September and October 2022 Races!

September and October kicked off an exciting fall race season for Team Norris Running!

Marcus A. raced a 1:39 half marathon on a hot and humid day!

Steven Z. placed third in his age group/7th overall in a trail half marathon! He also ran a Spartan 10K and placed top 10 in his age group and top 5% overall. 

Mark G. raced the Bronx 10 mile in 71 minutes as a workout in training for CIM!

Alecia ran the Berlin Marathon! 

Olena won her age category in multiple trail 7.5 km races within a series! 

Elena raced a half marathon PR!

Lucien raced a 10K PR! 

Allie raced a 10K PR of 48:59!

Mara raced a 5K PR of 22:17 as a tune-up in half marathon training! 

Stephanie ran a 29-minute marathon PR with a 4:15 at the London Marathon! 

Matt finished his first marathon at Twin Cities!

Jackie ran a half marathon and 10 mile race while pregnant! 

Jennifer S. ran a 3:47 marathon at Wineglass with a negative split! 

Mark R. completed the Portland Half Marathon coming off a calf injury! He made a steady progression of faster half marathons since then. He placed in the top third of his age group at the Baltimore Half Marathon! 

Jaime ran a 2:09 at St. George Half –  within 40-seconds of her PR! 

Margaret ran the Ocean 10K! 

Eric ran a course PR at the Chicago Marathon! 

Brady finished his first marathon in 4:16 (a full 4 minutes faster than his spring half marathon predicted!). 

Elisabeth ran a 3:55 at the Chicago Marathon! 

Meghan ran a PR of 3:41 at the Chicago Marathon!

Bridget raced a strong tune-up half marathon of 2:12! 

Pam completed her first half marathon!

Kevin set a half marathon PR of 2:24! 

Patricia ran a half marathon PR of 1:48 (down from 1:52)!

Marcus finished the Chicago Marathon! 

Terri finished her first marathon at the Chicago Marathon!

Allison completed the Chicago Marathon as her first marathon! 

Cammy ran the Chicago Marathon!

Pete ran a 1:58 at the Hartford Half Marathon! 

Betsy W won her age group at the Whistlestop Half Marathon!

Marcia ran a strong (and enjoyable!) race of 3:00:37 at the Amsterdam Half Marathon! 

Sergio ran their first half marathon! 

Kathleen ran a post-baby half marathon PR and negative splits with a 2:09 at the Columbia River Gorge Half! 

Stefanie won first woman at a local 5K!

Greg placed 5th overall and first in his age group in the Run Hutchinson Island Half! He also raced a cross-country 5K and placed third overall!

Chelsey ran a half marathon PR of 1:24:20 at the Columbus Half Marathon!

Alyssa finished her first half marathon in 2:17!

Lonni set a half marathon PR of 2:14 at the Helena Half Marathon! 

Jen ran a 43:05 10K – a PR by 2:25! 

Betsy P. ran a 1:59 half marathon! 

Jared ran a 30 minute 5K!

Amber P ran a 5K PR of 22 minutes!

Ellen ran her first marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon! 

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