Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

Pacific Northwest Hiking in Summer

I’ve shared a bit about our hiking in the month of June in my weekly workout recaps, but a short snippet and a single photo barely captures why Ryan and I love hiking so much. We enjoyed some fun, challenging, and incredibly beautiful hikes over the past month that were too great not to share. 

 Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

Goat Lake:

Our backpacking trip to Goat Lake marked my return to hiking after nearly a month off when I sprained my foot. Since I sprained my foot while hiking, I wanted us to start back with an easy hike – although to my distance runner brain “easy” means “not crazy elevation” rather than “short.” Yeah, that was not an accurate assessment. 

 Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

You have to hike 5.2 miles (but “only” 1400 feet elevation gain) from the trailhead to reach the lake, but 5 miles of hiking becomes exponentially more strenuous when you strap a 15 or 20 pound backpack to your bake…oh and expect your hiking fitness to still be able to knock out 10 mile hikes no problem after a month of training on the elliptical. 

The hike up to Goat Lake proved quite challenging for me and inspired my resolution to lift heavier weights – both for my sake and Ryan’s, so he doesn’t have to listen to me bitch and moan when he’s carrying a heavier pack than I am. 

Goat Lake is striking and serene, and if you ever have the chance to camp at an alpine lake I highly recommend it. I recounted our camping trip in this post at the start of the month.  

Annette Lake:

We have hiked Annette Lake in three seasons: twice in fall (day hike and camping), once in winter (and only made it halfway due to very deep snow), and now again in late spring/early summer. Annette Lake is in one of my favorite hikes, along with Snow Lake, Mount Washington, and Goat Lake, even though it attracts what feels like half of Seattle metro on a nice day. 

 Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

We arrived at the trailhead early (around 7AM) to avoid the crowds and have a quiet, scenic hike all to ourselves. The hike totals 7.5 miles round trip with about 1400 feet elevation gain (steeper grade than Goat Lake), which is the perfect distance for a fun hike that strikes the ideal balance between challenging enough but also refreshing to legs fatigued from a week of running. 

 Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

It was cold on this hike! Even though we hiked the whole time in shorts, we wore fleeces, hats, and gloves at the top. This, my friends, is why Ryan and I moved to the Pacific Northwest. 

 Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

Charlie enjoys climbing all over the rocks along the lake, but he refused to open water swim in the clear alpine waters. 

 Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

Barclay Lake: 

Barclay Lake was a milestone hike for Charlie: we let him do almost the entire 5 mile hike off-leash. He frolicked in the creek and ran back and forth so many times that I’m tempted to attach my Garmin to him next time to see how many extra miles he added. He had to have hiked at least a mile more!

 Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

Hiking off-leash also allowed Charlie to accomplish what seems to be his goal on each hike: running through as much mud as possible so that his whole little puggle self is covered in dirt by the time we return to the car. 

 Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

The elevation gain on Barclay Lake is only 500 feet, which means it’s a quick hike (we made it to the lake in under an hour) that makes you wish you brought trail running shoes. 

Ryan, Charlie, and I attempted to take family selfies at the top of lake. Although we eventually took a good photo, our outtakes are too funny not to share. 

 Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

We hiked part of this trail again when my mom and sister were in town a couple weekends ago.

And of course, don’t forget the best part of hiking: post hike beers. 

Pacific Northwest Hiking in June 2016

Marathon training for CIM begins the first in August, so needless to say I’m extra eager to try some harder hikes this month!

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Did you travel anywhere in June?
What’s your most embarrassing or funniest family picture?
What are some of your plans for fun things to do in July? 


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27 Responses

  1. Those pictures make me want to go visit somewhere with less humidity, I feel like you can see the fresh air in the pictures! And the beer looks pretty good too:) I’m excited to go to the beach for a few days at the end of July!

    1. It’s humid in the mornings here, but by mid morning the air is so crisp – it honestly feels like fall did in the Midwest! The beach sounds like it will be such a fun and relaxing trip!

  2. What a beautiful mix of hikes! I was just reading about Goat Mountain on another blog. May was a big month of travel for me, so June was spent in Vancouver, doing plenty of hiking and exploring around the city on the weekends.

      1. Oh my goodness there is so many! I can definitely email you a list of suggestions if you want. Just let me know how long, how hard, and how close you want to be to Vancouver. And how many suggestions you want! Haha. I did Garibaldi Lake yesterday (between Squamish and Whistler) and that was amazing!

  3. Charlie’s bored face is seriously one of my most favorite things ever! I love it. I’m excited for this month since I’m going to South Beach for a week to visit my parents, and my best friend is going to fly out and meet me for a few days!

  4. Per usual your hiking pictures are incredible! We spent a couple days driving around the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood and the OR Coast. It was breathtaking. I am hoping to do some hiking next weekend with a friend. 🙂

    1. Thank you! The Columbia River Gorge and OR Coast sound gorgeous! A trip down 101 is on our to do list for travel. I hope you’re able to enjoy some hiking! 🙂

  5. Our teenagers ALWAYS make creepy faces in all our family photos! I’ve given up trying to look normal. HA! Your hiking photos are always so gorgeous. I wish I could just transport myself to the views, sit down by a tree and write.

    1. Lol! Charlie is the dog equivalent of a teenager, I think. Normal is overrated anyway, isn’t it? And yes, so many of these lakes would be the perfect place to sit and write!

  6. We went to Italy in June and did a ton of walking (10+ miles per day), but it was all city-walking. I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest, but those photos are gorgeous. If I ever make it that far out, I am going to check out some of these hikes!

    1. Italy sounds so fun – it’s such a beautiful and historically rich place, not to mention that they have good food! It’s so easy to walk a lot there because the old cities are so walkable and then you can see so much more.

  7. Your photos are so gorgeous. I didn’t manage to make it out to the mountains in June because I really wanted to do some biking on the trails and a wrist injury would have kept me from doing that, but hopefully I can make it up there soon. I seem to have way better luck in the winter because of my snowboarding.

    1. That’s frustrating about your wrist injury keeping you from biking! I didn’t even think of that when I saw you post about it, hopefully now that it’s feeling better you can bike on those beautiful trails again soon.

  8. I can’t even with your pictures. You know this. Goat Lake, Annette Lake. They are just simply spectacular beyond belief. I am so happy for you guys to be able to experience that! And thank you for sharing it with us!

  9. Very pretty!!!!!! I miss WA for the fresh crisp air…not so much the cold temperature but I sure do miss the views!
    Leavenworth- we went there once around May (this was like 8-9 years ago! gosh time flies) and it was just gorgeous out there.
    Trying to fit in a hike and these long distance runs and errands is hard but it made me want to go on another hike!

  10. Goat Lake is stunning!!! What gorgeous pics and hikes. The PNW is so amazing, and after a week in Oregon I’ve once again confirmed that I need to live there. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through you. LOL! xo

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