Treadmill Workouts For Every Runner

Treadmill Workouts for Every Runner

Love it or hate it, the treadmill offers the ability to train through harsh weather conditions, early morning or late night runs, or constraints such as no childcare. It’s not the dreadmill – it’s a tool that allows many runners to be consistent and chase their goals. That said, all runners know that enjoyment on the treadmill exponentially increases when pace or incline changes. This wide array of treadmill workouts offers something for everyone: inclines for trail runners, interval workouts for speedsters, and workouts targeted for your exact training goals.

Hill Workouts

Hills may not be your first thought for a treadmill run. However, the beauty of a controllable incline is that you can train hills no matter where you live. Want to run for an hour at a 10% incline? You can do that even if you live in the flatlands!

Treadmill Incline Workouts

Speed Workouts

The treadmill allows you to control your pace with precision. If you live in a hilly area or don’t have track access, you get an additional advantage of being able to run fast on a flat, straight, uninterrupted surface.

Winter Training Treadmill Workouts

6 Treadmill Workouts for Runners

Race Specific Workouts

Inevitably, training for a goal race can coincide with the worst of winter snow or summer heat. Those conditions can be downright dangerous for long runs or big speed workouts. The solution? Treadmill workouts targeted to your race goals!

Treadmill Workouts for Race Training from the 5K to Marathon

How to Effectively Train for a Race on the Treadmill

Easy Run Variations

A majority of your runs should be easy – even when you are stuck on the treadmill all week. The solution? Small little variations in pace and incline to keep an easy run both interesting and truly easy.

Easy Run Treadmill Workout to Beat Treadmill Boredom

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9 Responses

  1. These are great tips, Laura!
    It’s been many years since I’ve run on a treadmill. But you never know, I might find myself stuck in a hotel gym one day and then your tips will come in handy!

  2. Great tips! I have never thought of it as a “dreadmill”, it definitely believe the treadmill can be a huge help! I’d rather have the treadmill than run out in the snow and ice, but unfortunately that’s what I have to do sometimes! I used to really enjoy doing hill workouts on the tread. And speedwork is always fun!

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