Weekly Workouts: Just Keep Building

Weekly Workouts: Just Keep Building

Last week, I logged my highest mileage and longest run since September 2018, with 38 miles total. I am playing a long game with trying to build as big of a base as possible. Whether my first post-baby marathon happens this fall or in 2021, I want to be ready to race it. Plus, I wanted for years to get my base mileage up into the 40s, but never achieved so because of the cycle of races and recovery. Now is the time to just keep building! 

Beyond running, this was an active week. Ryan and I built a planter box, filled it with soil, brought in fresh soil to our garden patches, planted, and transformed part of our basement into a work area. Next week, we plan on putting down a new floor in our home gym. Ryan has a couple of weeks at home before he starts his new job, so we are taking advantage of the free time. 

Weekly Workouts: Just Keep Building

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 8 mile easy run

It surprises me how fast my easy runs are without the stroller. My legs felt fresh after last week’s cutback. I comfortably cruised along at an 8:36/mile average pace. This run felt so good! Lately, I feel better the longer I run. 

Wednesday: 6 mile surges run & strength training

I ran the first four miles with Ryan and Isla in the stroller. During the two solo miles, I ran 10 x 30 second pick-up. These are feeling smoother with each week. 

After the run, I quickly fed Isla and then moved into my strength training workout. I completed a modification of the performance prep workout from Running Rewired. The exercises included band walks (lateral and monster), band pull-aparts, bear crawls, kettlebell goblet squats, kettlebell swings, pushups, suitcase carries, single-leg deadlifts, deadbugs, and warrior twists. 

Thursday: 4 mile easy run

Once I heard a clap of thunder, I opted for the treadmill. I maintained a light, easy pace of 9:20/mile, with a very slow start. The combination of strength training and garden work on Wednesday made my legs tired! 

Weekly Workouts: Just Keep Building

Friday: 45 min stroller run

After a night of heavy thunderstorms, the humidity was high! I took Isla out for a stroller run and focused on controlling my effort. Even at an easy pace (we ran 4.9 miles), I finished covered in sweat. 

Saturday: 11 mile long run

I had originally signed up for a Social Distance 5K. It was a local time-trial style “race,” with individual start times over the course of four hours and strict social distancing rules (ie running too close to anyone would result in disqualification). However, I lacked the motivation to wrap it into my long run, and miles were more of a priority to me. So, I skipped it in favor of my longest run since September 2018.

Long runs feel good right now. I’m often surprised at how they are usually my best run of the week. It was warmer than recent long runs, so I was diligent about my hydration. I kept my effort comfortable and steady and averaged an 8:35/mile. I do not often monitor my pace on these runs, but I did try to deliberately slow down whenever I saw the pace creep into the 8:00-8:15 zone in the final couple miles.

After the run, I spent a few hours preparing the garden. We transferred soil into planter box and garden patches and sowed various vegetables. This was practically a strength training workout, especially all the twisting, lifting, carrying, and squatting. 

Weekly Workouts: Just Keep Building

Sunday: 35 minute recovery run + strides

Ollie was my running buddy on this rainy run – and later on Ryan’s run. Even though we have a rain cover for the stroller, it was a bit too windy for my comfort level, so we completed our runs separately. I kept a very light pace (averaging around 9:50/mile). My legs felt as heavy as those wheelbarrows full of soil I pushed around the day before. I completed six strides after dropping Ollie off at home. 

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How was your week of running?

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8 Responses

  1. Nice miles, Laura! I have no doubt that you’ll hit the 40 mile mark and stay there.

    I’m working on slowing down for my long runs so that I can drop the run walk intervals. I’m enjoying running long again. The treadmill run today made it easy to slow down and trail running definitely keeps my pace in check! I think this is all good for where I’m at right now.

  2. I am impressed w your planter box. I am embarrassed to say that for a vegetarian, I am not a green thumb. I kill everything. Good time to update the gym. You all are busy! Nice week of workouts for you

  3. I’ve been slowly upping my base mileage too. For so long I kept lower mileage out of fear of injury but running more on trails has really built up my strength. Yard work is no joke. It hits me in the all spots and I always say I should just move dirt around daily as part of my weekly workouts.

  4. I can totally understand how your stroller runs have made the non-stroller runs feel so easy! That’s a great resistance workout, as well as cardio. And, yes to gardening being a strength workout as well. I spent a good 30-45 minutes Saturday afternoon planting flowers (just in the big planters for my porch), and all the squatting and stooping and lifting with my post-10 mile legs almost had me in tears.

  5. Great job this week! I would like to get my base miles into the 30s, it just gets hard to fit in everything else! Now that its getting warmer I am hoping to do more stroller runs which would get me a few extra miles each week. But we’ll see. Right now I’ trying to stay focused on strength training as my priority.

  6. You’re doing awesome and I love that garden!

    Mr PugRunner went back to his office this week. This makes me feel slightly more productive. It’s hard to purge and organize when he is taking over some of the bigger spaces in the house, and needs quiet for his calls, so…it’s time.

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