Mile Markers: With a Roar

Mile Markers: With a Roar

The old proverb states that March comes in like a lion, and this March came in with a roar. As soon as the calendar flipped, I got excited for sunny, warmer days and finally being able to get in my desired mileage. But the leftovers of winter roared this week with cold winds. I rearranged my schedule, logged lower mileage than recently, and didn’t end up getting in a long run, but I did run a strong tempo run on the one non-windy day.

My appetite also roared this week. Apparently, growing a human makes you really really hungry. Ryan and I are expecting our first child in mid-September! My biggest symptoms is a raging appetite, especially for meat, salty foods, fruit, and kale salads. I need to eat burgers at least once per week, which is funny because that’s the craving my mom had with me. Last week I was about 12 weeks and running is still feeling very good (except on the treadmill). 

Mile Markers: With a Roar

Monday: 20 minute run

The beautiful sunshine was deceptive – the wind chill registered in well below zero this morning. These days are the hardest to do an indoor run on because it just looks so nice outside. 

I bailed on this run. I got the idea in my head to try a mini workout rather than just running circles around the indoor track. I should have stuck to an easy run. I did 10 minutes on the indoor track to warm up, which was more crowded than usual (probably because it was zero degrees outside). I didn’t want to be an asshole, so I decided to try intervals on the treadmill instead of dodging around people on the track.

I got on the treadmill and lasted 10 minutes. I felt overly warm and my quads and hips felt so tight. So I just stopped. I considered finishing up at least 10 more minutes on the indoor track, but opted to go home, foam roll, and do some injury prevention work with the mini-band. 

Tuesday: 30 minutes Strength training

Tuesday was forecasted to be the last day of below zero windchills, so I opted to strength train on the cold, windy day and run on the upcoming milder days. I followed this functional kettlebell workout plus some mini band exercises to work on glute activation. 

Mile Markers: With a Roar

Wednesday: 45 minute run

I dragged my feet getting out the door for this run. The temperature was 10 degrees with a real feel hovering around zero, but at least the skies were clear and sunny. I bundled up and told myself just to go for 30-35 minutes. At 35 minutes, I felt really good, so I added a quick out-and-back to extend the run to 45 minutes and 5.25 miles. The sunshine really does make a difference! 

Mile Markers: With a Roar

Ryan and I had our 12-week appointment. Our baby has a strong little heartbeat! The OB reiterated that as long as I feel good, I can exercise as I used to. Even Pilates and supine core exercises are okay so long as I don’t feel pain or discomfort. 

Thursday: 3 x 10 minute tempo run (1 hour total)

After days of cold winds, there was barely a light gust and the temperature was in the 20s. For once, I managed to dress appropriately for a winter speed workout. I layered a tank top, t-shirt, arm warmers, and finally a long sleeve on top. As I warmed up, I simply pushed down the arm warmers. 

I warmed up for 15 minutes and then transitioned into the workout. I focused on my breathing rate – two counts inhale, two counts exhale, able to speak in short phrases – and was really pleased with how strong I felt. I ran between 7:20-7:25/mile for each interval. I felt like I could have done another interval, which was another metric for ensuring appropriate effort. 

For 12 weeks pregnant, I’m really proud of this workout. 

Mile Markers: With a Roar

Friday: 45 minute run & 20 minutes Pilates

The goal for this run was easy. I notice I need slightly more recovery with pregnancy. Even with Ollie, I kept this run right around an 8:50/mile, which felt restrained the entire time. Dogs can be great running buddies on some runs, or they can have runs like today where everything – a car on the road, geese in the air, a smell on the ground – is distracting. 

After the run, I did a Pilates workout focused on legs and glutes. This was a reformer-on-the-mat style workout, complete with a lunge series that left my legs shaking. 

Saturday: Rest day

What a windy day! I walked Charlie around as Ryan disc golf (Ollie stays home due to previous incidents of getting too excited). Even with some strong gusts, it felt good to get an hour worth of fresh air while still maintaining the purpose of a rest day. The rest of the day was a wonderful, lazy rest day. 

Sunday: 28 min run & strength training

The wind gusts reached up to 40 mph on Sunday, but I couldn’t get excited about the thought of running indoors. I ran our gym just in case I couldn’t tolerate the wind, but thankfully a loop route offered some respite. I ran just over 3 miles, some of which felt like I was barely move as the wind roared directly against me. I then lifted weights (glute bridges, single leg deadlifts, med ball slams, upper body exercises) for a few minutes. 

Thankfully, next week should be a little less windy and a little more spring-like! I guess that old proverb of in like a lion, out like a lamb has some truth to it.

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  1. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for both of you! This is such an exciting time and I’m glad you’re feeling good enough to still do these hard workouts, but also listening to your body. Looking forward to following your pregnancy journey and all the life changing events ahead – wooohoooo!!!!

  2. Congratulations! So exciting and glad to see that you are feeling so good as well. Gotta go with the cravings right?! Thanks for linking up with us for Weekly run down have a fantastic week

  3. Best news ever, Laura!!! I’m so happy for you and happy that you’re feeling good enough to keep moving. My birthday is in September, so I’m hoping the baby is born on that day! :p

  4. Awwwww, congrats on the baby! That’s exciting 😉 The wind can be such a deal-breaker, or a buzzkill at the very least. We had crazy wind in Iowa yesterday, too. We are set to finally warm up this week, so (of course) there’s also rain headed our way 😉 Thanks for linking with us!

  5. Congratulations Laura on your pregnancy!! Hopefully you can continue running and doing the things you love in the coming 6 months!

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