used to it, I also begin to question my sanity a little bit. 

Currently October 2016

Planning a post-marathon trip. Ryan and I both have a travel bug again, so we are taking advantage of a trip to Sacramento and spending a couple days in Yosemite after the marathon. We don’t have any hard hikes planned, but we’re hoping to snowshoe/easy hike and sightsee. And eat all of the food. 

I’m obsessed with eggs for lunch. I went through the same food phase during the peak weeks of training for my half marathon in the spring. Maybe my body is telling me it needs more nutrients or maybe it’s the sense of food reward from a perfectly cooked and salted egg. I’m not complaining either way. 

Currently October 2016

And let me just say: bone broth is an odd but good addition to a meal on a chilly fall day – especially after running in the rain. And if it prevents any illness as marathon training reaches its peak and can affect my immune system, all the better!

I’m missing the university library from Valparaiso. I wish I could have moved it with us to Seattle. The library had tall glass windows, fireplaces on every floor, and long aisles of books in which to get lost. We live near a public library, but it’s academic libraries that will always have a siren’s call for me (but not academia. Just all their books). Maybe, for now, I should start with the mini library that Ryan and I have accumulated over three degrees. 

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27 Responses

  1. I don’t mind running in the rain, but the wind can really get to me. We had some weird warm weather this week. But now I think we are supposed to get some rain and then it will cool off.
    I read alot of books when I was traveling last month, but haven’t picked one up since!

  2. Loving ALL the dog pics (especially my Charlie!) and they sound just like kids – – as soon as you get on the phone they make all the noise!! But they are too cute.
    I pinned that muffin recipe because I too cannot resist baking in the fall and winter!
    You are super strong (mentally and physically) to tackle those long runs in wind and rain. You know it will only help you when the marathon gets tough!! I’m so excited for you and love that you have a post-race travel plan ready to go 🙂

    1. Thank you! I just hope the marathon doesn’t have too much wind or rainy because it will feel easier in comparison. Oh my gosh so you can relate! I’ve actually had clients ask if I own dogs because of how noisy the two are. Charlie’s noises are especially funny!

  3. I miss working in academic libraries as well. The smell, the references, and the setting. Something so soothing!
    And I was telling everyone about how hilarious our animals (and children) were being during out coaching call–I love that your boys are friends.
    In my mind, you and Nora are both illustrations of the baker personality type, and you it the nail on the head: precise and exacting!
    Aka why I don’t bake 😀

    1. So soothing! Although Dayton’s had a floor with a dolls-dressed-as-nuns collection and that floor wasn’t soothing. And oh my gosh after the call yesterday, I found Ollie hiding under the bed where he had eaten the plastic measuring cup we use for his food!

  4. I love a good library! I teach for a university, so whenever I can — I sneak into the library to just wander and find new books to enjoy.

    I’m currently alternating between Gavin DeBecker’s “The Gift of Fear”, Malcolm Gladwell’s “What the dog Saw” (on audiobook for my runs), and next up is “GRIT” by Angela Duckworth!

    My hubby is as obsessed with books as I am — and with 5 degrees between us, we’re right with you with our at home library! It’s crazy how many you accumulate over the semesters!

    1. It is crazy how many books you can accumulate! When I graduated from my master’s I even left dozens of books for incoming first years – at least a couple moving boxes worth – and yet we still have so many books!

  5. I’m an academic librarian and get what you mean about the difference between pub lic and academic libraries. While the one I work at is not not stately, there’s still something about it 🙂

  6. That is crazy December is 6 week away! Glad to hear marathon training is going well. Planning a trip post-Portland marathon was the best decision! Having easy hikes to do definitely helped shake out my legs and also… just so much good food to eat and “refuel”. Haha. Yosemite sounds like a great place to visit and celebrate after your race!

    1. I know – where is fall going? Your post-marathon trip through Oregon looked so fun. Hiking is an especially good way to take advantage of a no-running-post-race-recovery period.

  7. I just finished Fates and Furies and it was amazing! Definitely took some dedication to get through the first half, but the second half was incredible 🙂 I’m also a fan of running in the rain, but I would get tired of it for every run too!

    1. Sometimes the best novels require dedication to get through to the good parts. The rain does get tiring after a while – although I always look forward to that hot mug of tea afterwards 🙂

  8. Gosh, I love Yosemite! I’m excited to see where you guys go. I’ve been there so many times and so much of the park is still a mystery to me because it’s so HUGE!

    I just finished reading the book, Truly Madly Guilty. SO engaging! (Although I didn’t love it as much as I loved her, Big Little Lies)

    1. Thank you! I know that we will only scratch the surface of Yosemite but I can never resist an opportunity for a park like that. I’ve heard lots of good things about Truly Madly Guilty!

  9. When the power was out last Saturday due to Matthew, I read “I am the central park jogger”. It was a great book about a female runner who was raped, beaten, and left to die in Central Park. She overcame it to make an almost-full recovery when they thought she would die. You’d really enjoy it- so check it out if you can get your hands on it.

    Glad training is going well for you but totally understand the grind and the suckage of long runs in the rain! I hope you get a dry day for some of your long runs and of course, a dry, cool, day for your marathon. Your training is going really well so far, though.

    1. The book sounds interesting but I don’t think I could handle it – that’s intense! It’s good for stories like that to be shared, but I definitely have a sense of escapism when it comes to reading (hence my love of books like Lord of the Rings and my current read, the Martian). And thank you! I will take all of the rainy long runs if it means pleasant weather at CIM!

  10. Yosemite!!! I’m so jealous!!! Take me with you!!

    Wind is the worst. I’ve had an 18 miler or two in howling winter winds and they are so soul-crushing. Wind makes me angry. And then I feel like a doofus because I’m out there running and have the gall to get mad about nature. I like running in the rain too, but I’m sure I’d get sick of it if it were so constant. Although after this summer, I’d gladly trade our constant humidity for your constant rain.

    Wow, December is only 6 weeks away? Oof.

    1. You’ll just have to do CIM some year! Yosemite is only like 3 hours from Sacramento. Soul-crushing is the way to describe those lake-effect winds. I am always glad though when I begin in a headwind and then get to enjoy the tailwind on the way back. And the rain does beat humidity!

  11. I love your doggies together!!! I HATE running long in the wind and rain too, but man oh man does it ever build mental tenacity. Hey, what are the three degrees you guys have?

    1. Thank you! Ryan has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and I have a BA in English and a MA in Historical Theology (a mixture of history, theology, languages, literature, and philosophy). So we have everything from Latin readers to 20th century poetry to engineering textbooks on our shelves!

  12. I loooove the smell of books, and there’s something really calming about hiding away in the furthest corner of the library. Have you heard of Frostbeard candles? They make book-themed candle scents, and the “old books” candle truly smells like old books.

  13. The library is my happy place! I worked in the University library during college and loved it. There is something very special about books, 🙂
    I love baking this time of year also – THE BEST!! I hope Ryan enjoys the pumpkin pie!
    Awesome that you have a trip planned post marathon – it’s such a treat to have that to look forward to! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Ohhh yes so you understand the love of a university library as well! I worked as a writing consultant at both Valpo and Dayton and loved getting to work from that environment. Fall baking is the best – your apple pie on Instagram looked so delicious!

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