Weekly Workouts: Seven Weeks Postpartum

After carefully easing into exercise last week, I slightly ramped up the volume of runs and intensity of strength workouts last week. I am still sticking to a conservative plan, especially with running. Even though I’m past the acute recovery phase, I still feel some lingering effects of the C-section and general postpartum changes such as core weakness and healing muscle tissue. I’ll probably complete another week of run-walk intervals before resuming short, continuous runs. 

Monday: 3 mile run/walk

Before Isla woke up, I ran on the treadmill. I complete five sets of 4 minutes run at 6.5 mph, 1.5 minutes walk, for a total of 3 miles. I feel stronger on each run – still not back to my normal strength, but at least less weak. 

Weekly Workouts: Seven Weeks Postpartum

Tuesday: Strength training & ReCore

I lost a noticeable amount of strength during the C-section recovery phases, so I started with light weights. I did lateral band walks, monster band walks, banded squats, single leg deadlifts, shoulder presses, and reverse flyes, plus the Week 2 ReCore exercises.

Wednesday: 3 mile run/walk

An outdoor run! My mom watched Isla while I enjoyed a cold weather morning run. After a brief walk to warm up, I alternated 5 minute run and 1 minute walk. My run intervals averaged 8:25-8:35/mile, which really surprised me. All that running in the summer while heavily pregnant really boosted my aerobic fitness! This was the first run postpartum that I completed in under a 10 minute mile, including the walks. I can still feel some core and pelvic floor weakness, but the ReCore program is already helping. 

Weekly Workouts: Seven Weeks Postpartum

Thursday: Strength training & ReCore

I completed the same strength workout as on Tuesday. While I worked out, Isla played on her mat. She is getting so strong and is beginning to try to roll over from tummy to back. At least in my case, it’s true what research finds about moms who exercise having babies with quicker motor development! 

Friday: 3 miles run/walk

I increased my run intervals to 7 minutes in duration. It was unseasonably cold outside with a real feel of 11 degrees, but I will take every opportunity to run outdoors when I can. I’m really hoping cold days now don’t mean another long, cold winter! 

Weekly Workouts: Seven Weeks Postpartum

Saturday: Walking & ReCore

Ryan and I took Isla on a short, gentle hike. For us, it was an opportunity to enjoy mild weather and see the last bit of autumn leaves. Isla naps better when she can get some fresh air, so that’s an added motivator to get out each day. 

Weekly Workouts: Seven Weeks Postpartum

Sunday: Rest day

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How was your week in running?
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6 Responses

  1. Great job with those workouts! It must be really nice to be able to run outside once in awhile. I remember Grayson also started rolling from tummy to back really early, at like 5 weeks or so. He hated tummy time and I think he managed to figure out how to get out of it early on:) The rolling did stop for a little bit once he started to grow more and I think it just got harder for him until he figured out how to use his strength to roll over.

  2. You’re bouncing back really well! I didn’t know that about babies of moms who exercise while pregnant, but it makes sense. And to answer your question, I used run/walk intervals to come back from both pregnancies and major surgery. Now I use them on all my long runs!

  3. oh my gosh you are progressing quickly! great work this week! and it must make you feel good too to feel the improvement. I can imagine the core takes a while especially with a c-section! I have used walk-run intervals for a long time now. Especially after 3 foot operations. And now with the herniated disc in recovery I imagine I’ll have to do that again. Or not. We’ll see what the physio says!

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