March and April 2022 Team Norris Races

March and April commence spring racing seasons. From local 5Ks to large marathons, it’s an exciting time for races! Team Norris Running had a season of strong and – more importantly – enjoyable races! Several runners set PRs, placed high in their divisions, completed the first marathons and 50Ks, and more. 

(Some May 1st races are included here also, since that weekend started on April 30). 

Chelsey placed second woman overall at the Hall of Fame Marathon, with a 3:15:57 – a big PR and her first BQ!

Aimee completed her first ultramarathon at the Chuckanut 50K!

Melissa H. ran the NYC half and the Eugene 5K! 

Betsy P. finished first in her age group in a trail 15K!

Glenda placed third in her age group in a 10K!

Alita ran a half marathon PR of 2:19!

Mark R. raced the Avenue of the Giants 10K in 65:31 – after coming back from plantar fasciitis! 

Jackie ran 1:30:27 at Broad Street as a tune-up race for a half marathon! 

Jennifer S. raced a strong 15K with negative splits and the Philly Love Run! 

Clarke ran a course PR or 2:07 at the Pittsburgh Marathon! 

David placed third in a trail 10K! 

Stephanie G. ran a 10K PR! 

Marcus A. ran a 1:36 half marathon! 

Miriam S ran a 10K PR of 47:26! 

Pia finished the Paris Marathon and Rome Marathons – on consecutive weekends! 

Holleigh’s marathon was disrupted for personal reasons, but she completed a strong training cycle! 

Hannah B ran a 10K tune-up race in 61 minutes, preparing for a half marathon in May! She placed sixth in her age group.

Tanji raced the San Diego Half Marathon!

Jen C. ran a 46:28 10K on a hilly course – as part of a tune-up in training for a trail 30K!

Eric ran a 3:58 at the Eugene Marathon!

Betsy W. placed 4th in her age group with a 1:40 half marathon!

Laura E. ran a half marathon PR at the NYC Half! 

Nicole raced the NYRR Run as One 4 Miler in 35:17! She also ran part of the Big Sur Marathon Relay. 

Mara raced her first marathon in a time of 3:59!

Patricia raced a half marathon PR of 1:52:50 at the Philly Love Run! 

Pete placed first in his age group in a tune-up half marathon! He also finished third in his age group in a 5K and negative splits at the hilly Boulderdah 10K! 

Holly ran the 5K and 10K combo at the Snohomish Women’s Run!

Kevin paced a strong race and hit his goal with a 2:53 at the Oak Barrel Half Marathon! 

Sam ran her first postpartum half marathon!

Richard ran a 3:32 at Boston, earning another BQ!

Andrea ran a PR of 3:27 at the Boston Marathon! 

Greg placed second overall in the Singer Island Half Marathon, with a time of 1:29:30! During his training build, he also ran a 5K PR of 19:31 and placed second overall/first male in the race! 

Mark G. placed first in his division with a 40:09 at the GLIRC Aspire 10K (his second fastest 10K to date) – as part of a tune-up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon! 

Therese ran two strong races, with a 1:58 at the Philly Love Run and a 2:04 at the St. Luke’s Half!

Kimberly ran a 1:08 at the 7 Mile Bridge run! 

Marcus C. raced a 2:00:37 half marathon! 

Rachel F. completed the Gate River Run 15K!

Mary raced her first marathon with a 4:01 at Revel Mt. Charleston! 

Allison raced a half marathon PR of 2:21 at the Germantown Half Marathon!

Krystal ran a 44:14 at the NYRR Run as One 4 Miler – after coming back from a knee injury!

Marlena placed fourth in her age group at the Middletown 10K, with a time of 47:54! 

Lucien raced a 5K in 24:26 (in the Brazil summer)!

Terri raced a 2:12 half marathon! 

Shout-outs also the new moms: Amy & Natalie!

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