Mile Markers: Energy Burst

Mile Markers: Energy Burst

The combination of spring weather and an energy burst made for a great week of running. I dealt with fatigue from weeks 8-12 and felt immensely more energetic this week. Pregnant or not, there is something magical about warmer weather and sunshine after months of snowy and cold runs. 

Quite honestly, running feels pretty much normal right now. I’m not showing yet (just bloated sometimes) and haven’t gained much weight yet, so I don’t feel pregnant on runs. The first trimester fatigue is fading. As a runner, you learn to cope with fatigue and carry on despite it. But now I am glad to have my energy back! With more energy and more miles, I feel human again. 

Mile Markers: Energy Burst

Monday: 45 minute run

I dealt with some nasal congestion earlier in the week. Usually a run helps with congestion, especially now that it’s not bitterly cold outside. I kept the effort easy and felt much better after the run. 

Tuesday: 2 x 15 minute tempo (62 minutes total)

My congestion was subsiding and Tuesday’s weather was clear, sunny, and calm, so I decided to do my weekly workout. I warmed up for 15 minutes, ran 2 x 15 minutes at tempo with a 2-min jog in between, and then cooled down for 15 minutes. I averaged right around 7:30/mile for both 15-minute intervals.

I’m really happy with how strong these workouts feel. If it doesn’t feel good, I won’t do it, and I know that point will come. For now, I’m relishing my ability to do these harder efforts. 

Mile Markers: Energy Burst

Wednesday: 6 mile run

I ran Ollie for 45 minutes, not counting his bathroom breaks. When you run with dogs, you just have to accept there will be at least one stop during the run. Even though it was overcast, the warmer temperatures felt so nice. I switched dogs and took Charlie out for one mile. It’s been a long time since Charlie ran since his shorter snout makes breathing in the cold more difficult. He was so happy to get out for even a short run! 

Mile Markers: Energy Burst

Thursday: 40 minute strength training

New exercises can motivate me to strength train when I’m in a rut. I saw a video on YouTube in which Brie Larson’s trainer detailed her workout for Captain Marvel, so I modified the workout for my goals and tried it. The workout focused on upper body with some activation exercises and lower body exercises. I’m trying to build my upper body strength to support posture as pregnancy progresses. 

Y-T-W raises on stability ball
Half-kneeling rows
Hip thrusts
Med ball slams
Eccentric bench push-up
Upper body complex: upright row, snatch, shoulder press, bent over row
Side planks with knee drive

The workout was fun during it, but afterward, I realized I probably did too much for a single session now. I felt tired and achy for the rest of the day and even napped during the afternoon. 

Friday: Recovery day

I still felt sore and tight from the strength workout. Once I saw the forecast of cold temperature, winds, and a wintry mix, I opted to rest instead of run. Saturday and Sunday both looked like much better days for running anyway

I spent some time foam rolling and completed a short prenatal Pilates stretching workout. My hips and upper back were incredibly tight and both audibly popped during the stretches. I felt much better afterward! 

Saturday: 8.25 mile run

The weather for this run was absolutely glorious – sunny with temperatures in the high 30s. Ryan and I left Ollie at home so we could try a different route. Ollie has started to be more protective of me, so he becomes extra anxious with cars around. We ran through downtown to around our alma mater for six miles. I felt good, so I continued on for a couple more miles on my own. Somehow, my final mile was 7:38! It’s amazing how some days can feel so effortless, while other days feel slow.  

Sunday: 3 mile easy run

A random dusting of snow fell Sunday morning. Ryan and I ran an easy run through slushy snow. These early spring snows are my least favorite since they are so slushy. Thankfully, it all melted by the afternoon, leaving clear roads for this week’s runs. 

Mile Markers: Energy Burst

It was also St. Patrick’s Day! We celebrated on both Saturday and Sunday. I did miss drinking Guinness this year but I savored every bit of my (large serving) of corned beef and Irish soda bread. 

Mile Markers: Energy Burst

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How was your week in running?
How much does the weather make a difference for your running?

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7 Responses

  1. It’s funny how the warmer temps can really give us a boost. So great to hear that you are getting some energy back and feeling better on your runs. Have a fantastic week and thanks for linking up

  2. I love that you did a version of the Captain Marvel workout! We took the boys to see it last weekend and they loved it 🙂 I cannot wait for Endgame!!!
    And so glad you’re feeling so good and killing out there!! Those are some speedy times my pregnant friend. Enjoy every bit of it!

  3. I am so glad the worst of winter has passed! I have never spent so much time on the ‘mill as I did the past two months, so it felt euphoric to be outside for most of my miles last week. Glad to hear you’re feeling so good and have your energy back!

  4. oh my gosh doesn’t weather make a HUGE difference!! the more sun I get the more energy I feel! so I totally get that you felt a bit of a burst this week! good running and training and fabulous that you are and the end of the first trimester and feeling so good. Only slightly envious that you are pregnant and still run faster than I do haha! (i know, I know, it’s not about the speed).

    last week was horrendous as far as weather goes, but that’s kind of to be expected here 🙁

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