Mile Markers: Vitamin Sea

Mile Markers: Vitamin Sea

They say that everything can be cured with some sort of salt water: tears, sweat, or the sea. This week, I was nursing a minor tweak in my foot, but thankfully some sweaty strength sessions and some Vitamin Sea served as a cure for my non-running woes.   

On Monday’s run, my foot felt tight and achy – enough to warrant cutting the run short. It ached throughout the rest of the day. Once I calmed down my paranoia about a potential stress fracture, I realized what the pain reminded me of – a milder version of when I sprained my foot. Last time, I made the sprain so much worse by running through it (and then it later led to plantar fasciitis). This time, I took early action – stopped running for a week, iced the area, taped my foot, and took Advil. By Thursday, my foot was feeling better, but I stuck to my plan to no running (or plyometrics) for a week completely just in case it was a strain or sprain. 

One week off of running isn’t ideal, but I much prefer one week off versus four weeks or more off. Sometimes, consistency is about looking at the big picture and knowing when one week of minimal running is worth it in the long term.

Monday: 4 mile easy run & Strength training

Originally, my intention was to run 8 miles with the last 3 at tempo pace. However, my foot ached before my run and I told myself that if it hurt at any point throughout the run, I would turn around. At mile 2, it was still aching and I noticed a slight alteration in my gait, so I opted to turn around. 

Mile Markers: Vitamin Sea

I spent the rest of the day irrationally paranoid, pressing on each individual metatarsal to try to determine if it was a stress fracture or not. 

My strength training session utilized kettlebells and the TRX:
Single leg KB deadlifts
KB swings
KB deadbugs
KB sumo squats with upright row
KB lateral to curtsey lunges
TRX rows
Negative pull-ups

Tuesday: Rest day

I took Ollie to a beachfront dog park on the Sound with a friend and her dog. Ollie practically goes feral at the sight of water, and high-pitched yodels ensued as he sprinted for the water. At one point, he swam over to the people-only side of the beach. At another point, he emerged from the waves, quaking with adrenaline, yipping and yodeling, and covered in seaweed. 

Mile Markers: Vitamin Sea

Wednesday: Strength training

I completed 20 minutes on the stepmill before strength training. In terms of cross-training, the stepmill was actually enjoyable. I then joined Ryan for strength training, including barbell front squats (45 lbs), barbell deadlifts (95 lbs), barbell rows, bench press, med ball cleans, and core work. 

Thursday: Pilates

After the previous day’s strength workout, I opted for a low-impact workout. I did 30 minutes of Pilates with the magic circle. 

Friday: Strength training

Ryan and I stayed out late the night before to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, so we moved a morning workout in favor of an afternoon one, especially once we decided not to leave for camping until Saturday. My workout was basic – 10 minutes on the stepmill, barbell front squats, negative pull-ups, kettlebell swings, reverse flyes, side planks, single leg bridges, and bird dog planks. 

Saturday: Camping

Ryan and I packed up the car and our dogs for a short weekend getaway on the Olympic Peninsula. We drove to the coast, found a camping spot, and spent the entire day outdoors. We let Ollie and Charlie swim in the sea (harnessed and leashed to us for safety). Ollie chased after waves, while Charlie attempted to dig up crabs. The sea water wasn’t as cold as we anticipated – it felt really refreshing to wade through the waves. 

Mile Markers: Vitamin Sea

Sunday: Camping

Coffee by the ocean is the perfect start to a Sunday morning. 

Mile Markers: Vitamin Sea

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How was your week in running?
Have you ever been the ocean?



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22 Responses

  1. Sorry that your foot has been bothering you, but it sounds like you made the right choice to cut your run short and rest it! Your trip to the ocean looks amazing. Great job getting in all that strength training this week!

    1. I can imagine! The bigger campground was completely booked, but fortunately this smaller one had spots. The sites were small, but it was literally right on the ocean!

  2. You’re doing the right thing with your foot. Stay smart about it and it will heal properly in no time! I’m sorry that happened at all but you know these things do from time to time – just part of a runner’s life!
    Have I told you how incredible it is that you just get to camp by the ocean whenever you chose? So amazing!

    1. Thank you! Part of the runner’s life indeed – and thankfully, the week off did the trick! And it is completely spoiling to be able to camp at the ocean. It was a 3.5 hour drive, but well worth it!

  3. I definitely needed to read this right now! I tweaked something in my ankle/front lower leg region last week and have decided to take a week off from running as well (while also driving myself insane and googling everything about stress fractures). I’m sorry you’re dealing with this, but glad I’m not the only one with a case of runner’s paranoia. I hope you’re feeling 100% soon!

    1. I hope your ankle feels better – you made the smart decision to rest! The week of rest and continued icing this week did the trick. A little bit of proactive treatment goes a long way.

  4. You are a smart runner! I’m getting the tweak in my left foot–the one that signals I need to make some changes before PF comes back. I’ve been on the yoga mat a lot more as well as doing my PT exercises for my hips. I’m also trying new shoes that are more for pronation. So far so good.

  5. Good job on listening to your body and resting your foot! It’s much easier said than done!
    And yay for driving to the coast, so pretty. I grew up in Seattle so I remember taking some road trips out there, so pretty and peaceful!

  6. as a person with a foot problem for the last 5 years (and the last 2 made worse by a surgery that maybe wasn’t completely correct… the jury is out still) I can totally commiserate on your foot problem. And I am constantly googling and trying different ways to “fix” it. now I run less days per week and cross train more. rest really does wonders. it’s good that you took the time off running and did other things. and coffee by the ocean… YES PLEASE.

    i had a good running week last week – week 2 of marathon training. actually it’s going quite well for someone who has been “injured” for the last almost 2 years! I have been to the ocean many times. I absolutely love it. I don’t live too far from the sea now and we often go on vacation to beach/sea places. Before I moved here (NL) I actually lived in Portland so I’m very familiar with the coast up there. It’s magic 🙂

  7. Take it from me, an injured runner who’s been out of the game for 5 months…be careful! 🙂

    Impressed with all that strength training you did.

  8. Good call on giving your foot the rest it needs. I’ve had that metatarsal pain and have done that same paranoid pressing of the bones. I hope it is feeling better this week. I adore having my coffee seaside! It’s one of my favorite “quiet things” to do. Thanks for linking.

  9. I am sorry you had some foot trouble, but taking it easy and going to the ocean is always a good choice! I wish we lived a little closer to the water.

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